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May 03
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JULY 11, 2011 2:19PM

Why Are We In Iraq, Again?

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don't you love it when senior officers of the usa utter complete lies?

mind you, they wanted to invade iraq, and 9/11 gave them the figleaf, with a bit, well, a lot, of creative lying in support. so in that sense, the first cat is right. english is tricky, and politicians are trickier.

don't let it depress you, judgement is coming with the rising thermometer.
Fist at all I did get what you what to say about iraq, again. Will you please post in details about it.
arizona tech awards
Thanks for the comment. My reply got a little long so I posted it here:

Just wanted to add, I'm not interested in starting yet another Iraq War debate, I just thought I'd share a few thoughts on the subject, for what it's worth. Obviously there is no easy solution to that puzzle.

Thanks again for checking out my comic.
I see the link didn't go through. The reply is called:

"Why are we in Iraq? Part 2," and it's here at Open Salon.

It's at the top of my blog page.
Eight years in Iraq. And it's still going to be a mess when we leave. What a waste.
more in my blog on the USWarmachine[tm]
There can be a good outcome or a bad outcome in Iraq, it isn't over yet, although more and more it depends on the Sunni and Shia there deciding what they are really about. We gave them a chance, with 4,000 dead, for something better, if we probably wouldn't do it again. I still hope it works out, for their sake, and for 4,000 Americans that died there.
I recall a number of reasons: He had WMDs ( laugh ); He's a ruthless dictator, as if the Americans loved the Iraqis and wanted to protect them ( more laughter ); he used chemicals on the Kurds, as if it matters to the average American ( much more laughter ); he was sending $ 25K to suicide bombers families in the Gaza open air prison ( stop laughing ). I think that last one was it; making the world a safer place for Israel.
Hundreds of thousands dead.
Question: Do the Iraqis now love Israel?

Next war, whenever the debt ceiling's raised?

Iran. Reason: Making the world a safer place for Israel. Gotta get rid of that Hitler.
Of course the headlines in Murdoch's paper SUN in England were: BRITS 45 minutes away from doom!

I can't imagine how these lying scoundrels continue to strut the world stage.