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Rod Emmons
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June 01
MY OPEN SALON BIO (‘Cause someone said I needed one) BLOG: Oh how I hate that word. The idea is great, but the word, itself, sounds so ... so icky. It's a name for something caught in your throat or something stuck to the bottom of your shoes ... something someone did that smells ... not a name for a journal or diary or random editorializing. Whose word is that, anyway? Smells awfully yuppie to me. Yet here I am, stuck in computor-ese, once more dancing to someone else’s drum … Blogging. Oh well, maybe I can get past that. 'Cause while I’m here, I’d occasionally like to do a little soul searching, sometimes think out loud, let others hear, and see what kind of s--t that stirs up. My life’s path has wandered into sales, management, banking, appraising, real estate, construction, design … yes, even politics … and a host of other activities that together, I think have opened my eyes, and hopefully, my mind. So you’ll get a dose of me from several perspectives, some a little tame, others fairly jaded, all a little philosophical. I can’t help it; it’s an itch that needs to be scratched, and now the pus is about to spill onto this site. Anyway, I tend to be irreverent, sarcastic and glib, and there's a good chance I’ll say something that will piss you off. In that event, just click the red "X" in the upper right corner, I’ll disappear and you'll be safe after that. But if you’re willing to take a risk, and aren’t afraid of skinning your knees, come on in. You might have some fun and there’s a first-aid kit close by. Just remember: proceed with caution, avoid the puddles, and always … ALWAYS! … wear rubbers (on your shoes).


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FEBRUARY 14, 2011 9:56AM

The Rumor in the Night ... The Journey Continues

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Part II

This piece … and its companion pieces … will be about learning to deal with my blindness, a journal of sorts … my random thoughts … written as  time permits, to chronicle the events, the emotions, the victories and the defeats, that lay ahead as my eyes … and life … learn to focus in a different way.  I am doing it for me … so that as time goes by I can review and reflect.  I want to be able to compare the anticipation of today with the reality of tomorrow.   But it is also published here for those who wish to share the journey.  I hope you enjoy the ride.  I intend to. 


February 4, 2011 

I had lunch today with my buddy, Sol.   We went to the Farmer’s Market, a landmark restaurant in Fort Myers.   Adjacent to the actual farmers’ market which sits at our first Industrial Park, it has been serving traditional southern food … or as most of us refer to it, Soul Food … for over 60 years.   Although I was born in Washington D.C. grew up in Sarasota, a beach and tourist town, and abhor the bigotry that was once associated with the south, I proudly consider myself a Southerner.   I love its pace, its beauty, its charm, and most of all, its food.   

Much of that food was born and developed in the slave quarters … things like spare ribs and chicken livers; grits and collards.  And beginning with my earliest years as a child in Virginia, right on through the time I lived in Montgomery, Alabama, and on into today where I live in Fort Myers, FL … once more known for its ranches and its flower farms (Gladiola Capital of the World), I have loved the tastes and fragrances of soulfully cooked food. Today was no exception. 

February 5, 2011 

My son took me grocery shopping today.  Since losing my sight, this was his third venture taking me.  I reminded him of his childhood when his mother and I would take him to the store and I’d push him around in a cart.  I sneered when I said it; suggested we were fast approaching a time when he would be doing that for me.  He failed to see the humor. 

Later, I had lunch with my friends, Sol and Tom.  Yep, same Sol as the day before, and it is he and Tom that I work with; associates, long time friends, former gold partners.  Today was Tom’s B-day, and the only way I can help him celebrate … Sol picking me up after their round of golf.  We went to Outback, sat at the bar, ate and drank, joked and laughed.  Then it came time to pay the bill.  Since I paid yesterday, I figured Sol would at least pay his share today … on a total bill of $82.00.  He didn’t offer; I didn’t speak; I simply paid … $102.00 with tip.  Bu ton the way home, I did speak.  I said, “You know, Sol, there’s no such thing as a free lunch.”   He replied, “Yep; and there’s no such thing as free gas either.” 

Nuff said. 

About that. 

February 9, 2011 

My voice recognition software arrived yesterday.  We installed it today.  Once the disk was run, I then had to create a personal profile, not the “I’m 6’1” 200 lbs, blue eyed type,” but one that allowed my PC to recognize my voice and voice patterns.  There are several steps, but the one that really beat me down was when I had to read a document … on screen or printed … for four minutes.  Until you so it, you have no idea how long four minutes really is … particularly when the document you are reading is in a grey tone, is approximately 10 to 12 point … and you are practically blind!  By the time I was done … and I mean done … my eyes were watering, my hands sweating and my voice hoarse.   And as I write this, I have yet to try it.   Quite honestly I am afraid.   I don’t want the damn thing to tell me, I f**ked up! 



February 11, 2011 

My realtor called; said one of the units I am buying … the one for my son … under-appraised by $5,000.  Prior to calling me, she called the seller’s broker.  End result, he offered to carry a short-tern second for the five grand or reduce the price by two.   I counter, make it three and we still have a deal … which he did … which will make this week-end pleasant, even if boring. 

February 14, 2011 

If you’re still reading, Happy Valentines day to all … especially you ladies. I am without a significant other this year … which is resulting in a significant savings.    You see, it is things like that that keep me from feeling sorry for myself.   I could choose self pity because of my eyes or choose to rejoice over my good fortune.  I am rejoicing. 

My oldest grandson turns 9 tomorrow.  This kid is a jock!  H’es got the size (like he’s 11), the coordination and the desire.  His number one sport is football, but right now, his interest is baseball (we can start this early in FL), and he is emerging as both a pitcher and a catcher, plus he can hit for power.  But pitching and catching?  I told my son, gives a whole new meaning to playing with yourself. 

Finally … on a serious note:  To all the girls I’ve loved before:  Thank you!



Historically, when I had time for OS, I would try to read as many posts of my favorites as I could … particularly those where the writer PMed me (FYI to all the purists who think mass PMing is obscene).  Now, with reduced vision, reading is difficult and considerably more time consuming.  To do it, I first copy the writer’s post.  Then I paste it into a new WORD document, increase the font size to 14-16 point, and then make the whole thing bold.  Having done that, I can now read the whole post.  Even so, if Emily Wood was still around and I was in her class, I’d fail miserably.  I can’t see whole sentences in a glance.  I have to read, one word at a time.   

Consequently, I can not read every post that I want.   Time simply does not permit.  So I have to be selective … which brings me back to PMing: 

In choosing what to read, I look first to those who PMed me.  Some people call PM a post blog whoring.  I call it considerate; that someone would want me ot read their work enough to make me personally aware of it.  I felt this way even before I  lost my sight; even more so now.   And consider this:  Even though my faves will show up on the right of my page when they post, the assumption is I’ll see it before it gets pushed away.  Bad assumption.  I may go days not being able to get to OS … used to intentionally stay away on weekends; found  the whole damn experience way too addictive, and felt I needed to intentionally stay away sometime.  That is still true today, albeit for different reasons. 

But even with those who kindly PM me, I can’t read them all.  So I try to get to everyone sooner or later, skipping some to read others based on frequencies.    

Sadly, I miss some good stuff because of these limits, not just stuff that was Pmed, but more so stuff that wasn’t.    So let me say … again … I consider PMs about your posts a kindness.  If that is whoring, then I fully support prostitution and would be proud to count you among my favorite whores.  

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Sounds like you're making due, Rod. In fact I'm almost envious. You know, you can enlarge the type by simply rolling the wheel on your mouse. Someone mentioned it here awhile back and it blew my mind when I tried it.

Still sounds to me as if Sol's getting off easy. Couple bucks worth of gas for a $30 lunch? I'd say so.

Thanks for keeping us in the loop, buddy.
That "due" bothered me until I suddenly realized it should be "do." Ah, well...
Bonnie ... wouldn't you know it! You, the legal eagle ... who just wrote all about cell phones in prisons ... has a friend in Marianna, FL ... home of Fl's state rpison ... for jouveniles. Know anybody in Stark? That's where the Pen is. But you come to Fort Myers and I'll see to it that Sol buys.

Matt ... are you sure it wasn't "dew?" And don't you just hatye those words like two, to and too? And thanks for stopping by. By the way, I tried rolling my mouse; moved the words real well, but that was all; didn't enlarge the type. Guess I am "mouse challenged."

Both Bonnie and matt are great about PMing their posts. Thanks for that, too.
Rod I always learn something and I always laugh on ANY journey you lead. So it is a pleasure to be on this one.
Rod, I'm just glad to see you posting at all! As always, you bring so much heart and courage to the journey . . . I look forward to reading more, and send all my best wishes and energy toward your continued exploration.
Rod - a post from you is a real Valentine treat. Thank you for this one - I always think about you and wonder how you're doing. Now I know. :)
Happy Valentine's Day to you, dear Rod.
Chi-guy ... Thanks, pal!

Owl ... Anytime you show up here, I feel better.

Unbreakable, thnak you, too. You can be my Valentine anytime.

If this journey was by boat, I coul dfill it with all of you and have a fantastic crew! Just don't let me steer.
happy valentine's day, old friend. i get to say that because i'm old, too. heh heh.

thanks for the update on doings witchoo. i know the voice recognition s/w is scary but i think you'll really like it once you're past the beginning stages. glad to hear you're getting out and around to eat and drink and joke around with your pals. big hug from here.
If I still lived in Florida, I would take you out for lunch (convenient excuse). I will send you a PM next time I post.
Short and sweet, Happy Valentine's Day!
i'm learning a lot from you. the computer world has more to offer than i suspected in terms of keeping us in touch with the world and creative. you're proving that, and a lot about your character. i have no idea what i'd do in your situation, and would prefer not even to speculate.
"If that is whoring, then I fully support prostitution and would be proud to count you among my favorite whores."

I very rarely whore myself out, but I love it when people send me whores themselves, not sure why, maybe I'm just too cheap and easy already!! ;D

It sounds like Sol is a good friend that you can talk about anything and not let it fester is great.
If I feel I write something really well I will be Pming but will not be heartbroken if you don't make it over.
I can't get here as much anymore right now either so please continue to PM me!!!
You sound like your coping skills are quite amazing.
This is such a great journal my friend.. yes.. keep on going out.. I´m sure you won´t let life conditions to stop you from having fun..
Rated with love
femme ... thnaks for the Valenines wish. And don't worry about the "old" reference. Since my wyws became and issue, I no longer look it ... at least to me. ;-)

little willie ... You no longer live in FL? No kiddding! I had no idea. Didn't know they transferred Federal prisoners like that. Yust kidding, of course. Lunch sounds great. Let me now when you'll be back ... and FYI: The statute of limitations for most tihings is only seven years. It'll fly.

Buffy W ... Right back atcha!

Ben Sen ... There's lots going on in the computer world to help simplify jobs, or ... in my case ... assist with a handicap. March 2, I mwwt with a Low Vison Specialist to learn about rehab stuff and other specialized aids. I'm not glad this crap happened to me, but if it had to, I'm glad i tis now and not ten years ago. And, Buddy, confronted with the same problems, you'd do just fine. Sometimes it IS about the journey.

Tink ... If I were a real whore, I'd starve. My favorite song would be, "Born Free."

Lunchlady ... Sol is a great friend; has been for nearly two decades; his wife, aso ... who was also a great friend to my late wife, Pat. Sol has a great sense of humor, too, and we tease each other constantly. The closest thing to describe us would be Cosby & Culp in the TV series, "I Spy" (I'm Culp). FYI: We're doing the Soul Food thing this Friday, too ... but Sol's on probation with me for referring to his expected meat as his "entree." You cna't say "entree" in Soul Food.

Mauricio ... Again, thanks, my friend, for your encouragement. Remember, cream always rises to the top.
I KNOW you aren't going to let that software tell you off. You'll get the hang of it, just be sure to enter some cussin'.

That 4 minutes reminds me of the time I was assigned the role of 'narrator' (South Pacific) at camp one year. I had to be on stage, with bright lights shining up into my face/eyes, back lighting the pages I was supposed to be reading to the audience to the point that I could barely read. My eyes started streaming, the papers started fluttering, I started stuttering! It was the longest '4 minutes' of my life too.
Gabby ... I can feel your pain! Particularly since when I was a child, I suffered near passout stage fright ... 2nd grade I recited a poem about Columbus by beginning "In Nineteen hundred forty-two, Columbus sailed the ocea blue ... and rember nothing after that ... except the audience laughter ... which included my parents. I find this whole eye thing ironic. ;-)
Sorry, Rod, mea culpa. I'd forgotten you hafta hold the control key down while you roll the wheel on your mouse. Should work.