Robert Becker

Robert Becker
California, United States
January 01
Educated at Rutgers College (BA) and UC Berkeley (Ph.D, English) I left university teaching (Northwestern, U. Chicago) for business, founding and heading SOTA Industries, high end audio company from '80 to '92; from '92-02 I did marketing consulting & writing; from '02 until now, I scribble on politics and culture, looking for the wit in the shadows.

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By Robert S. Becker


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Stuck dancing with the sclerotic herd that brung you


Beyond rightwing foment and sel… Read full post »

NOVEMBER 15, 2012 1:30PM

5 Contradictions Sinking the Right



Robert S. Becker

Enough uplifting, all-purpose notions why Obama and Democrats prevailed, some pertinent (like demographics), many laughable: it was Sandy the storm, tons of “stuff” Obama promised, or Democratic voter repression (right!). “No, no,” shoutRead full post »


By Robert S. Becker


This election is already historic for, win or lose, Mitt Romney has shaken up the game by expanding the talent pool. With a surge that notched his credibility, Mitt gained no small victory against a skillful professional second in brand promotionRead full post »


 hard work


By Robert S. Becker



When Work is Not Salvation

What if the most enduring October scoop got waylaid, buried by campaign Rom-foolery and Obametrics,
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By Robert S. Becker


Delusional Romney belief systems -- whether more trickle-down folly, indefensible tax cuts, or "God's on our side" exceptionalism -- serve as cover for an ever nastier, reactionary vulture culture. Under-regulated vulture capitalism preys on governme… Read full post »


By Robert S. Becker 

Fans of gallows humor must delight in the mounting farce that is Mitt Romney’s campaign. Could his cavalcade of confusion blunder on, even get worse? Common mannersRead full post »

SEPTEMBER 2, 2012 8:40PM

Defyin' the Ever-lovin' Lyin' Blitz

liar, fake, GOP


By Robert S. Becker 


Fancy Liar's Poker? Why not Liar's Politics? This week, faint-hearted journalists crept from quasi-permanent stupor to broadcast Paul Ryan's astonishing duplicity. That spectacle raises this shocking question: is Romney's fact-free mission to lie himRead full post »

By Robert S. Becker


Akin sounds off 


Will the unintended Republican comic opera play on? Enough surging tomfoolery, plus an anemic ticket, and President Obama may survive. Ah, the clandestine metric Romney dreams will carry him into the White House: entertainment verging on farce. Forget… Read full post »

AUGUST 23, 2012 1:04PM

Ode to Trees, Fleas, and Phony Pleas

By Robert S. Becker




I think that we shall never see
A Willard Romney wannabe:
Would slavish dupes ape sham devices –
A void of ideas, beset with vices?

He lies and dodges, struts and preens,
Icy, disingenuous

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By Robert S. Becker 


Ryan not going rogue

  Ryan: S.O.P. for "moderate" GOP wannabes 

Whether you responded with shock, surprise or delight to his V.P. pick, Mitt Romney delivered no bombshell with Paul Ryan. Au contraire. The briefest survey confirms "going hard right V.P." typifies the mo… Read full post »


By Robert S. Becker

  tax dodging

Disclosure: nothing here, defending the grievously-assaulted GOP entrant, reflects my father's 40 year CPA career. I did, however, inherit his prudent tax credo: declare all income (certainly with paper trails), deduct all that's defensible by log… Read full post »

By Robert S. Becker                

He who lives by the sweeping generalization, as does Chris Hedges, is vulnerable to analytic close reading (pinpointing ill-defined terms), let alone far more basic queries: is this true, does this apply, is the context… Read full post »


Robert S. Becker


What, I'm the mistake? 

         "Right, I'm the big GOP mistake?" 


Mercifully brief, this week’s rousing Cheney-Palin-McCain food fight delivers more brash hijinks to liberals and Democrats than NBC’s controversial, jingoist Olym… Read full post »

By Robert S. Becker


Romney the Imposter 

Mitt the Great Imposter

Great news this week for majority rule: CNN polling reported 63% think Bain Capital exploits make Mitt Romney more likely to "make good decisions handling" the economy over the next four years. What else matters to hardscrabble anguisRead full post »


By Robert S. Becker


Not yet president 

If one can magically "resign" from any morass after the fact (truly, long after), Mitt Romney shouldn’t only run for president but extraterrestrial, time-shifting Miracle Man. This notorious policy shape-shifter graduates now to time-shifter, as… Read full post »

By Robert S. Becker


Mitt the Perfect Foil for Obama 

On paper, Obama fans should be ecstatic, taking on a tin-ear, gaffe-prone, flip-flopping, bromide-driven, predatory casino capitalist who fudges, lies, and distorts the destructive downsides to his great business prowess. Here's a brash politician who shrinks… Read full post »

Robert S. Becker

 doom gloom 


Is the sky falling on this Beacon on the Hill, ending a century of Yankee dominance, crushing the greatest, most brashly exceptional nation known to mankind? Is this worldwide wonder of freedom and democracy, the intersection of divine history and human d… Read full post »

Robert S. Becker

 doom gloom 


Is the sky falling on this Beacon on the Hill, ending a century of Yankee dominance, crushing the greatest, most brashly exceptional nation known to mankind? Is this worldwide wonder of freedom and democracy, the intersection of divine history and human d… Read full post »

By Robert S. Becker 

 Food as weapon

As epic battles brew between sustainable, organic and non-renewable industrial farming, the politics of food surround our every bite. That’s a good thing, driving better assessments of actual food costs while factoring in enormous, perpetual farm subs… Read full post »


Robert S. Becker


Talk about starting your military career at the top, with guns blazing. On point, Obama's leaked, instantly notorious drone war represents the next costly surge against stealthy insurgents, perhaps a few genuine terrorists. But thanks to his high moral intentions,… Read full post »


 Dirty Money vs. Clean Money

Progressive Pushes "Perform or Payback" Plan

Declaration by Oswald M. Griswold III, progressive/entrepreneur/activist

By Robert S. Becker 


Since our political hubs begin to loom as business subsidiaries for the biggest banks, energy-industrial cartels, and unhinge… Read full post »

By Robert S. Becker

If this be winning . . . don't want losing. 

    If this be winning, what does losing look like? 

How comforting to discover, long before $2 billion evaporates in our quadrennial mayhem of misdirection, the finale! Survey says: Obama gets an encore, unless the wary one flubs big-time or aRead full post »


Robert S. Becker


Romney's Boosterism 


Enough with that down-home, baseball glove moniker for Willard. Let’s identify Mitt the unfit with his most compelling doppelganger, that paragon of phoniness so fully satirized by Sinclair Lewis he's America's icon for narrow-mindedness: Babb… Read full post »

 Vampire or robot? 

Two verse satires, a call by me and a response by Paul Kibble were spawned after these words in last week’s column: “All in all, Romney works as political vampire, the bloodless fiend who gets vitality by predating the life force from less affluent victims. Just as vulRead full post »