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Robert Steibel
Baltimore, Maryland, USA
May 03
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I write and draw the daily cartoon Apple Creek Comics. You can see my other new comics projects at I also write the daily Kirby Dynamics weblog for the Jack Kirby Museum and Research Center.


MAY 21, 2012 12:30PM

Romney Rocks!

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Hi everybody! I hope all of you are well. Thanks to everyone out there who checked out the comics I posted here last year. 

I haven’t been posting material here recently because at the end of last year I decided to focus on an all-ages cartoon which you can see every day, here: Apple Creek Comics

Here's a recent episode of The Apple Creek Kids where Scrap the kitten discovers the Center of the Universe:


I'm starting to get way ahead on that series, so I've been fooling around with a new comics feature focusing on current events and politics that I'm calling Shakedown Street. I might start doing this every day or maybe I'll do 3 or 4 a week. Who knows... right now it's really just a fun experiment so I’ll see where it takes me. The comic at the top of the post is the first one in the series.

Thanks again to all of you out there for the great feedback on my comics last year. Please feel free to share any questions, comments, or criticisms of my work here; or you can email me at .

And I guess everybody hold onto your hats for the upcoming election. I guarantee it's gonna be a disaster… except for political cartoonists. :-D

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Next month I'll be 71 and I've never known an election that wasn't a disaster......