Dr. Keynes Was Right

It's the Distribution, Stupid
JANUARY 6, 2012 9:49AM

Three Card Monte

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Not being a rapid Republican, I viewed the Iowa dance with detached amusement.  The farther out on the starboard wing they go, the better off the nation is.  At some point, even the averagely informed and intelligent will realize they're being taken for a ride.  Granted, we haven't yet found that distance.

Early Wednesday afternoon, I was checking R-Bloggers, and saw this graphing post of the results.  No discussion evolved.  As a virtually instant analysis, it was to the point.

Then, Thursday the conspiracy theorists had a field day.  Not that the post came out and said so, of course.  However, the flood of discussion sure did.

There are a number of aspects to the Iowa results.  Most of them in the realm of political economics, oddly enough.  As some of the comments noted, caucuses are *not voting* exercises.  As a bit of video (I think I saw on "The Daily Show") showed, it's scraps of paper in left over Christmas boxes; and who knows what else.  These are purely party run and controlled pageants.  Whether there are monitors to the counting, and a chain of control to the counts, and all the other electoral niceties, I sure don't know.  Doesn't appear that way, at least.

Then, today this bit of news.  But, if the GOP Brain Trust (could fit in a Match Box Yugo box, of course) wanted the anti-Romney, why Santorum?  He couldn't get re-elected in Pennsylvania, for crying out loud.  PA ain't MA, but it sure ain't MS, either.  May be they should just rename it the White Folks Only Tea Party and be done with it.  OK, I know; honesty has never been their best policy.

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