MARCH 11, 2009 8:37PM

Open Warning: Beware of “Antivirus 360” Computer Virus

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I just got hit by a computer virus call “Antivirus 360”.  I was surfing the Internet when several pop-up windows appeared.  All the pop-ups indicated I was at serious risk from various forms of computer viruses.  I knew it was a scam, and quickly clicked the close window “X” in the upper right-hand corner, and thought it would go away, but in clicking on that “X” I actually initiated the download.  If you experience these pop-ups, do not click on them; close your browser, instead, to get rid of them.

After much time wasted trying to remove the program manually, I downloaded a free spyware removal program at:

There appear to be many such programs, but this one was recommended on the site where I learned more about the Antivirus 360 attacks; Bill Mullins’ Weblog – Tech Talk.  A quick google search of Antivirus 360 delivers a multitude of help with this issue.  I learned a lot.

Mullins states, “This is NOT the all-in-one security tool, Norton 360 from Symantec. Instead it’s another “gift”, from the well know hacker group the Russian Federation. 

My computer is clean, now, but it might be a good idea for everybody to scan their machines for the Antivirus 360 parasite software, and other Trojans that might be related.  Mullins mentions the Zlob Trojan that might be especially difficult to eliminate.


Here’s hoping for safe browsing…


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This one made me feel like a real fool...
don't you hate it when that kind of thing happens rick? a couple of years ago my PC was more or less ruined by some damn thing i got off the net, i still don't know what it was, but getting things fixed was NOT easy. anyway, thanks for the heads-up on AV 360, forewarned is four armed as they say:)

There are apparently many of these fake "antivirus" viruses out there. I had no idea until this happened to me today.
from my experience most of 'em, at least those you encounter on-line, are fake. i didn't know that til fairly recently myself, but yeah, they ought to call them "virus gateways" or "spyware ennablers," that'd be more accurate. it's beyond just annoying; some of those things can really mess your system up.
It is a nasty one. We just paid $220 last month to rid our PC of it. Once it is on your computer, your basic anti-virus software will not remove it.

The purpose of this particular malware is to get gullible people to scan their computer with the so-called AV360. When they do so, they'll get a message stating that they need to upgrade or renew their anti-virus software, and they are asked to supply their credit card info to do so.

And it does it over and over and over and over...

Sorry to hear this cost you so much. I followed directions on how to remove some of the software manually, and how to stop its ‘processes’ so that the pop-ups stop happening. Then I decided to try the software recommended by Bill Mullins who I mentioned in the post. I think all of that worked, but time will tell, I guess. So far, so good…
thank you for this information
Rick, I'm sure you are much more savvy on that sort of thing than me! I just know that once it was on my computer, I added Norton and Trend Micro to the PC, and neither could remove it once it was already there.
Proco, that A360 denied access to its folders; I couldn't even delete some of them manually at first. Then I realized that if I "stopped processes" it was running using Task Manager, I might be able to, and that helped. But you're right about the normal virus programs not removing it at all --- clever and nasty little bug, it is.

You are welcome.
I just hate these sort of pop-ups, Rick.
I seem to get them all the time.
I scan with spy bot everyday. it pulls up so much junk I did not know I had.
These sorts of malware should be not enabled. I just want to thank you for this excellent heads up that you have posted here.
rated highly for the information!!
I got hit with this viris too. I emailed the site I got it from & let them know that the company was blackmailing me to get this crap off my computer.
I was scrolling down when I accidently clicked on it. I did not save it or down load it, but still it attached itself to my computer. When I contacted the company to find out how to get rid of it I was told that I had to install it to uninstall it! I told them that this is BS! That they put a viris on my computer & I wanted it off
I checked out installing it & was told it would cost $60.00 to install it! OH REALLY? This is Blackmail & I will report you. Now I am going around telling EVERYBODY ABOUT BEING BLACKMAILED BY ANTI-VIRIS 360. I even sent them a copy of what I am posting about them.
They didn't seem too happy about it. Well guess what? they can kiss my sweet ass
Oh, I missed this post. Thanks for the useful advice.
Interestingly, a similar kind of virus is hitting OS right now. I was hit three times over the last 24 hours. I gave similar advices about how to avoid having the virus install itself on your computer:

Is there a computer virus hitting Open Salon?

I also sent an e-mail to Joan explaining this problem.
I recently had some trouble with my computer. I am a huge fan of online games and, while playing one, a pop-up window appeared and just as you, when I tried closing it, my computer instantly shut down. I tried opening it again but no luck. I took it to a computer shop and they succeeded in removing the virus. Well, after that, I never played another online game again. In stead, I discovered a great other game, Jewel Quest 2 and I became addicted to it. And, of course, I installed a good spyware software and never had a problem.
If this is true, that it is a serious problem. This site has many users and this virus could affect them all. I trust though that the eventual problem will be fixed soon as I consider this site to have serious staff and I'm sure that the virtualization security software is a very performant one and all this was just a error. After all, we are all human and can make mistakes.