Robin Korth

Robin Korth
Miami, Florida, USA
January 15
I am a renegade and an outlaw. I am a dancing soul with a huge heart and a history strewn with errors and missed steps. I am a lady that did life “wrong” for more years than I care to admit. I tried to do a version of life that my culture and my family thought was valid. I failed miserably with much pain and sorrow to show for it. At the age of fifty-one I walked away from that life and ventured into one with my spirit soaring and my soul pounding the pavement of living. Here is what I discovered: We are meant to live full-on, gut-wide and happy. We are meant to know our power and beauty as human beings and to rejoice in this gift of our days on this planet. And this is what I share with others. I do it with laughter and honesty and with the insight born from my own life and learning. I do it with great love and with great passion. For this is my life and I intend to share it and dare it all the way—until I am done. “Let's be honest, open and brave!”—Robin Korth


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JANUARY 16, 2013 9:49AM

What do I see?

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I see beauty and power. I see courage and curiosity. I see willingness and laughter. I see questioning and a drive to truth. I see humility and an open mind. 


I see a heart that aches for meaning and a ground upon which to stand. I see a mind of sparking imagination and sharp-edged discernment. I see a spirit with knees bent ready to lift. I see a soul shuddering awake and pushing itself off the known path into the journey of limitless growth and joy.

What do I see?

I see a brave person, a single spirit, in courageous action as they say,  "I am ready to go. It is time."

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