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Earning My Daily Bread, Literally
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MARCH 16, 2012 9:31PM

Really? Are We Doing This Again?

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I have been unbelievably pissed off for the better part of a month because of all the bullshit I keep hearing on the radio.  Said bullshit is focused on the Presidential election and specifically concerns that jumble of frightened and hateful men otherwise known as the candidates for the republican slot for President of the United States.  I can’t even capitalize “republican” because they are such a bunch of boneheads.  They keep trying to out-conservative each other; out family value each other and stomp on women’s rights all the live long day.  I remain livid much of the day.

This kind of thing is NOT why I wanted to blog.  I started my blog for the purpose of discussing ideas about small business in a small community. I wanted to share my baking experiencing and small town anecdotes with others who would be amused and inspired by it.  I did NOT want to turn my blog into a political rant but sometimes I can’t think of anything else. This is one of those times.

I am a feminist and my hackles get all riled up whenever anyone – especially another woman – misinterprets the rights of women, so thank sweetbabyjesus Bachman is out of it and that Palin never entered because I’m quite certain that I would be hospitalized at this point.  It’s bad enough that these men have the gall to openly discuss birth control and as though they had some tiny clue about what having a uterus and a brain might be about.   The more I hear or read about these on-going attacks the more embarrassed I am to be an American.  Simply because it is the republicans at present who are questioning women’s rights, doesn’t mean that the rest of the country is clean. The fact that it’s gotten this far is an indication of how fragile it all was to begin with. 

Come on girls, we’re more than half the population here. Are we going to sit back and take this?  I have been wondering for years what became of the women’s movement because I saw so little enthusiasm in the females of younger generations. I saw few zealots and a lot of harlots – not to say there is anything wrong with harlots.  Freedom means the right to self expression which is why I love the outrageous performers of today – Lady Gaga among them, but the freedom to express oneself does not replace the right to choose.  Nothing should exclude us from reproductive freedom no matter what some may say.  I’m not even going to get into the horror show that radio announcer made about a certain female witness in the halls of Congress.  That idiot should not only lose more sponsors but his erection as well – assuming he can still get one.   If insurance doesn’t pay something toward contraception it most certainly shouldn’t pay a dime for Viagra (something that radio guy no doubt needs) as it sometimes does. 

It’s all so disheartening.  I don’t like to get nasty and jump back on my feminism wagon after all these years, and I certainly don't want to break out my old "Keep Your Laws Off My Body" poster, but damn it; it’s time to ride again gals.  Don’t let the bastards (some of whom proclaim to be women) take away what was so hard won.  I may not need contraception these days, and therefore have no need of an abortion, but I by God want to know that right is there for every woman for all time.  

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"Keep your laws off my body"

I had forgotten about that one.

Asking why does no good. They will never tell the truth though the radio guy came close. They hate the fact that we have their babies and can tell them we don't want to have it. They can't be immortal without us, and they want to have the only say on who gives them progeny. God gave them that right, don'tcha know. Bosh.
When Jerry Falwell and his allies became the de facto steering committee for the 1980 Reagan election campaign, I never dreamed things would end up getting this insane, this far down the road.

Any man with more than half a brain knows that reproductive freedom is anything but a "women's issue". Those of us who see ourselves and our female partners as human beings and not breeding stock want all available options to be on the table for the both of us to consider. As far as I can see, most so-called "religious" arguments put forth by the Republiclowns for eliminating some or all of them are purely political in nature.

As for the talk-show garbage-mouth of whom you speak, what good is Viagra to a man with no dick?
I agree it's discouraging and scary, and I feel furious a lot of the time. With that said, I salute you on an excellent, timely rant.

The ONLY good thing about the present situation is that it's a kick in the complacency. When women hear disgusting, insulting rhetoric like this in public, it becomes a lot easier to convince them to vote and also to fight. It also blows the lazy excuse of "oh there's no difference between the parties" out of the water and a couple of miles up on shore.

The important thing to do now is harness this outrage constructively and show the GOP that viewing women's votes as dispensable is NOT a winning strategy. You can get eleted without the Crazy Vote; you can't get elected without the women. And the GOP appears willing to turn every thinking American woman against them this year.

We're pro-choice, we're furious and we VOTE. We've got a fight on our hands this year, so let's win it.
Thank you phyllis45's. Perfectly said. I have to admit though that I've no idea what "Bosh" means.

thefuddler -- apt closing line I must say. So glad we're all agreeing not to give dickless a name. ANd thank you for speaking for men.

Shiral -- I guess I WILL have to get my old poster out of storage! You too, eh?
Very nice rant. I get it.
I thought that the reason "feminism" wasn't discussed anymore was because women and men had evolved into discussing rights of people. I thought we were evolving and seeing that gay/lesbian issues, race issues, and women's issues are simply human issues. In the last few years it has become more and more obvious that I was completely and totally wrong. What I mistook for evolution of thought was simply a time out.