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Johnny Robish

Johnny Robish
Malibu, California, USA
October 01
Rubbish In, Robish Out!
Johnny Robish is an actor, stand-up comic and joke/humor writer who lives in Woodland Hills, California. Most recently, Johnny had a weekly humor column entitled “Kauai Komedy” in The Garden Island, Kauai’s main newspaper before moving back to Malibu. A committed writer, Johnny has often stated that “the only time I’m really happy is when I’m sitting in front of a typewriter. Unfortunately, there are no typewriters anymore, so I’m just miserable all the time.” A favorite at comedy clubs all over the western United States, Johnny’s humor has also been published in such diverse venues as the LA Times “Laugh Lines”, medical journals, trade publications, dozens of company newsletters, humor magazines and numerous internet sites such as The Malibu Patch, Curve Wire,, AARP, DailyComedy.Com, FunnyFirm.Com, How Sick Is That? and Peter Bergman’s Radio Free OZ which also features TV’s John Goodman, Edie McClurg and Paul Krassner. Johnny has also written for road comics including Taylor Negron, Mel Kohl, Marti Schauer and Jere Evans.

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NOVEMBER 24, 2013 11:24PM

Country Singer Dies in Nashville Bar Shooting

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Country Singer Dies in Nashville Bar Shooting:  A downtown Nashville bar owner told police he fatally shot country music singer Wayne Mills in self-defense after the two got into an argument over the musician smoking a cigarette in a no-smoking area.  Guess my doctor was right after all all along, smoking can kill you.  But all kidding aside, I think its important for bar owners to have a gun handy, just in case someone tries to light up.  And I assume he used what those crime novels always refer to as the “smoking gun.”

Wayne Mills 


Neuroscientist Discovers He Has Brain of a Psychopath:  After getting a brain scan, a prominent UC Irvine neuroscientist discovered that he not only has the brain of a psychopath, but he is also related to seven alleged murderers — including Lizzie Borden.  All I can say is, this guy must have one hell of a Ancestry.Com page.

James Fallon 


Elderly Vandal Spray Painting “No Kids” in Seniors-Only Community:  Police suspect another elderly person is behind the spray painting of the hood of a 63-year-old Florida man’s car in a “seniors-only” gated community with the message “NO KIDS” after the man babysitted his 4-year-old granddaughter a couple of times.  Every time I hear about crimes like this being committed, I can’t help but think “just where are the hell are parents?”

Senior Tagger 

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