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Rick London
Ouachita Mts,, Arkansas, USA
July 16
Goofy vegan mountain man married to my beloved Lee Hiller-London. Interests: Nature, animals/wildlife, hiking, film, reading. Founded Google's #1 ranked offbeat cartoons & gifts - Londons Times Cartoons, ( & our 6 gift shops plus licensed line of products at and Sears Online. Author of two #1 ranked offbeat cartoon compilation books on Amazon & Barnes & Noble Like to play guitar too and sing badly.

AUGUST 13, 2014 12:32PM

Robin Williams Is Gone By Rick London

robin williams 

 A Londons Times tribute cartoon we did in

honor of Robin Williams in 2003 


It was the fall of 1981.  I was living in the Grammercy Park and later Astoria, Queens area of NYC in search of myself on the stand-up comedy stages of NYC.   I was terribleRead full post »

red bubble angela large

 I love when people ask me how cartoons “come to you”. 

I’m not sure there is a particular way, but I’ve noticed the more I’m in the forest, the quieter it is, the more the birds are singing and chipmunks clicking (their click warning), the more I tendRead full post »

 blog 1 border collie


I love dogs; and I've gotten pretty good over the years with animal care, animal welfare, etc. Animals tend to like me and vice-versa. 

I also like to make money, though I doubt I’ll ever be a zillionaire. I have too much of a writer/artist’s heart (whateRead full post »

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I was up pretty early this morning because I knew Lee was making challah and I needed to go to the grocery as the cupboard was pretty slim pickins.  I wanted to get back early to get some work done (aka scattered creativity).  So I pushed myselfRead full post »

"….And please remember to set your watches forward one hour."  One hour?  I just fast-forwarded my life 17 years.  And where did those years go?  Londons Times Cartoons is seventeen.  

The last thing I remember after the workplace still looked like Scott Adam’s… Read full post »

I’ve seen the film “The Cove” and I’ve seen the film “Blackfish” and both were top-notch productions.  What I haven’t seen is anything more than petitions from (we, the people), afterwards,  which haven’t seemed to do much; and I realize I cou… Read full post »

I’ve seen the film “The Cove” and I’ve seen the film “Blackfish” and both were top-notch productions.  What I haven’t seen is anything more than petitions from (we, the people), afterwards,  which haven’t seemed to do much; and I realize I cou… Read full post »


 Dr. Herman Roarshach's Dog Spot...The story behind the cartoon by Rick London.  

Everyone who has known me awhile; or even for a few seconds, knows “I’m a dog man”.  Don’t get me wrong, I love all animals and I imagine in my life I&rsqRead full post »

I’ve always been a bit of an adventurer with a good memory. And I tend to create memories in coordination with important music. For instance I remember I was in 3rd grade when the Beatles were first on Ed Sullivan. 

tranzducer 1 

I remember I was driving my silver semi-sportscar throughRead full post »

When someone shows me something/or someone new, especially in the arts, the first thing that goes through my mind is a line is a classic Clapton tune, “Don’t show me anything new….I’ve seen it all before”.  And admittedly, I spend a good amount of time in that jadeRead full post »

I can’t count how many times the topic of conversation has turned to “Big Pharma”.  Often people ask me my thoughts about Big Pharma (or the drug manufacturing business).

 vagus 4 (2)


I have a love/hate relationship with them. I’ll explain.

I think of them as eRead full post »

By Rick London - Londons Times Cartoons 

Every once in awhile, when my beloved wife, Lee sees me staring into space and tapping my foot against my desk, she chirpily asks, “Why don’t you write a blog”. 

     Though I can remember when wriRead full post »

kreng 4 
Martial Arts Expert & Actor/Director John Kreng 
Accepting Award from Michael Matsuda at the
Martial Arts History Museum in Burbank, Ca.  

I was excited to do an interview with John Kreng last week. The talk was about several newsworthy issues, but one in particular was h… Read full post »


Photo by Lee Hiller-London (Lee Hiller Photography) 

                  Her Aim Is True: A Film By Karen Whitehead 

 A curious element regarding “Her Aim Is True” is it is every bit as much about us, the audience, than itRead full post »

OCTOBER 13, 2013 7:50PM

Film Review "GMO OMG" by Rick London

gmo omg

    "OMG GMO" was the second film I watched at this year's Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival.  

     By now, unless one has been living on another planet, they at least know the term “GMO” or “GMO’s” (Genetically Modified ORead full post »

"Good Ol' Freda" which was launched as a campaign, was eventually taken into development and finally production with Tripod Media for the past several years.  It is the true story of Beatles secretary Freda Kelly, including her own narrative of The Beatles (as humans) and their fRead full post »

    When I listened to the title track “Japonesque” of Japanese artist Sienna (living in Norway), I felt, “I know this musician, or at least I’ve heard her mesmerizing work.  But I couldn’t place her so I kept listening to a genre of work that could not beRead full post »

As an older baby boomer, I just made it to the tail end of good what I call electronica as an umbrella “catch-all” of any songs that can be made using devices such as Thermin, a sound synthesizer and even a computer.  When I hear new "genre mix" music that isRead full post »



When absoloot-profilethe phenomenal 90's recording legend Boyz II Men  began their mentoring programing Ft. Lauderdale (Men 2 Boys) to assist underprivileged and at-risk boys how to live life a more stable and fulfilling life  via academic assistance/tutoring in all the subjects,Read full post »

Lets face it.  People ask questions.   If we have the answers we often do (answer).  I’d prefer not to make up an answer but I “can spin a yarn” because as the spokespersons in the tv ads say “That’s what we do”.   But really, I preferRead full post »

zazzle gift watches 2222222222222

Before much recorded history, there was “fun fiction” called Greek mythology.  

      One of the most read and famous stories was the one of Narcissus. 

      He was the son of the river god Cephissus and the nymph Leiri

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Lately, it seems publishers have been asking me for articles and/or cartoons that deal with aging.  I scratch my head and have a “why” look on my face; then remember, I’m one of those who begs for my senior discount wherever I go. Suddenly I got old!  Read full post »

       It was a very good day today.  Most of my days are very good.   For the younger crowd, you might have called your psychiatrist to make certain your Prozac prescription was renewed for the next 250 years, but for me, it was ideal. 

new book nature abhors 3432432


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     Well buying season is just around the corner and…….wait a minute. Stop right there. What buying season?  Who am I trying to kid?  It’s March 8th and there’s two upcoming holidays, Mother’s Day and Easter and they can hardly be consid

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 March is almost here. It marks several anniversaries that usually only I remember because they were milestones in my life.

lt peanut surf goober

     On March 10, 2007, my late dog “Thor” died in my arms on the floor.  The vet believes (from his teeth) that he was appr

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