Richard Rider

Richard Rider
San Diego, California, USA
August 24
San Diego Tax Fighters
Biography of Richard Rider (Updated July, 2011) San Diego, CA 92131 E-mail: * AGE: 66 * EDUCATION: B.A. Economics, University of North Carolina, 1968 * MILITARY SERVICE: Commander, Supply Corps, U. S. Naval Reserve, retired after 26 years (four years active, the rest in the reserve). ** OCCUPATION: Retired stockbroker and financial planner. Lifetime member of the International Association of Financial Planners. Former business owner. * AFFILIATION: • Chairman, San Diego Tax Fighters • National Taxpayers Union • Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association • San Diego County Taxpayers Association * POLITICAL ACTIVITIES: • Successfully sued the county of San Diego (Rider vs. County of San Diego) to force a rollback of an illegal 1/2-cent jails sales tax, a precedent that saved California taxpayers over fourteen billion dollars, including $3.5 billion for San Diego taxpayers. • Actively supported a variety of tax-cutting ballot initiatives including Proposition 13. Has written ballot arguments against numerous county and state tax increase initiatives. • County co-chair of both California term limit initiatives (Prop 140 and Prop 164). • Libertarian Party candidate for governor in 1994. • Candidate for the 3rd District County Supervisor in 1992 (third place among six candidates with about 20% of the vote). • 1993 – appointed to (and then elected chair of) the San Diego County Social Services Advisory Board. • 1996 – appointed as a Commissioner on the California Constitution Revision Commission by state Assembly Speaker Kurt Pringle. • Has been involved in legal actions against City of San Diego to force a public vote on issuing bonds for Qualcomm stadium expansion, convention center, baseball ballpark and other projects. • 2005 – Unsuccessful candidate for Mayor of San Diego, though his reform ideas have since taken hold. • 2007 – Columnist for NORTH COUNTY TIMES and SAN DIEGO DAILY TRANSCRIPT • 2009 - The Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association's "California Tax Fighter of the Year" * FAMILY: Married. Wife, Diane, is a retired public high school teacher. Two sons, ages 32 and 27.

APRIL 6, 2011 11:28PM

Useful pie chart of our federal 2011 spending budget

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  2011 Budget pie

Not to beat a dead pie, but this budget "chart" does not include the massive federal unfunded liabilities for -- among many other programs and agencies -- social security, medicare, government pensions, Obamacare, Freddie Mac, Fanny Mae, FDIC, FSLIC, CULIC, SIPC, hurricane insurance, crop insurance, flood insurance, nuclear plant insurance and the Pension Guarantee Corporation.

Estimates of this aggregate federal obligation BEGIN with tens of trillions of dollars, and run as high as two hundred trillion.

As I see it, eventually the only option left to politicians will be to repudiate the country's obligations by inflating our currency a la Germany after WWI (or more recently, Zimbabwe) -- destroying savings, the banking system, the middle class and and the use of paper/electronic currency .  We can only hope that the resulting chaos, rioting and mayhem eventually subsides, and eventually a sane society rises to take the place of our failed democracy.  But sadly, the history of humans is to repeat this profligate government spending pattern -- time after time after time.

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