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DECEMBER 26, 2008 12:09AM

When people give their life to Christ, does he regift?

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Now that Christmas is over and you're pondering what to do with that unwanted gift, please consider the following.

When people give their life to Christ, what does he do with it? Obviously, he accepts it because once given, the givers have no life.

Immediately after that little transaction, they spend every waking moment trying to control the lives of others.

Ever notice how blatantly nosey and judgmental folks become after giving their life to Christ? Don't you just wanna say, " Hey, you had a life and you gave it away. So, dammit, stay out of mine."

It's as if their newfound divine purpose is to tell everyone else how to live their life. And just what does Christ do with those gifts? Does he regift? Does he give it to a dog.? I swear, I have met dogs with personalities that matched people I knew.

Does he ever return it to the giver? I wish that he would. They need a life.



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This is a question I would like the answer to myself. And this would explain why there are people who are trying to get me to change while telling me it's for my "own good."
Akshully, Jebus rolls all em soles up into little bouncy ballz and thros em at Jubas...he nailed him to that wall in the squarsh court but then he lost the hammer and cant git him off...
Butt that's just what I rememberz from teh book of Todd
I love the wit of this.

Why couldn't our deities and saviours re-gift?

Heck, in some cultures, re-gifting is an art form. I have found ways to detect the cleverly covered up second time around object. Once i received an electric razor, neatly repackaged, fairly shiny.....one problem......it still had old stubble in it!

the more I think about it, ...........I just couldn't see Christ giving someone a gift like that......
"Immediately after that little transaction, they spend every waking moment trying to control the lives of others." How true!
I am reminded of the phrase "You can't give away what you haven't got." Just ignore them.
I am so sad that all that all the Born Again believers you've met have tried to control you. As the self-appointed spokeswoman for the Born Again, I am so sorry. Also, I am so sorry that you have yet to meet a Born Again who had any fun left in them. I've been born again a couple of times. It's confusing, getting rebirthed. Now, I think I realize that giving your life to Christ is not something you do once at a youth camp in seventh grade or alone or during the alter call at the end of an especially long service that meant little to you until the choir started singing "I Surrender All." It's something you do daily, giving your life to Christ. Or at least it's something I do daily. Some days better than others. And if I should start taking someone else's moral inventory, than I'm doing a pretty poor job of giving my life to Christ.

In terms of fun, I wish you had met my Grandma Carpenter. She had all the Jimmy Swaggart videotapes. And I'm pretty sure she gave money to Oral Roberts and Jim and Tammy Faye. And, well, she was the most fun Pentecostal I ever did meet. I once asked her why she kept all those Jimmy Swaggart tapes (this was after his fall).

"Wooweee," she said to me loudly, "Cause I like a Christian who isn't borning!"
Oh, and in terms of your question: I like to think that Jesus takes all the lives that have been "given to Him," and puts them on his frig like magnets. That way every time He goes to get a Diet Coke, He can see 'em and smile. I think He does that even with the lives that haven't been "given to Him." He's Jesus. He's very cool that way.
I love your take on this, Rijaxn. There are exceptions to this rule though. I have a friend who is a Charter member of a Christian Motorcycle Club. He is way big into it and visits prisons and does all those Christiany type of things. I cuss like a drunken sailor around him, but don't use the Lord's name in vain, out of respect for his beliefs. He knows where I stand on religion and has never tried to save or convert me in any way. Come to think of it, maybe he thinks I'm beyond "Salvation"!
Thanks to all who found my attempt at humor.

Actually, I know and respect a young man named Eric very much. He is a devout Christian. He never told me this, but his actions demonstrate. He is one of the most caring, honest, men of integrity I have ever known. And he is a world of fun to be around.

He lives his faith; he doesn't push it. More on him in another post.

This wasn't a king size sheet thrown over all boring, judgmental Christians, it was just a twin size to cover those annoying ones.
Now that last post of yours, Rijaxn...that one I loved. The one up above I enjoyed for its humor value.
Now *that's* a headline!
I'm not a Christian and don't go to church and haven't since I was about 17 (43 years ago).

I've met born agains and been around them, and what you describe fits about 1 out of 4 of them. Another 1 out of 4 are probably the kind of people you want to meet in every situation. They are kind and helpful and honest and loving.

The other half of born agains?

They are like you and me, brother.

PS: If you want to read about a good Christian, here's a link to a story about my dad read by Garrison Keillor:

I was going to answer honestly, Ron, but it seems like you have your mind made up. Let's just say the difference between my life and yours is that I don't enjoy smacking people with wet king-sized sheets. ;)
"they spend every waking moment trying to control the lives of others."

Ron, this is the only thing about Christianity that annoys me. The judgmental aspect. I try and stay out of people's business as much as possible. I have my belief system and if one of my friends has a problem and asks me one on one about them, I'll talk about it if I feel it can help. But the THRUSTING of change on others turns them off to any rational idea or thought. It also sadly seems to me that some of the most hypocritical, i.e. televangelists and right wing politicians, think once they've turned it over, they are free to go out and break every commandment and commit every sin there is, all the while judging others for it... Hypocrisy. Always #1 pet peeve.
Hey, you had a life and you gave it away. So, dammit, stay out of mine.

Best line ever! I will now be using it over and over.....apparently on my way to hell.
High Lonesone.. then maybe you're one of the 1 of 4 exceptions that John Guz alluded to.

However, it's the obnoxious, judgmental, blanket throwing, Fox News watching, McCain supporting, no-sense-of-humor-having Christians that are out in public who give real, good, Christianity a bad name.

I would appreciate your honesty. But with something so subjective as religion, what honesty?
Ron, I don't belong to a denomination that talks about being born again nor about giving one's life. We look at it the other way around: We've been given a gift, and it's up to us to use it well. It feels like a pretty good life to me.

I've never found that telling people what to do accomplishes much; modeling it does. People can look at my life and my family and judge for themselves; I'm not very inclined to produce a list of activities for approval.

I try very hard not to criticize strangers' beliefs, because I don't know how they've arrived at them; I try not to treat them in ways I don't want to be treated. It doesn't accomplish anything, except to make a few people feel holier than thou.

I also don't find it particularly useful to divide the world into Christian and nonChristian, or religious and nonreligious. I live in a small town on the border of a reservation, and I have spent the past month watching the secular and religious communities work nearly seamlessly to ensure that no one sleeps under a bush in two feet of snow, no one goes without a meal, no child goes without a gift, and no elderly person goes without companionship, groceries, snow-shoveling, etc. There is good in all people; they have diverse motivations for using it. I just don't see the gain in mocking anyone or kicking their beliefs out from under them; again, that's a difference.
I had a "great" Uncle Charlie that I never knew, but have heard much of. One day a Christian missionary came to the door and asked him about giving money to send missionaries to foreign countries. It was important, the missionary said, for people to give their lives to Christ.
Uncle Charlie asked, "Well, would they go to hell if they die without hearing of Jesus?"
Oh, no, the missionary assured him. But if they hear of Jesus and reject him, THEN they go to hell.
Uncle Charlie answered, "Well, then, if they WON'T go to hell for dying without knowledge of Jesus, but they COULD go to hell if they hear of Jesus and reject him, THEN WHY DON'T YOU JUST STAY HERE AND LEAVE THEM THE HELL ALONE?!?"
The missionary had no answer. Uncle Charlie slammed the door.

I am glad you admit that many Christians aren't so hypocritical. The ones who are--who are often the first and loudest to claim Christ for themselves--are often the most memorable. Then again, there are obnoxious people of all religions and obnoxious people with no religion.
Its like people who go sober and go into rehab. Then all of the sudden everybody is an addict. You have an iced tea at exactly 2pm every day than means you're an caffeine addict and need rehab. Have one beer once on New Years Eve and you get an intervention. Everybody's an addict!!
When you consider the vastness of the universe (never mind the complexity of the extraordinarily tiny portion of it -- in terms of both space & time -- that we inhabit), it seems hard to imagine an omnipotent being caring that much about whether you give your life to "him" & whether you are sufficiently subservient, grateful, etc. (Never mind the assumption that the lord of the universe could possibly care about how 21st century earthlings manage fleeting moments of sexual pleasure). If the born-agains can't get a life, one can only hope they would get some perspective.

I do like the refrigerator magnet idea -- ever see those Little Pet Shop toys that have magnets in their feet? Imagine people's souls as little pet shop toys on a refrigerator -- bobble heads & all.
I suspect Christ sub-contracts, like Halliburton did with Iraq. Nothing gets done, but he carves out a nice piece of the take.
I got the humor and I never thought about this until you brought it up. One of the things I have discovered about a lot of people who profess to be Christians is they are just religious people. I think a lot of people confuse the two. People can be religious about anything such as: taking a bath, playing the lottery, going to the casino, and many more.

Just like the young man you mentioned, if people are truly Christians and they have experienced a life change, everyone would know it by their actions. It's like the person who always says" I am really nice." Who the hell are you trying to convince? If these people are a certain way, their actions would definitely speak louder than their words!
This is definitely the best title of the year!!
Supposedly they are born again , unfortunately they are reborn as BORES
I enjoyed & respect every comment.
A better question is whether or not he had a messia complex. Or persecution complex.
"Immediately after that little transaction, they spend every waking moment trying to control the lives of others"

That sounds more like the government. Most Christians keep to themselves. I'm an agnostic, but was raised Catholic, and my parents had little interest in telling other people what to think or how to live. Their kids, yes, but that's normal.

Compare that to Islam where they don't seem to recognize people's right to breath who aren't Islamic.

The large majority of Americans are Christians and they come in all shapes and sizes. Fundamentalists are the ones who want to control people's mind and behavior. But the same could be said of the left and political correctness. The use of George Carlin's seven deadly words are as forbidden by the left as religious right, only they have a lot more influence in the media and schools to actually do something about it. As a writer with a foul mouth, I don't care who trys to tell me what I can or cannot say, much less how to think, eve considering it child abuse to not teach their kids politically incorrect ideas, to the point of trying to have them taken away. The Orwellian left is as dangerous to freedom as the religious right.
Yeah, he re-gifts to the giver, but the problem is that many "givers" don't get it.

The blatantly nosy thing has been a personal experience of mine, as well. When a woman called me up to tell me that I was running away from God, I told her I wasn't running away from God, I was running away form her and everyone like her.

I particularly love the response, "What in the world would make you think it's okay to ask such a question? Do I get to be as rude to you, now?" No yeses, yet.
I'm sorry that I missed this post when you put it up. You really hit the nail on the head with this one.