The Unexamined Life is Not Worth Living

OCTOBER 15, 2012 9:28AM

The Grace in Letting Go

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Is there a grace

to the letting go

a pass for the pain

and grasping


a  girl feels a flutter

watches as her body transforms

and she becomes a woman

a mother


a young man releases

his selfish dreams, the walls fall 

he picks up his child

and becomes a man

a father


woman steps way from her youth

and embraces the softening 

of body, face

her heart

letting go 

her  center hold on her family's


to become the elder


a grandfather, a father, a husband

a man

walks forward to his last steps and teaches

about loss and death

and bravery

letting go one final time


a wife  lets go her husband 

her mantle

her man

her place in this world

he to go on without her

her without him

each step a new heartbreak

another journey


and the earth still turns

one more sunrise is received

and let go

one more dream and wish

one more cherished moment

one more day that is the same as all others

the compilation of a life


a family

lets go their collective past

the memories, tears, joys

the celebrations and the sorrows

embraces each other

only knowing the future will be filled

with  more release of all they love

leaning on each other

in the knowledge 

that the love

and the grace of

the letting go 

is all there is. 



(photo Rita, sunrise ) 






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Yes, there is a grace to letting go. I don't speak from experience, I'm painfully awkward at it - but I'm getting better, and I recognize grace when I'm near it. Your poem resonates, Rita, and reminds me of another I've been whispering to myself which might also speak to you: In Blackwater Woods by Mary Oliver.
Hi Phyllis, thank you, in many ways it mirrors your piece about finding a path, appreciate you reading.
Z, most welcome.
I may have, Spike, I guess in a resolute way, came to seeing it. TY
Ah JT so right, this wal around the circle. Sometimes the transitions shine brightly.. that could be a poem in itself, JT prophetically spoken by one who knows. TY
Glad to see you Christine, and glad you enjoyed.
Thanks for this dose, rita.
I feel like I just barely get it...but maybe that's enough.

That's a beautifully layered photo up top.
Hello Songbird, letting go is a spirit move isn't SB, how beautifully put.
Powerful yet yielding is also a fine compliment for me, because as you note the strong things are all flexible, bending to the changes. Thank you for your thoughtful comment.
C&V, that is one beautiful poem by Mary Oliver, thank you for that prescient reminder of it. I am not good at letting go, let alone graceful. I grasp and cry and moon. Hopefully at some point I will however have the grace I see in so many who have weathered it all. TY.

Grace is human or it is supernatural.
I think it is always coming our way, except we rarely accept it, for we have not LET GO of the attitudes or feelings or animosities or sorrows of what came earlier. (James Em)
So true James. I want to be more graceful because in many respects I do realize that letting go is all that you can do, and love each other, but to master it is another issue. Thanks my friend for coming by.
Hi anna1, and returned to you also. this journey has been a long strange one, glad you have been here by my side reading, all along.
Grace is the best we can do, it is as you say Candace. I long to get there one day, and have glimpses of the possibilities. Thank you for your insights and good to be here again.
Hello Bea, it's been awhile, I need to check out your place and see how you and your hubs and business are going. Thank you for the kind words and the read.
Hey Art! rita shibr IS in the feed today, how about it?
I like Erica's poem, it's so true to life isn't it? We always reach for what we don't have. Good to see you.
Kim, I believe you have written some very good things over the last three years that I distinctly remember being about letting go, but thank you for the kind words.
Shared here is of course your place and mine Our Salon, my 'badge'.
Morning catch! I did add some texture to that photo to bring out the way it truly looks, the green of the still green grass, the almost bare trees. This is sunrise at my place I may have used this photo before.
Anyway, I believe you are a bit younger than I, the letting go is just starting to sink in, the acceptance that I cannot change it or control it but only my response to it as they say. It tis indeed a journey. Thanks for your unwavering readership, it is most appreciated. And what I come back to OS for.
Marty's husband one word I would use to describe you that you probably would never use to describe yourself (may I be so bold as I read your every piece for the last few years) is graceful. You never patronize your wife or your readership writing about a very difficult situation, your words to me are meaningful indeed. Thanks so much.
"stepping into your lamplight at the end of the day" I always enjoy your word choices Em, they are always original and witty. Well friendship has it's very positive benefits. When I come back and read the responses here it feels like stepping into the sunshine and basking in it with fellow travelers on this life road. Thanks Em, so glad you came aboard and participated in the community here and on Our Salon.
Hello mime, I believe we both have up pieces on grace. I am heading over to see where you are and if you can help me! Take care, TY
LadyJed: I know your life has been rolling on and sometimes over you this you or it may feel that way. I guess the poem is another prayer to the universe that could serve as a plea for help also. So glad it meant something to you this morning. Hang in.
Hi Pilgrim!! I have missed you my Pa. friend. So happy to see you writing here again as I foray out once more. You know, I hesitated to write that word selfish about just the young man but I guess in my experiences the woman who accepts she is with child is ahead of the game in letting go her selfish dreams giving space to her child in her very being while the man must catch up, take a lot of breaths and accept. It's a marvel to watch in my grown children as they step forward into parenthood. It is exactly the hardest part, sacrifice and it is rarely mentioned in good light today is it? But it is there with all the joys too. Good points and thanks for your observant comment,
moments, doves let go,
disappear, captured anew
vast winds, morning light

evocative words, Rita
Hi Art, You are the core here to me of the people all through this thread that make being here worthwhile. I am so sorry about your daughter, when with child everything is new, everything as a new meaning perhaps you can help her by just being the pa you are, simple, true, quiet.
I had a boy grandchild this weekend, what thoughts we have as you mentioned, hoping this world doesn't poison his innocence, that nothing touches his tiny perfect feet. Thanks Art, you renew me.
Profound and beautiful.
it's as finnicky as ever Art... some things never change, took me so long to just moderate this post. I have mainly been posting at Our Salon for just that reason. Take care.
JP I have been having trouble connecting. Doves releasing. what an incredible visual. You are so right, lean back and watch as life flies upward. Thanks poet.
Sarah: /thank you, I know these Pa woods are your homeland too. Ty
aylssa: good to see you here, TY
James as ever, you and I we are Blond on Blond aren't we?
That's true James, when your parents die, your realize it all changes. The memories and their lives were fleeting. How short a life seems in that regard. Looking at our empty old home I see how many years slipped by, and how those memories will be gone with me too. Thanks James. Eleanor and George have your stories, they are funny and loving. I hope my kids remember me.
Hey Brass!! nice to see you SteveDos. No need to print out and clutter your little paradise. Thanks for the kind words, and for stopping in.
Seer: Happy Belated Birthday! Have not noted you around these parts much but I appreciate you stopping in and reading.
Thanks laff79, and even though the sun and moon hung on your smile, it's not all you son, it's your father and your grandfather, and my husband and my brothers ... and on and on... xo.
As always, I love your poetry.
You're just such an astute observer of the human condition and have a way of conveying the meaningful parts in so few, perfectly selected words.

(I hope you stay safe in the midst of this awful oncoming storm)
Hi Nick, we had a brief discussion on Our about that one.. thanks and great to see you!
DiBi: always appreciate your thoughtful words. This one is rather plaintive I believe, the simplest things in life are the hardest. So very good to have you come by.
Maureen: I read your post today and it is a bit of an alignment in the our worlds, but I guess that is what is the universal theme to it all, life, death, birth and letting go. Thanks so much.
Thanks Desnee, glad you came by..
Gabby Abby, So sorry for you loss. Letting go one last, our fear and still the big mystery of life.. thank you for your comments, appreciated.
Keeping them alive in our memories is not living in the past James, it's honoring the past.. peace little brother.