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DECEMBER 24, 2010 5:27PM

The Mayor Who Stole Christmas

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There's this town in Israel called Nazareth Illit (Upper Nazareth). It was built high up in the Nazareth mountains to maximum topographical advantage over the neighboring Arab city of Nazareth - you know, where my homey J-Dawg grew up. (Happy B-day, J!).

Now, since the State of Israel, from the day of its founding, has not built a single new settlement or even new suburb for Arabs (as compared to hundreds for Jews), and since the government makes no zoning plans for Arab towns and villages, which makes virtually all construction in them illegal, Arabs are forced to either crowd with the folks, build illegally, or try to find housing in Jewish-majority towns. This is how it came to be that 15-20% of the residents of UPPER Nazareth are, ya know... Arabs.

So, the Arabs wanted the city to give them permission to out up a Christmas tree in the square in their neighborhood. The mayor, a Mr. Shimon Gapso, decided to audition for the role of the Grinch and refused, saying "This is a Jewish city! Let them go to Nazareth and do whatever they want there!"

I'm sure there will be those here who justify his actions, but for those of you who would be up in arms (or at least quietly disgusted) if the Jews of Boro Park were denied the right to put up a Hanukkah menorah, keep your fellow believers in mind this holiday season. No, their plight isn't nearly as grim as that of Christians in Iraq (who had to cancel all Christmas celebrations altogether for fear of al-Qaeda attacks, thanks Cheney!), but are nonetheless being treated as undesirables in the land where they can claim a longer ancestral presence then about 90% of the population.

Merry Christmas.

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Feed, and Merry Christmas once again.
"Tolerance." I've never liked the word, as it sounds as though one is saying, "Yeah, I'll put up with you." At this point, putting up with one another sounds like real progress...~r