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JULY 26, 2011 11:03PM

From bad to worse..

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My father died in 1983, my mother passed in 1996 and my sister had their ashes interred in a mausoleum inside of a glass box. My sister chose some of their personal things to put in their niche so when somebody came to pay respects they could view the things that made my folks happy in life. My sister let me know, yesterday, that the grave had been broken into and robbed. Some 25 graves to be exact.

I scanned my brain yesterday, trying to remember what was in there that a thief would want bad enough to rob a grave to get it. Then it dawned on me, (I type this with a heavy heart) my mother's brooch that had all the birth stones in it for each of us 4 children. It wasn't an expensive piece of jewelry. Probably couldn't pawn it. So I expect it was tossed somewhere. We don't really know what was taken yet. It's terrible, let me tell you. Of all the things I thought might happen to me, having my parent's grave robbed wasn't even on the list. -Ric

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Crimes like that are hard to comprehend. Why would anyone desecrate someones grave? I am against capital punishment, but sometimes I hear something that makes me think otherwise!
A horrible reminder we can't leave anything behind...they either tax it away or steal it illegally. I'm really sorry Ric...remembering is sometimes all we have.
That is so sad ric..
Despicable. I sent you a couple of links on zoomers of similar things that happened in my family. Horrible!
That's appalling. I read somewhere that tweakers rob Indian graves for relics. I wonder if it could have been something like that. Imagine opening all those graves hoping to find, what, a wedding ring? Unbelievable.
No words. To think of the craven person, a grave robber, lower than a vulture, a hyena. There are times karma is a sweet notion. Peace Ric.

Blessings *R*
I am so sorry for what happened.
I am dumbfounded Ric. Is our society this far gone? I am so sorry that this happened.
The crazy, sad things that happen that no one can explain.
So sorry Ric! There is little lower or more despicable than grave robbing. *hugz*
This makes me madder than about anything Ric. What crap.
no words, but what comes around, goes around. dammit.
It's a despicable crime. Good lord, it's appalling... I'm so sorry. As if you didn't have enough going on...
That's just wrong. I don't know what would make a person do that, I know the kind who would do it(couple of my friends from elementary school got caught robbing graves --- they got em for felony grave robbing --- and they were breaking into the old graves on the top of the hill, 1800s to steal the jewelry and such to sell!!!
Well, it is official. They stole all of my mother's jewelry, a number one mother pin, her brooch with the birthstones and my father's Teamster pin. None of it was worth one thin dime, but they took it anyway. My sister is just devastated.
Good grief...Sorry you have to endure such an absurd desecration.
That's awful, Ric. I'm so sorry. All the worse that something your mother loved was stolen for selfish reasons by a person who had no idea of its history, and wouldn't realize its true value to you and your sister.
Agreed. simply awful hearts to you Ric
OMG things do have a powerfull impact on ones life esp yours.
Come on over and enjoy my Staycation then have a dip in the cooling waters of Quebec.
Since they didn’t know items of monetary value from items of sentimental value, they were probably amateurs. What a state society is in when this is an option for people!

(I know this is rather late - but I just found your page and this blog kind of grabbed me....)
Unforgivability comes to mind. Then you've got to wonder : how did things get so desperate ?
Peace, Ric, & love to the Lady.