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Johnny Robish

Johnny Robish
Malibu, California, USA
October 01
Rubbish In, Robish Out!
Johnny Robish is an actor, stand-up comic and joke/humor writer who lives in Woodland Hills, California. Most recently, Johnny had a weekly humor column entitled “Kauai Komedy” in The Garden Island, Kauai’s main newspaper before moving back to Malibu. A committed writer, Johnny has often stated that “the only time I’m really happy is when I’m sitting in front of a typewriter. Unfortunately, there are no typewriters anymore, so I’m just miserable all the time.” A favorite at comedy clubs all over the western United States, Johnny’s humor has also been published in such diverse venues as the LA Times “Laugh Lines”, medical journals, trade publications, dozens of company newsletters, humor magazines and numerous internet sites such as The Malibu Patch, Curve Wire,, AARP, DailyComedy.Com, FunnyFirm.Com, How Sick Is That? and Peter Bergman’s Radio Free OZ which also features TV’s John Goodman, Edie McClurg and Paul Krassner. Johnny has also written for road comics including Taylor Negron, Mel Kohl, Marti Schauer and Jere Evans.

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JULY 6, 2012 11:38PM

NOAA Site Claims Mermaids Don’t Exist

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NOAA Site Claims Mermaids Don’t Exist:  The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) recent posting proclaiming that mermaids don't really exist may seem an odd fit for a government agency that focuses on real ocean phenomena, but the agency says its just one way to educate people, and perhaps bust some mermaid myths.  Sadly, the agency lost quite a bit of credibility after further claiming that the mermaids were all eaten by the Loch Ness Monster.     


White Christians Only Conference:  Controversial pastor Rev. Mel Lewis is holding a conference for "white Christians" only in Lamar County, Ala., upsetting residents of the nearby town of Winfield in the western part of the state.  Guess that pretty much demonstrates that “white don’t make right.”


Presbyterian Church Rejects Gay Marriage:  The U.S. Presbyterian Church has narrowly rejected a proposal by same-sex marriage proponents for a constitutional change that would redefine marriage as a union between "two people," rather than between a woman and a man.  At this point, one would think the Presbyterians would feel somewhat relieved every time one of their congregation chooses to marry within the same species.


Taylor Swift Spends July 4th With Kennedy Clan:   TMZ is reporting that Taylor Swift spent July 4 with Patrick Schwarzenegger (Arnold’s son) and the Kennedy family at Hyannis Port in Cape Cod.  Taylor said that the only advice she received from family and friends was to avoid taking any drives over narrow wooden bridges. 


Black Widows Being Edged Out:  A new study suggests that brown widow spiders appear to be taking over habitats once dominated by the feared black widow spider.  Further adding to the controversy, some wildlife biologists now believe that the brown widows may not be widows at all, but simply divorced.   

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