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Johnny Robish

Johnny Robish
Malibu, California, USA
October 01
Rubbish In, Robish Out!
Johnny Robish is an actor, stand-up comic and joke/humor writer who lives in Woodland Hills, California. Most recently, Johnny had a weekly humor column entitled “Kauai Komedy” in The Garden Island, Kauai’s main newspaper before moving back to Malibu. A committed writer, Johnny has often stated that “the only time I’m really happy is when I’m sitting in front of a typewriter. Unfortunately, there are no typewriters anymore, so I’m just miserable all the time.” A favorite at comedy clubs all over the western United States, Johnny’s humor has also been published in such diverse venues as the LA Times “Laugh Lines”, medical journals, trade publications, dozens of company newsletters, humor magazines and numerous internet sites such as The Malibu Patch, Curve Wire,, AARP, DailyComedy.Com, FunnyFirm.Com, How Sick Is That? and Peter Bergman’s Radio Free OZ which also features TV’s John Goodman, Edie McClurg and Paul Krassner. Johnny has also written for road comics including Taylor Negron, Mel Kohl, Marti Schauer and Jere Evans.

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FEBRUARY 10, 2013 1:17AM

Home Depot to Hire 80,000 New Employees

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Home Depot to Hire 80,000 New Employees:  Home Depot has just announced plans to hire 80,000 new employees.  They almost have to, because like the rest of us, its next to impossible to find where any of their current employees are hiding.


Study Claims Many Feel Worse After Visiting Facebook:  A new study says that one in three people feel worse after visiting a “friend’s” Facebook profile.  I don’t feel worse, I just feel a little more stupid. 


What Men Find Most Important About Women:  In a surprising twist to a three year study, Match.Com found that the most important thing that men judge women by is their teeth.  I don’t know about that - I can think of a few guys who actually prefer women without any teeth.  Just say’n.  But I guess if there’s anything women can take away from this study, it would probably be that you don’t really need Match.Com, you need 1-800-Dentist.


Rat-Like Ancestor Link to Man and Beast:  A new science finding says that a lowly rat-like occupant of the fossil record, Protungulatum donnae, had anatomical characteristics for live births that anticipated all placental mammals.  And to think that millions of generations later, we now have Donald Trump. 

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I was unaware of the "teeth" attraction. I'll have to speak to my husband and see if he prefers me to gum it. *HUGE SHINGY WHITE GRIN* Nice pull in with the title. Made my morning to see the ditties that followed. ~r
"Shingy" !!!!!!!!! interesting *Shiny works..premature "g" textulation sorry.
Those advertisers actually pay you?

Good looking web page..

*wanders off to the depot to put in an app*
I never looked at the links. Paid? !!!!!!!!! *oh for M*&%@^%@*^%@*(^@% f (&)(%&)@&@% God.