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“BLACK TUESDAY”: November 6, 2012

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black tuesday

Most Americans have self-delusionally accepted the idea that major benefits can be achieved by electing either of the two major-party presidential candidates; Barrack Obama or Mitt Romney.  There are those among us who recognize and understand that such self-delusion has never benefitted societies throughout history.  Non-change, maintaining the status-quo, does not equal “benefits” when benefits require change.  Sadly, many of the Americans in my opening statement do recognize that the only true benefits we might achieve require change.  Why will Black Tuesday, November 6, 2012 see them vote to maintain the status-quo?

When irrational fear is used by corrupt forces to manipulate making decisions in general, or the process of voting, it leads to wrong questions and most often destroys society and often leads to the least moral, least ethical way to institute change; such is the fear of which I speak.  Both major-party candidates can be judged on their historical records and neither is trustworthy in anything they say, yet, their words are the criteria used to judge them by the Americans in my opening statement.  Both candidates are using fear in just such a fashion as I’ve described.  Both misrepresent their records.  Both are presenting little other than dishonesty and most Americans know it, consciously or subconsciously, whether they admit it or not, and yet, candidates speaking the truth are ignored.  Why are those candidates speaking truth ignored by a majority of Americans?

Black Tuesday_0 

There is no one-size-fits-all answer; different Americans are affected by different influences and, more importantly, different environmental realities.  Regardless, there are particular forces at work that narrow down the field of possible answers to the question of why those candidates speaking truth are ignored by a majority of Americans.  The single most inclusive answer to that question is, “Fear; irrational fear”; corrupt influences of irrational fear on different realities leading to wrong questions. 

Irrational fear leads people to various questions and, therefore, various answers.  Unfortunately, irrationality commonly leads to the wrong questions and wrong questions always lead to wrong solutions.  Wrong questions are currently leading Americans to wrong solutions; solutions that ignore the momentous questions.  Wrong questions will decide the election on Black Tuesday, November 6, 2012.

Our words are our weapons against destruction by greed.

The election is a marketing spectacle.

Wall Street won long before the first vote was cast.

black tuesday_liberty hiding 

Lady Liberty appears fearful.  Is her fear irrational? 


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Romney supporters exhort Obama’s lies while ignoring Romney’s and Obama supporters exhort Romney’s lies and ignore Obama’s. Both, Romney and Obama rely on politics of fear to distract from the proper questions; the questions/issues posed by the candidates ignored by major media outlets - corporate outlets. What’s wrong with this picture?
If Romney wins the country will go back sixty years. If Obama wins we will go into the future with a new look. I am afraid. I can understand that they are both just playing the political game and a third party would probably be best but the stakes are just too high not to vote for Obama.
I agree that Obama in his policies present a new look. It scares the hell out of me. I am not particularly comforted by the possibility of a drone polishing off me and perhaps 25 bystanders.
It's what people know about themselves that makes them afraid. That's the only reason the marketing of fear works. Let the children vote. They know not what they do - yet.
It cannot be expected that uncorrupted individuals will - or even can - stand for public office in a corrupt system.
So long as the system itself is corrupt, so long also will those who rise to its upper levels be corrupt.

It is said that power corrupts. That may be true but let us never forget that corruption also corrupts.

[r] Rick, just lost my comment! dang.

this is so well presented and reasoned. thank you. irrational is the word. i'd venture Pavlovian. WHY WON'T PEOPLE VOTE FOR THE HONEST AND COMMITTED AND SANEST AND MOST EMPATHETIC CANDIDATE? GEEEEZ LUIZZE! Your lady liberty pix are awesome btw! I wore a black armband for three years. Finally replaced it with a peace pin. Stein lifted my hopes but she should have become a household name by now but ferocious fascist corporate media are still boycotting her. Blacking out her existence. She was arrested for the third time -- this time at Keystone Tars Sand blockade. She's getting roughed up by the police state and the other two clowns won't muss up their Guccis! Obama's resume in 2008 was two words and he was in: NOT BUSH. This time around two words are NOT ROMNEY. WOW. What a racket! The herd mentality with plenty of propaganda prodding leads the herd. How tragic. thanks for writing this. best, libby
won't surprise you to learn that i'm w zanelle on this still, i appreciate your take

In their erasure of the most fundamental principle of a working justice system (the right to a trial), Bush/Obama/Romney are setting clock back 800 years. We can criticize Islamic extremists for a "medieval" outlook, but what word should we use for tossing out habeus corpus, which has been part of English common law since before the Magna Carta was signed in 1215?

There are many Americans, although admittedly a minority, who agree that Obama is not much of a contrast to Romney; the difference is more words than substance. Watch this for a sad/funny take on this: At this stage, however, most of the electorate is locked in the same mindset as the Bush years: "Anybody but Romney."
Although conspiracy theories usually inspire contempt I am rather drawn to the idea that Romney is set up as a stalking horse by an election system which both parties are totally under the influence of the powerful moneyed elite who set up Romney as a lying idiot to sucker those gulled by the openly shallow and violated promises of Obama to improve the despicable state of US politics with no intent at all at stating his sole real purpose of remaining in power to subvert whatever fragments of real democracy remain in force. Obama's open declaration of dictatorial power to imprison and kill anyone at his whim seems somehow invisible to those who rush to his support in fear of the insanity of Romney. It all has the strong odor of a setup.
How far backward have we traveled since 2008? We certainly can’t say we’ve moved “forward”, although, we certainly have a “different look”. I barely recognize us.

I agree with what you’ve said here. RE your conspiracy theory comment, I talk almost daily with diehard Repubs at work, and even THEY agree with you about Romney’s support. One of them suggests that the Republican Party is actually looking ahead to 2016 with the idea that Obama will have been such a disaster by that time that they will be able to lock up the next several elections afterward, perhaps running Jeb Bush. I don’t know what to think aside from the fact that both of these guys serve our corporate masters. (I deleted the duplicate of your comment)

You may be right about that. You’ll surely get no argument from me.

Your references to corruption are well-spoken and well-placed.

Thanks for contributing. I know these posts serve no real purpose other than to keep the thoughts alive and, in my case at least, they are sometimes therapeutic as I watch our nation’s slow demise.

I hate it when comments disappear. I had that happen once with another individual who commented on one of my posts and he accused me of deleting his comments, went off on me in a wild rant, and never gave me the nod that he might have been wrong about that, despite my efforts to inform him.

Your point is exactly dead-on. Distractions have people voting based on the wrong questions and the right solutions are lost.

Half the voters are voting “Anybody but Romney” and half are voting “Anybody but Obama”. No real benefit can derive from this.
The informational climate, like that of the gaseous envelope that envelops the planet that for so many millions of years protected and encouraged the vitality of life on Earth has become so poisonously polluted with wild fantasies out of religion, out of hair raising economic and humanitarian idiocies, out of wild conspiracy theories hatching from secret evil organizations, from astrology and ancient calendars, out of secret invasions from outer space replete with innumerable fake videos of flying saucers, Nazi space machines, hidden NASA photos of extraterrestrials' constructions on the Moon and black UN helicopters that one may perhaps assume that human imaginations have ultimately so outgrown their disciplined necessary function of penetrating reasonable possibility as to entirely defeate the necessary cautionary probability which makes it so basically useful. Hollywood has delighted the world with its digital expertise to recreate dinosaurs and interstellar intellects and pseudo-scientific fairy tales to the point that nothing remains incredible anymore.

If the rapid dissolution of popular influence and Constitutional restrictions on government domination proceeds with the pace that Obama has set with no forceful effective civil uprisings, the concept that there will be further elections once Obama has completed his agenda of establishing a totalitarian state under the thumb of the economic elite within the next four years is becoming upsettingly unlikely.
Whatever Obama's faults, they pale to insignificance compared those of the pathological liar and sociopath who represents the only other possible outcome in this election. Frankly, I think Obama is to be commended on several fronts:

(1) ACA may be a long way from what was desired -- but it's still miles ahead of what any other President managed to accomplish with healthcare reform

(2) The Great Recession didn't turn into the Great Depression II

(3) The ill-advised war in Iraq foolishly begun -- and left behind -- by Bush the Least has ended.

(4) Don't ask, don't tell is no more

(5) GM's alive

(6) Osama's dead

I tend to think there will still be another election (for lack of a better word), facade though it may be, just like this one. But I think your point is well taken.


This entire debacle is just really sad. That's about all I can say about it at this point. Maybe pathetic is a better word.

Yes, yes ...and so it goes. Nobody will simply do what needs to be done. We just fearfully accept the game THEY present us. Playing by THEIR rules is a game for fools. You're right, though, about water under the bridge. That's part of my point.

Thanks for contributing.

Just had a quick thought. The lesson we should have learned from Nader isn't the lesson you and others suggest; just the opposite. And it isn't people like myself who have to learn the lesson. After 2000, we had 4 years of Bush/Cheney. After 2004, when Kerry lost, we had 4 more years of Bush/Cheney. After 2008, when Obama won, we had 4 more years of Bush/Cheney. Now all people can say is we need 4 MORE years of Bush/Cheney. I'm not seeing that you are addressing the proper people with a suggestion of a lesson to learn or even the proper lesson. You don't need to tell me that I'm pissing in the wind, but so is everyone who plays by THEIR rules and gives them more power and control. There's always that remote possibility that Obama and the Dems will suddenly become what so many suppose them to be. Recent history doesn't support that scenario, though.
The general downgrading of almost all reasonable aspects of life in the USA is progressing nicely as seems to be according to some overall plan. People seem to be sitting still for it with little obvious pushback up to now. The re-election of a president that has demonstrated successive failures, not only to halt this decline but also an enthusiasm for continuing the policies which are the basis for its progress can only increase the miseries and people who think otherwise are only fooling themselves that this election will change anything. Pressure is building for an explosion and either counter pressure with probable violence to enforce it will result or something interesting will occur - whatever that might be. At the moment this latter seems just a fantasy.

"The general downgrading of almost all reasonable aspects of life in the USA is progressing nicely as seems to be according to some overall plan."

So true ...
A thought has occurred to me that, as an American, I am prejudiced as to the welfare of the country where I grew up and perhaps a more neutral attitude should be taken. I cannot deny Obama's intellect whatever his policies seem to be. It may be that the impact of global warming on the globe as a totality is his concern and he has positive information that if the indulgences as to life style, energy consumption, and even population size can no longer be accommodated by the planet's oncoming disasters. People in the USA have apparently not felt too bad in that people on the Far East, Africa, South America etc. can sustain huge brutalities and population decimation due to the oncoming lacks of food and fuel which cannot be stopped but it would be hard to swallow that the USA must rapidly downsize in all these things to preserve that fragment of humanity that might survive into the near future. So Obama has set up a program to encourage the loss of jobs and health and education so that the population should, in desperation, commit mass suicides to lessen the burden on whomever might survive (such as those talented CEOs and financial masters who gleefully fucked up Wall Street). The US military rates of suicide have already grown encouragingly and perhaps the rest of the population can be attracted to follow suit.

Admittedly this may seem far fetched, but I find it very difficult to justify almost all of Obama's policies otherwise and am unfortunately driven to frantically search for some rational behind government actions other than that they are all totally insane.

I share your befuddlement. And as for them being insane, I guess one might need to qualify and quantify what constitutes insanity. It may be the case that we could easily find many examples that would qualify as insane and no real consensus or universality of agreement.

I've heard some far-fetched theories, for instance, for justification of Obama signing NDAA. Those theories attempt to twist reality to the extent that Obama had some secret plan to sign it so it could be overturned in the courts, thereby eliminating any possibility of future uses of its worst aspects. And this, supposedly, makes Obama (to these individuals) the smartest president ever. Yes, I definitely share your befuddlement over Obama's actions and many other things that are occurring in America today.
There's an old science fiction story by C.M.Kornbluth called "The Marching Morons". I read it way back when it was first published in a magazine. You can read it at,CyrilM/c%20m%20kornbluth%20-%20the%20marching%20morons.pdf

It pictures a world of the future where the IQ of humanity has decreased to such an extent that only a few bright guys are going nuts trying to maintain the world. The predominant butchery for no damn sensible reason in the world today makes me think we might have reached that stage.

Beyond being so horrible that it's funny, it's well worth your time to read it.
Thanks, Jan, I'll check it out. Perhaps that story inspired the movie "Idiocracy"?
There's a Wikipedia article about the story and related films at

Idiocracy is mentioned.