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FEBRUARY 4, 2012 2:21AM

Jules and Rita Insomniac Eighties Dance Party (rereUPDATED)

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Yes, this was me in the eighties. On a some long ago February weekend, skiing, wind through my mullet eighties hair, listening to The Cure, REM, U2. Then came the years of really BIG hair. Boy did I have some. Circa 1987.  That silk coat came down to my ankles with a big slit in the back, ala Prince. 
Life was good.
This was Jules in the eighties, damn. Big hair was fine. 
This is a fine specimen of why Jules and I wore our hair so big.
Nana wearing the eighties well.  
This is LIL Kate in the Eighties, My Oh MY!!!!
I know I know, TinkerTink69 is really not a cat, but look how cute he is
While we have huge hair Designator is looking very preppy and serious here in the 80's. It was the quiet type that always had the good stash. 
This is The Songbird in the 80's who had the whole thing goin' on!

This is John and Gwen in the eighties, love the sideburns John! 
Ms. Scarlett rocking the eightes! She joins me in the mullet! 
 This is our very own Janie Smithie and friend in the 80's 
a snake charmer no less! 
Jeanette and friend get the Wayfarer and bandanna headband OS 80's award! Tres Cool! 
bikepsychobabble donning the purple and avaitor glasses 
80's staples to be sure.. 
This is Wren Dancer circa eightes, hair: check, lips: check Mickey Mouse
ala Andy Warhol: check !  
 And  this is our friend BLEUE in the very chic,  only seen in the eighties:
Tiger Print Satin Unitard with hairdo to match!  
This is Sheila, looking every bit the Artista even then.. love the beret!
alsoknownas, breaking hearts and taking prisoners. Flowers, books and leather, and oh yeah, aviators.  

This is now. The only thing that hasn't changed is we still love the music. And we still can't sleep.


div>  The Cure - Love Song .mp3  

 Found at bee mp3 search engine




Jules has combined her musical taste and added this, I was going to just embed the song but after seeing the video changed my mind, oh my pass the whip its.


All of you OS insomniacs, join us. Eighties photos welcome! 
REM still sounds really good to me tonight. I had a hat like that. Still do, somewhere.
Thanks AW for this Squeeze Coffee in Bed..
For Trudge:
I do remember those fingerless gloves Chrissy Hynde had 
For Margaret, great pick.. boys with eyeliner..
 Torn jeans, my MO. 
Joe Jackson's Look Sharp! shoes, had a facsimile of, you?
Auchtung Baby officially came out in '91 but this video pretty much encapsulates the eighties.

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Oh Yes A: Squeeze! forgot about them
Dance on Young Jules, dance on!
Trudger, you got it!
It is a real live mullet, no goddamn doubt about that Margaret, got any old hidden mullet photos?
put up some Pretenders, now for DD.. thanks for joining in Margaret!
Nana, and eighties photo PLEEEEZZE
that would be a request for a eighties photo.
Oh lucky you Margaret, no old mullet photos popping up. I also have the Farrah do from the seventies. Fun stuff.
"pegged" never did it, but all the frat guys did.
Tink bring them on.. it's only us night owls, we won't tell.. promise..
Trudge i believe you and I are the same time zone. The no sleep warp. No problem.
Rita, fun open call and nice looking photo of you from that time in the '80s. The hairstyles are bound to come back someday just like the fashions from periods in the past do.
Get your cravings for eighties' recordings satisfied here:
Hi Gang just came back after sleep and and long drive back to my house in the woods, glad to see you kept the party rollin'
CAndace, Scarlett I KNOW you have some huge hair 80's stuff, turn us on to some..
Hey Nick, I guess you can't break your identity, do you look like Robert Redford in the Movie Great Gatsby?
Oh Joanie, you LIE, I know you do.
Fersy put another one up a little clearer just for you dear.
Muse, I believe you although, I swear I did NOT, ( I think nitrous oxide can make things a bit bleery)
Mission, hello. sorry to wake you so abruptly Suzy.
ATP and Mary thanks, CLASH great band.
Maureen you baby you. Glad you came by anyway.
Gerald, I was a parent also but still managed to try to don the looks.
Sheila, like a quite normal person, you probably were. Glad you came be today though
Foolish, I love all eras of music, and actually rarely listen to much 80's stuff anymore, just sounded good last night. When you come to the party we will switch to Dylan, Joni and the Stones.
Fernsy Ferns, thanks I think!
Hahahaha! Tortured hair, I once had a huge fuzzy FemmeMullet. I'm sad I missed the beehive generation, nothing surpassed huge ratted up hair. Sigh.
Thanks Nana, I think Songbird gets the 80"s fashion plate award, she must have lived in New York, we were copying her look in my small town.
Bleue I was hoping you would show up you have some hair now, I would love to have seen the Mullet.
James, what a time huh? Now my hair is longer and curlier than the hat photo but not as big as the 80's . sigh. I really liked it.
We have LL! dig around the closet and find some cool 80's photos..
Rita, thanks for the inclusion and humorous caption here! I just reposted part one of my November, 2008 New Wave Music Megamix playlist of songs from circa 1984.
Oh too bad Kim, looks like they were fun in Aussie too from Lil's photos.
Scarlett, I loved that coat!
James, we will never know I guess.
Designator I will have to check it out!
Thanks Janie, it was a fun diversion from staring at the ceiling!
glad you participated, just came from your place. My big hair was legend among my friends as growing as the night went on...
JT! so it was you with the stash! whip its stuck up my nose as I danced to Blondie.. fun. I wore the skinny ties, a red one I think. but yeah boys with skinny ties and eyeliner. Thanks JT>
thanks Jeanette and Kate, it was a great late night into next day party! glad you jumped on the bandwagon with us!
Sorry I'm late to the party - I am indeed a seasoned insomniac, but I wasn't around last night, alas! This was delightful, in any case - what a bunch of lookers you guys were even in that crazy decade!
Glad you played Songbird, your photos are great, gorgeous too. Alysa, there is always another OS insomniac party coming around the bend, stayed tuned..
anna1: where's your photo?
Michelle: we really rocked it didn't we (well we thought so anyway) thanks for stopping in Michelle.
Added the rest of the 80's OS friends..
Thanks Lez! glad to see you here..