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Langley, Washington,
September 24
Self adjusted ex-fundie living the freakin' dream. Politically independent, economically post-capitalist, spiritually non-theist, got my own hobbies on top of volunteer duties and trying to be free from all these labels. Being self applied, albeit accurate, makes it easier.


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JANUARY 28, 2009 8:40AM


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I just borrowed a line from John Laraquette, but it is still the peice of technology that has been most beneficial to me.

You see, besides loading my cd's on to it, and then taking it to work and dropping it into the base for a days worth of uninterrupted music, I discovered Teaching Company lectures at the Library. So I uploaded those, and voila!: higher education lectures at work. I call them my version of commercials, except they don't insult my inteeligence, they increase it.

The lectures are broken down nicely into segments not much loinger than most songs. So in a days time we might hear Beowulf, or the book by Bart Ehrmann, Misquoting Jesus; or a lecture on economics, or music fundamentals, philosophy, or a class on listening to great music by Robert Greenberg, all sprinkled into my rather eclectic music list.

 Some of the guys like it. They too are learning parts of history, and different theories, and new words that they can either use knowing what it means, or a better understanding of the current economic situation we are in.

To me, that made the cost of this little device well worth it.

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Neat. What do you work at? Presumably something physical that requires a minimum of mental attention. Sounds like a good thing for those of us who clean or otherwise work on our houses. I usually just turn the blues station on HIGH, but once upon a time I listened to the formerly interesting and informative public broadcasting system (here in Canada).