Rick Spilman

Rick Spilman
Jersey City, New Jersey, USA
March 25
I am the author of a nautical thriller set in the last days of sail, Hell Around the Horn. I also the host of the Old Salt Blog. I have a background in ship operations, banking and corporate communications. I am an avid sailor and kayaker.

APRIL 10, 2012 9:01AM

The Eastern Pacific Garbage Patch – How Big Really?

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For several years we have been posting about a huge swirling patch of plastic garbage caught in the currents of the Pacific Ocean.  The BBC has an interactive graphic which helps to visualize just how how massive this Pacific garbage patch truly is.  Type in your zip code to relocate the patch over your location.  Thanks to M. Kei for pointing it out.

The Eastern Pacific Garbage Patch – How Big Really?


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