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MARCH 6, 2010 11:51PM

Things to waste time doing ....

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... when you’re too lazy to do what you should be doing, most of which involve sitting at the computer: 

  • Go to friends of friends on Facebook and look through their list of friends (still searching for the ex-girlfriend?)

  • Go to Craigslist and check out rentals in cities you only imagine living in.

  •  Look for a picture of Herman Hesse on Google images, noting that he was born 2 July 1877.

  • Play Spider Solitaire over and over until you win a game. No, two games. Make it three.

  •  Add all of the books on your Amazon wish list to your Seattle Public Library list and put all of them on hold. When you get an email saying that there are 17 books on hold for you, pick them up and try to read them all in one week.

  •  Go through your last 150 emails to make sure you didn’t forget to reply to something important.

  • Check out the weather in cities on the other coast. Remember snow fondly.
  •  Feed the fish on the Google fish gadget.

  • Pay bills on line. While you’re there, try to figure out how you spent so much money this month.

  • Check your old Yahoo email account, which you haven’t used for over a year.

  • Watch videos of Leonard Cohen on YouTube.

  •  Check out the cost of an air ticket to Hawaii or Alaska.

  •  Send poems to poetry e-zines.

  •  Look to see if there are any movies playing that are worth seeing.

  •  Buy your nephew an IPOD for his birthday on Amazon. Free shipping. 



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Hey Risa, good list. Especially liked the Seattle Public Library list and put all of them on hold and the Leonard Cohen You-tubes.
Excellent List. I'll just switch up seattle with l.a and make it work for me.
I'm with you on the Leonard Cohen videos._r
Hey how about looking at my self portraits in stone?
Sounds good to me. I love the Amazon-library connection.
Ahhh Risa. Dreams are never in the wasteland. Keep the Craigslist quest.
Creative ways to waste time. This was a fine list. Herman Hesse search was the best of the lot.
Oh, dear. So many more: check out the cost of hotel rooms for cities you never, ever could afford to visit; look at the pretty letters in the Kabul newspaper, Payam e Mojahed; and, of course, Google yourself.