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DECEMBER 10, 2008 11:21AM

Open Salon Links Tricks

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Last night was a strange night for dreams. I dreamed of an aunt of mine who passed over 30 years ago, (and I had never dreamed of her before this.) She was younger than I had ever seen her in life. Very strange but not unpleasent.. It was good to see her again.

Sometimes I dream about graphics stuff. Last night I dreamed about how to put some graphical buttons in my links list, (down on the left hand side of the page.) Dreamed how to do it, here on Open Salon.. Very strange, if you ask me.

The Destructions:

If you have an image host like PhotoBucket, it is pretty darn easy. Just make your buttons the way you want, and to say what you want, (if you can make your own graphics, that is) save them to Photobucket then insert the HTML Code, (IMG Code) into the title section of the links input.

See the example below:

Link code example

Button graphic size I used: 145 px wide X 17 px high.

If you do it right, you will have a set of custom link buttons like me :)Ric

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Thanks Ric! I didn't even realize this outer part of the page allowed us to make changes like this. That's a great idea, and now I'm wondering what else can be changed around the frame of the page.
You never know until you try, (or in my case, dream.)

Last night I dreamed about how to put some graphical buttons in my links list, (down on the left hand side of the page.)

But you should cut down on whatever you're taking, dude... :-)
Thanks Rob.. but, it is the only fun I have anymore.. :)
Ric, YO DA MAN. Now if one could find a way to monetize those buttons through Google ads or some such on one's personal blog page, one might yet shake some shekels out of this gig. Why is it I have the feeling this post ain't gonna be an EP anytime soon?

Sounds like a really cool thing, but you lost me at....If you have an image host.....for alas, I have the computer skills of a brick.
Mike it really isn't any big deal.. Try this LINK it's where I learned how to do what I can do now. Self taught myself HTML stuff and so can you.
Very innovative and kudos to you brother Ric!
Hope you guys are well.
That is one slick trick, Ric!

I'm still waiting for the OS API that will allow me to direct-link the site hosting my photos to OS. Will save me a metric fuckton of downloading (thanks again, Jodi Kasten, for that phrase!).

Cool, man, cool!

Nice Carl Perkins tune, too!
Awesome! Makes your page look ultra cool. Thanks for the tips.

I believe EP = Editors' Pick.

And in response to Last night I dreamed about how to put some graphical buttons in my links list, (down on the left hand side of the page.) as a proofreader I had many a night when I'd go to sleep and dream nonstop about rebreaking words in narrow columns of text to make said text more visually appealing. Kind of like Sisyphus rolling his stone uphill.
Very cool. I have to try that.
Totally doable. Big ingenuity points! I didn't even think of linking to images ........
The idea came to me in a dream, no kidding.
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