Dr. Keynes Was Right

It's the Distribution, Stupid
JUNE 15, 2011 10:41AM

Poverty Hill

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There is an old comic, whose name I can't recall, who used the line:  "we grew up poor but unhappy".  What have I been telling you?  

Now, sort of mainstream press have figured it out.  The link credits a Right Wingnut with presenting the data.  I expect that academic economists have done so long ago.  I certainly did.

Read it and vote.  And follow the many links.

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rome 'fell' because the goths were willing to fight, romans were not.

americans could turn the ship around, i suggested a simple way in my post 'revolution, and democracy.' but there is no fight in them. national clinical depression paralyzes the 'progressive' americans, who are not really progressive because they are unwilling to act. you can't progress if you are unwilling to move.
-- you can't progress if you are unwilling to move.

Ouch! But true.