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by Johnny Robish

Johnny Robish

Johnny Robish
Malibu, California, USA
October 01
Rubbish In, Robish Out!
Johnny Robish is an actor, stand-up comic and joke/humor writer who lives in Malibu, California. Most recently, Johnny had a weekly humor column entitled “Kauai Komedy” in The Garden Island, Kauai’s main newspaper before moving back to Malibu. A committed writer, Johnny has often stated that “the only time I’m really happy is when I’m sitting in front of a typewriter. Unfortunately, there are no typewriters anymore, so I’m just miserable all the time.” A favorite at comedy clubs all over the western United States, Johnny’s humor has also been published in such diverse venues as the LA Times “Laugh Lines”, medical journals, trade publications, dozens of company newsletters, humor magazines and numerous internet sites such as The Malibu Patch, Curve Wire,, AARP, DailyComedy.Com, FunnyFirm.Com, How Sick Is That? and Peter Bergman’s Radio Free OZ which also features TV’s John Goodman, Edie McClurg and Paul Krassner. Johnny has also written for road comics including Taylor Negron, Mel Kohl, Marti Schauer and Jere Evans.

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OCTOBER 20, 2014 11:29PM

Working Overtime Linked to Depression

Working Overtime Linked to Depression:  A new study found that people who work a lot of overtime have a more-than-doubled risk of a major depressive episode, compared with those who work the standard eight-hour day.  Researches say the workers don’t immediately become depressed, it ju/… Read full post »

Frozen Poop Pills Fight Life-Threatening Infections:  Fecal transplants to restore good gut bacteria can be life-saving for people with stubborn bacterial infections that do not respond to antibiotics, but the procedure is awkward, requiring a donation of fresh feces - usually from a relative -/… Read full post »

Carnival Cruise Ship Returning to Texas after Ebola Concern:  A company spokeswoman says a Carnival Magic cruise ship was en route back to the United States on Saturday with a passenger from Texas who might have handled specimens of the first Ebola patient diagnosed in the United States but is c/… Read full post »

Most of California Man's Body Eaten by Black Bear:  Authorities believe a 65-year-old Northern California man who was found over half-eaten by a black bear outside of his trailer in a remote area, had most likely died earlier of a heart attack before being eaten.  So much for the advice the/… Read full post »

Preliminary Tests Say Yale Student Doesn’t Have Ebola:  Preliminary tests show that a Yale University graduate student evaluated at a Connecticut hospital for Ebola-like symptoms does not have the disease.  Clinicians did find that the patient was suffering from an overinflated ego as/Read full post »

SC Governor Defends Confederate Flag at Statehouse:  South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley (R) says there was no need to remove the Confederate battle flag from the Statehouse grounds because she can’t think of a single CEO who has ever complained about it.  On the other hand, I can&rsq/Read full post »

Noah’s Ark Theme Park Warned Over Hiring Practices:  The developer of a Noah’s Ark-based theme park in Kentucky said he would fight for his religious rights after state officials warned he could lose millions in potential tax credits if he continues to hire only people who believe in/Read full post »

1000-Year Old Viking Treasure Hoard Found in Scotland: A hoard of Viking gold and silver artifacts dating back over 1,000 years has been discovered by a treasure hunter with a metal detector in Scotland, in a find hailed by experts as one of the country's most significant. Of course because these/Read full post »

Bakersfield Reporting Armed Clowns are Scaring Citizens:  Police say reports are coming in of sightings of creepy-looking clowns, carrying knives and other weapons, frightening people in the central California city of Bakersfield.  One of the perpetrators, who actually turned out to be a mi/Read full post »

OCTOBER 12, 2014 12:00AM

Nazi Driver Education Film Discovered

Nazi Driver Education Film Discovered:  Archivists at the Library of Congress recently discovered a "Nazi Driver Education Film,” made just before WW II and showing the rather bizarre and frightening German driving culture of the time.  Now some may say its just not Reich to make joke/Read full post »

Seller Willing to Swap Detroit House for iPhone 6:  The owner of a dilapidated house in one of Detroit’s hardest hit neighborhoods is actually offering to trade his house for an Apple iPhone 6.  Gee, I have the iPhone 6 Plus - wonder if he’d be willing to throw in his/Read full post »

Funeral Homes Explore New Economic Opportunities:  USA Today reports that in this uncertain economy, funeral homes are finding new income possibilities by hosting other events, such as weddings and parties.  One thing’s for sure, if you’re going to a party at a funeral home, it/Read full post »

Man Killed After Being Stung By 800,000 Bees:  An Arizona man died and another was injured when a swarm of 800,000 angry bees escaped an attic and began attacking them.  I find this story simply appollen.  On the other hand, what else would it bee?



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New York Appeals Court To Weigh Legal Rights Of Chimps:  A New York appeals court will soon consider whether chimpanzees are entitled to "legal personhood" in what experts say is the first case of its kind, extending rights historically reserved for humans to other intelligent animals.  Cri/Read full post »

OCTOBER 7, 2014 12:57AM

Michael Phelps Suspended After DUI

Michael Phelps Suspended After DUI:  USA Swimming has suspended Michael Phelps for six months after his DUI arrest in Baltimore last week.  Perhaps they should ask Lindsay Lohan if she can swim.  I understand she’s sober for a few weeks now.

Michael Phelps 


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Paul Revere of Raiders Rock Band Dies at 76:  Paul Revere, the organist and leader of the 60’s rock band Paul Revere and the Raiders, has died at age 76.  In response, Sarah Palin issued a statement in remembrance of the patriot who warned America that “the British are coming.&r/Read full post »

Study Finds Concern About Ebola Rising in the US:  Despite claims by the CDC to the contrary, a new study found that Americans are becoming increasingly concerned about the possibility of Ebola taking hold here in the US.  Analysts predict Apple will try and capitalize on this and come out/Read full post »

Climate Change Could Alter Human Male-Female Ratio:  A new study out of Japan suggests that climate change could affect the ratio of human males to human females, with more female than male babies being born.  The good news is - in another 25 years - I'll be considered a real catch.Read full post »

Fist Fight Breaks Out at Chicago Symphony:  A fist fight broke out in the box seats at the Chicago Symphony when two concert goers began brawling right as the second movement of Brahms Symphony No. 2 ended.  This caused some elderly patrons, seated near where the fighting took place, to for/Read full post »

Sheriff’s Deputies in Malibu to Have Helmet Cameras:  Sheriff’s deputies in Malibu will soon have new helmet cameras that will record every traffic stop the deputy makes throughout the day.  Sounds perfect for Malibu.  And when you get stopped, you hand the officer your hea/Read full post »

First Dutch Restaurant for Dogs and Cats Opens in Amsterdam:  In preparation for Animals day, the Royal Canin Experience Center has opened a pop-up eatery in Amsterdam for dogs and cats.  Guess this gives new meaning to “going Dutch treat.”  One thing’s for sure, I do/Read full post »

SEPTEMBER 30, 2014 12:52AM

Facebook’s Oldest User Turns 101

Facebook’s Oldest User Turns 101:  The world's oldest registered Facebook recently got invited to tour Facebook Headquarters for her 101st birthday.  Wow!  That’s almost old enough remember back when MySpace was still a popular site.



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New Survey Examines America’s Drinking Habits:  A new survey on American drinking habits found that while 30% of us don’t drink, the top 10% of US drinkers consume an average of 74 drinks per week, which is over 10 drinks per day.  Researchers say in order to analyze the data co/Read full post »

Truck Driver Abandons $80,000 Worth of Chicken:  Authorities in Idaho have arrested the driver who abandoned a trailer containing 37,000 pounds of chicken left to rot at a western Montana truck stop.  Witnesses say he parked the truck and got the cluck out of there and now the company is cr/Read full post »

Airline Sued Over Death Linked to Inflight Meal:  The wife and daughter of a man who died after eating an inflight meal on a transatlantic American Airlines flight have filed a wrongful death suit.  Now I’m not so sure airline food can actually kill you, but I do know it can/Read full post »