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… okay, that's an overstatement, but given the ever-increasing National Enquiresque nature of OS I figured without a provocative title no one would even read this post.  Still, I’ll be surprised if this post isn't mostly ignored given the politically incorrect opinions t/… Read full post »

OCTOBER 6, 2009 11:47AM

A Halloween Tale: When I was a kid...

Things sure are different these days.

These days, at the first sign of a bully parents jump in to protect their kids, and counselors are called in to heal the bully’s wounded inner child. But when I was a kid, every neighborhood had a bully and no one did much about… Read full post »

front of building 

Okay, so it doesn't look so spooky in this picture, but this is in fact a "supposedly" haunted, former insane asylum.

I work in the Seattle area, but my company's headquarters is in this building in Massachusetts - the partially renovated "Foxborough State Hospital".

It originally open… Read full post »

Well, it's the first day of fall and nothing says, "Summer's Over" like the kids marching out the door for the school bus each morning with their backpacks.

Of course, the kids weren’t in school a week before I came down with some sort of crud.  Eldest child has the snifflesRead full post »

First this:

 In order to increase graduation rates, the Seattle School District is considering LOWERING graduation requirements so that you can graduate from high school with a "D" average, instead of requiring a "C" as they currently do.

What's more laughable is that the woman heading the commi… Read full post »

Editor’s Pick
SEPTEMBER 9, 2009 11:23AM

Obama's speech destroyed my neighborhood!

Well, I thought the whole kerfuffle over Obama’s speaking to school kids was silly, but it appears that at least this time, those inbred, red-state, Obama-haters were right. 


And frankly, I'm a little pissed!  It's been less than a day and already Obama's speech has thrown myRead full post »

Wolf Spider
This is a Wolf Spider.



Wolf Spider close up
This is what it looks like if you're a bug and it's about to eat you.


Hobo Spider
  This is a Hobo Spider.  It looks a lot like a Wolf Spider - in fact, i've read that unless you're an expert with regard to/…

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Editor’s Pick
AUGUST 26, 2009 4:11PM

Wikipedia on Xenu: evil, galactic overlord of Scientology!

Xenu - evil, galactic overlord of Scientology

When Sci-Fi schlock L.Ron Hubbard first conceived of Xenu, he probably didn't imagine that his galactic bad guy would one day be the evil fall guy for a world religion! (Or at least not until later, because apparently at some point he DID purposely use his sci-fi as the/… Read full post »



All I wanted was the Disney Channel. 

We're not a big TV family.  We have basic cable for $12 a month and the only thing I ever watch is LOST - and even that taxes my attention span, which is about equal to that of a housefly.

But… Read full post »


You see, we’ve been thinking about this problem all wrong!  By focusing on the victims of discrimination, we've been overlooking those responsible!  So, I set about identifying who ISN’T being discriminated against in order to find the true source of our problem…

&… Read full post »




Went to Gothenburg (Goteborg), Sweden (2nd largest city in Sweden) last week for business, and having never been to Sweden figured I'd file my list of observations:


1) The most obvious thing I noticed was that life didn't revolve around eating.  There weren't many fa… Read full post »

JUNE 29, 2009 4:23PM

OS: We've GOT to do BETTER!



OH. MY. GOD.  It’s been only two days and I just made 13 CENTS!!!

That was my first thought on seeing that AdSense statement.  My 2nd was:

 Okay, who’s the joker who actually CLICKED on an ad?

But alas, my seRead full post »


When my wife called me and told me that Michael Jackson had died, my first question was "Is it too soon to make jokes about it?"  Yes, she informed me sternly.

And so, as a love offering to my wife, I have waited a day and instead of jokes will… Read full post »


I came to this city a year ago and it has not been easy on the streets.   Gino, he does not like me being here in front of his store.  He glares at me every day, and yells.  Until yesterday I could not admit to myself, that the people whoRead full post »



Bill Tucker watched stoically as the last members of his failed task force filed out, carrying cardboard boxes filled with their personal effects.   In his forty years with the FBI he’d had his wins and losses, but this one hurt bad.  Partly because it was his last/… Read full post »




 For Father's Day...random thoughts about dear ol' Dad...


The Great Dad

My best memories of childhood are of time spent on the golf course with my brother and my Dad.  He always let us know that he loved us, cheered us on in sports, put a… Read full post »

Sure, there are always those supportive people, but they're no fun to joke about - and if you’re like me, when you eat less you get a little grumpy and are more easily annoyed by comments from the peanut gallery. 


So, here’s my list of the 10 annoying types… Read full post »

APRIL 28, 2009 3:15PM

Darn kids!!! Oops, my bad.



My God, I'm turning into one of those middle-aged curmudgeons who yells at kids to get off his lawn.

Well, not quite, but here's a funny story.  The other day I was going through the self-checkout at the supermarket and there were several rowdy teenagers behind me. … Read full post »

APRIL 10, 2009 4:34PM

Why Atheism is not logical.


I read an anecdote once about Einstein and it went like this:

 While teaching a graduate class in physics he asked his class how many of them believed that there was no God.  Most of the class raised their hands.  Next, he asked the class to confer among themselves… Read full post »





You can’t see it, but in that clump of trees there’s a tiny park with the kind of playground equipment kids outgrow by the time they’re ten.

After a fairly cold winter here in the northwest the temperature soared to a scorching 60 this weekend and… Read full post »