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 This was written in 2003, but times haven't changed.

Momma always said, “Be careful who your friends are.”
     I know a couple of people over forty whom I consider friends.  One is white, one is black.  One is male, one is female.  One is racist, o
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Now that Barack Obama has been elected the president of the United States, the debate of reparations for slavery can finally be put to rest.

More than 40 acres and a mule, Obama's presidency stamps the 150 year-old debt with interest paid in full.

No longer can America be held… Read full post »

Editor’s Pick
NOVEMBER 4, 2008 2:40PM

Election Day Idiots

My Election Day nightmare started early. Too early actually, and at the wrong place and the wrong time.

The wrong time was while I was about to take my first sip of coffee at my favorite watering hole.

"Say, Ron. Did you vote? I did.  See?" the proud "I Voted" sticker wearer… Read full post »

OCTOBER 31, 2008 8:44AM

Kids still say the damndest things

I was conducting a listening session with a group of 6-10 year olds. The prize was extra time in the gym for the first person to correctly answer five questions.

Here were the ground rules:

- Raise your hand to be recognized.

- Do not laugh at any response.

- Do… Read full post »

Editor’s Pick
OCTOBER 30, 2008 8:04AM

The $5 million bra available now

Did you hear about the new $5 million bra available at Victoria's Secret?

 Check it out for yourself. Then start saving.

Victoria's Secret has come up with a scrumtillescent new bra for you to blow that wad on -- the Black Diamond Fantasy Miracle Bra. Covered with 3,575 black diamonds andRead full post »

The day started out innocently enough. Then I got the call from my wife.

Wife: "Hi, did you go vote yet?"

Me: "Yes. And No."

Wife: "What do you mean, yes and no?"

Me: "Well, I went to vote early, but I couldn't. "

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Seven year-old Julian King was found dead in an abandoned vehicle on the west side of Chicago. He had been shot in the face.

Lately, for those of us living within an hour's drive from Chicago, it is not shocking to learn that a child has been murdered on the South… Read full post »

Remember Tawana Brawley, the black New York teenager who concocted that bull-stuff story about white cops doing dirty deeds to her? You know the one who propelled Al Sharpton into his role as a national "black leader".

After it was discovered that she made it all up to avoid being… Read full post »

Editor’s Pick
OCTOBER 24, 2008 7:38AM

I Ain't A Nigger; My Kids Are.

"Let me tell all y'all something. I ain't no nigger, my kids are. Now, one of y'all better light my cigarette and bring me an ashtray."

My beloved mother, a mix of Irish and Cherokee, alcoholic, hurt and confused person, and all around troublemaker, uttered those famous words to my… Read full post »

OCTOBER 24, 2008 12:56AM

Say It Loud, Mama's Proud

I thought I hated President George Bush until I saw the movie, "W." Now I think I feel sorry for him, or maybe a little empathy.

I can understand what it's like to want to please someone. I know what it's like to have that someone not know you are seekingRead full post »

Talk about sharing the wealth. The RNC has doled out $150 thousand for GOP VP choice Sarah Palin to shop for clothes in the past Month.

Because none of it was my money, I guess I should be very careful in my observation. My step-dad always said, " Don't ever tell… Read full post »

OCTOBER 21, 2008 3:58PM

Omama Senate seat must be black-owned

To the tune of Rockin' Robin:

He hopped on the campaign, from day one

insisting race a non-issue, all day long

Barack Obama, tweet tweet, Barack Obama, tweet tweet.

Now that he's close to being the top Democrat

He insists his Senate seat goes to a black

Barack Obama, hypo-crite, BarackRead full post »

OCTOBER 20, 2008 7:37AM

Fox vs Any News Network

The same story, different spin. You decide.

Ever notice the very different spin Fox Network puts on every story? Well, here is an example.

Hi, this is Andy Coolson, welcome to ANN Right Now.

AC: We open tonight with a heart wrenching story. Thanks to one of our regular I-nosey… Read full post »

Once upon a time there were some pretty cool cigarette ads on TV.

Are you old enough to remember when it it was better to fight than switch and the smokers had the black-eye to prove it? The beautiful White Owl girls? Ever wish to go to Marlboro Country? How… Read full post »

Editor’s Pick
OCTOBER 19, 2008 2:36AM

Barack Obama vs Jackie Robinson

Much has been made about Barack Obama's history making acsent to the top of the political totem pole. His efforts have been compared to that of Jackie Robinson.

However, the Obama mission is yet to be completed. It has been pointed out, like Jackie Robinson, Obama has to be pert near… Read full post »

OCTOBER 18, 2008 12:10PM

Leave my food stamps alone

Long before food stamps there were public food distribution points. In spite of the public humiliation of going to the local park to claim our monthly allotment of food for seven, there were some benefits. Mmm, I can still see and taste that big block of 'gubment"… Read full post »

OCTOBER 16, 2008 2:06PM

James Harris first Fox Network Negro

America could see two barrier breaking brothers by January 2009.

We all know the Barack Obama story. As he edges  closer to becoming America's first black president, another precedent is in the making.

 James Harris, the latest black media darling is poised to become the firs… Read full post »

Both major party presidential candidates have shown that they are both just a couple of opportunistic capitalists. Period.

 No more"maverick" or "community organizer." Just two schmucks jumping on the Joe The Plumber bandwagon. And who had even heard of this  Joe before this campaign?… Read full post »

OCTOBER 15, 2008 12:01PM

Why dumb people must have right to vote

The evolvement of the right to vote in America is fascinating. It has gone from a right enjoyed by just a select few white males to include females, blacks, and even poor people. Yet, at no time have truly dumb people been denied the vote.

Yes, the state of Mississippi… Read full post »

It's nothing personal. Nothing against the man or his politics. It's not even because my wife and sister adore him so much that I hope Obama loses to McCain.

It's not his politics for them, either, they just think he is so damn cute.

From the moment he announced his candidacy on… Read full post »

It was wrong and highly inaccurate for fellow congressman John Lewis of Georgia to compare John McCain to the late, reformed racist George Wallace. Itwas an insult to Wallace. 

After tiring of the McCain campaign targeting Barack Obama with consorting with American terrorist Bill Ayers, Rep. Lewi… Read full post »