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There is a monumental need for a third party, or some way to neutralize this two-headed monster of a governmental system that is now in place.


Cindy Sheehan is running for Congress against Nancy Pelosi, who is complicit in the event known as the Iraq war, is guilty of undermining the Constitution, and neglected her sworn Constitutional duty to hold accountable those who have committed offenses against our nation from within our own government. Sheehan’s campaign office was attacked in what appears to be an intimidation tactic, as well as an attempt to gather campaign information, as one computer was stolen from the office during the break-in.  No other surrounding buildings were attacked.

Nancy Pelosi’s campaign is being aided by corporate media, which should come as no surprise.  Sheehan is getting no local coverage from the major corporate media outlets in her district. Of course, it is significant to recognize that Sheehan’s decision to run came after House Judiciary Committee Chair John Conyers informed her and a group of supporters that the Democrats were more interested in winning the 2008 election than in ending the war or holding Bush or Cheney accountable.  The above linked article states, "As recently as yesterday, October 29, she has said there is no evidence of wrongdoing by the administration."  This is purely absurd, and eerily reminiscent of the tactics of the very administration she failed to hold accountable; just repeat the lie often enough, and it will be accepted.

This seems to point out once again how our government is for sale to the highest bidder under the current structure of the election system.  That system is perhaps in more serious need of change than I even realize.  With regards to that much needed change, the article also points out what it calls “the stink-eye effect” to describe “…the [facial] expressions of longtime Democrats who work in City Hall as we ask them to consider voting for Cindy”.  The article’s last paragraph reads:

“In those moments, the ‘stink eye’ reflex to accountability and to standing up to the existing political system reveals the real challenge - forcing the two major political parties that have been tacitly working together to promote and continue war and to hold no one accountable - to move over for real change in our political system.”

This is why I have so little optimism about this nation’s future.  I find it difficult to believe Obama’s presidency, should it occur, will truly make a difference.  It could, but not by itself; it will require eliminating some of the corporate Democrats in Congress.

On a more positive note, the article linked above says that according to informal polls of voters coming out of “City Hall's early voting station, Cindy's campaign against Pelosi has triggered a strong response against Pelosi.”  Now, if Pelosi were to be eliminated, AND Obama wins, I might actually start feeling a little encouraged.  What say you?



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I could be way off base here, but this story reminds me of the Ashley Todd story.

Are you just more cynical than I, or would you care to elaborate? Where are the similarities?
I'd like nothing (well, practically nothing) better than to see Ms. Pelosi shot down in flames.

"There is a monumental need for a third party, or some way to neutralize this two-headed monster of a governmental system that is now in place."

Shortly after Nov. 4th, watch for my blog on how a viable third party can arise in America. And what YOU can do to bring it about.

How shortly after?
Oh I'm probably just too cynical. It seems to me that Pelosi is pretty secure in her seat and has no need for dirty tricks against an inexperienced challenger. On the other hand, Sheehan would benefit from publicity like this. No witnesses, of course.
The answer for the two-headed monster, as you called it, is not the fringe parties we have now. Here are my choices for President: the Libertarians (no government at all), Consitution Party (who advocate "state's rights" as stated by my relative John C. Calhoun from the 1840s), and RALPH NADER.

A third party person needs more reasonable in touch with reality.
Biblio, that is what I thought you meant. I see that point.

I was sort of thinking that since there are a lot of left-wing folks attached to the anti-Pelosi movement, it might be of interest for a lot of other agencies to see what might be on that computer.

I'm not sure which of us is more cynical.
You're both cynical. It doesn't mean you're wrong.

Your point is well-taken. Thanks.
A Viable third party-give me a break.
Lucke you're dead on