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Just because he might, someday, read this I thought I'd better include Cooper.  I mean, his big brother got a blog, why not him?  As the younger brother he often compares himself and many of his sentences begin "How come Preston...?"

How come, indeed?  I grew up in a house with eight sisters and my "how comes" were few and far between.   My sisters and I were in toatally different universes.   It did intrigue me, though when, years later and as an adult living in Manhattan I bumped into an older woman who had known our family.  I asked her about experiencing that slew of kids and she smiled at the memory.  She told me that she was impressed at how far my parents went to make no distinction between the only boy amongst all those girls. 

Cooper is very distinct from his brother.  Part of that is, I think, purposeful.  Part of him doesn't want to be Preston and then again, there's a part of him that adores and imitates.  Meanwhile, out on our home basketball court, Cooper makes the moves and sinks the shots and even Preston is frustrated with the ease of it all.  "I had to work my butt of," he tells Cooper, "and you got it from just watching me." 

Isn't that how it goes?  After one of Preston's tirades the other night I went in to say good night to Cooper and he asked me what the latest argument had been about.  I boiled it down for him - granted I was giving him my side of things - and he thought about it for a moment and then said "That's dumb."  And so the younger brother observes and comments.

Question authority.  I love the phrase but loathe it when my sons question me.  Still, I'm glad they do; I'm glad they're both independent thinkers.  Like his older brother, Cooper has a wonderful sense of humor.  He loves doing "voices" and screwing his face up to make us all laugh.  Perceptive beyond his years (almost 12) he sometimes senses a quietness in me and says, "Poppa, remember this?" and then pulls out one of his "characters."  He can always make me laugh.

In the son department, my wife and I are definitely two for two.

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