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APRIL 7, 2011 4:13AM

Steve news

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Something is really wrong with Steve, it's all I can figure as he has cut off all communications with me. I found out from his son, April 4 that he was back at Stanford but nothing else. Since that time I have heard nothing. No texts, no email, no phoine, nothing.

A couple weeks before he went home he mentioned to me that he had some, "mild" rejection going on.. But then, they sent him home. The last time I talked to him was April 2 abd he had a very poor attitude about life in general, and then he said this one thing, "I don't understand it, they lowered my Predisone and sent me home." Then he didn't say anymore about it and I couldn't get any more out of him.

I am pretty worried and trying awful hard not to think bad things but I have this nagging feeling, something is not right.

I hate to do it but I have to ask again if all of you who have prayed, would do so again. I just don't know what else to do. -Ric

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Done. And I hope you have some contact soon to ease your worries.
With all his body and psyche has been through, patience may be the watchword now. Blessings to him and to you.
It's so hard to deal with the whole transplant thing. The kind of moral dilemma is a major hurdle and the heart has so many ties to the core of our being that I think it must be beyond difficult in the first place. When I get worried about things I often try to shield the people I care about from the bad news I just clam up.
Something is going on and he just not want to bother people. I have been through that anad continue for years to go through that and some of my friends dont understand.
Just try and reach out to him somehow because he needs to talk.
rated with hugs
Well I've known this guy for 40 years and in all that time I have never had him with draw like this. I can't tell you what we talked about, that last time suffice it to say... He was down on life. It was so surprising to hear him talk this way after hearing him be so positive, for years, about getting a heart and living his life.

I have written Nancy and have received no reply from her either. Things are tough for Steve but they are 100 times that for Nancy, you can believe it. I worry about her also.

Sometimes after maintaining a positive attitude through all the sickness and waiting, then when the transplant happens there is a psychic crash ... of all that stressful keeping up spirits. Maybe that's it. But weird and unsettling that neither Steve nor his wife are communicating.
Yeah.. I don't have a good feeling about this at all, (for reasons I can't go into at this time.) Every time I woke up last night, Steve popped into my brain pan. If it is bad news I just wish they would tell me and get it over with.
It's been 6 days since I talked to Steve and have heard nothing from him or Nancy since.
Before I got to the comments I had the same thought as Myriad. Keep asking for good thoughts and prayers, it's so little to ask for. When you have nagging feelings it's okay, ignoring them gives them power. Look them in the eye and tell them no, push back at them. We are pushing with you, if he has had a psychic crash then we just won't. Love and strength to you.