JULY 23, 2009 12:51PM

Racist "Birthers" Refuse To Accept A Black President.

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A group of dull-minded racists, known as "birthers," are committed to the silly notion that President Obama was born in Kenya, therefore constitutionally ineligible to hold the highest office in the land.

President Barack Obama was born on August 4, 1961 in Honolulu, Hawaii, and the right wing lunatics that insist that he was born in Kenya are ignoring one incontrovertible fact that proves that Mr. Obama is an American citizen.

The birth announcement was published in both of Honolulu's daily newspapers.

The birth announcement of Barack H. Obaba was published in both the Honolulu Advertiser and the Star Bulletin on August 13, 1961. End of conspiracy theory.  These announcements are archived on microfiche that anyone with a library card can read. They exist in dozens of libraries. They are not fake.  Everyone reading this blog had a birth announcement in their local paper.  That's how Aunt Millie knew to send your mom flowers. 

The "mentally unstable ones" argue that the announcement is fake, but there is no plausible explanation for a fake birth announcement.  There is absolutely no evidence suggesting a scheme to get a false notice published. There is no explanation as to why Mr. Obama's parents would want to go to that trouble, or more importantly, how they would have had the wherewithal to pull something like that off.

Did Barack Obama's mother look into her newly born son's eyes and think, "He's going to become the 44th President if we can make this look like he was born in Hawaii?"

The cornerstone of the "Obama was born in Kenya" movement rests on the testimony of an unnamed neighbor who said that no black baby was living in that house in August of 1961. That indisputable nugget of information certainly outweighs birth certificates and announcements.

These morons insist that they want to see the original birth certificate, not a copy,  as if that would put the issue to rest.  Does anyone think that the rabid, right-wing fringe will accept the original document as fact, rather than a forgery?  No they won't.

If President Obama did produce the original, that would only fuel the conspiracy.  The mouth-foaming Koolaid drinkers would say, "Why is the President producing this document now? Why not before the election? Did it take him this long to have a few public health officials murdered, so nobody could dispute the forgery?" These people "think" like this.

Obama's race, not his birthplace, is the real issue.

I'm going to be very blunt.  The real issue here is vile, racist, and largely unspoken.  In the view of most of the birthers, "Barack Obama is a n*****, and n****** should be butlers and maids at the White House, not the commander-in-chief." That's what's going on here, plain and simple.

These people hate the fact that the manager at their neighborhood Safeway is black, so how could they possibly accept an African-American president?  They can't and they never will.

Their problem is that Barack Obama was elected (an inconvenient truth) by a large enough margin, and carried enough red states, that unlike Florida in 2000, the outcome can't be disputed.

Their hope to "Keep The White House White," rests on an absurd conspiracy fantasy that has zero chance of being true, but their hopes will live on in their double-digit IQ brains, as long as their seething exists.


Hey Birthers, Barack Obama is having sex with a beautiful black woman, in the same bedroom that your hero, Ronald Reagan, slept in. Deal with it.

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You covered this bullshit perfectly. These people are insane and do not believe in democracy. They are hopeless, irrational racists pure and simple.....
There are many of us from Makiki/Manoa, the Obama's neighborhood growing up, including a US congressman, who held the baby prez and watched him grow from toddler to sports star/scholar. End of story. Sadly, the racist birthers are scared, scared, scared of change and people different than they are. A joke, of course, as we do not care to spend even one second of our time with them, for obvious reasons.
Great Post!! It takes a great mind like ours to get to the truth. Great timing, Huh! Ha!
During Teddy Roosevelt's administration, they did not even want a black man, Booker T. Washington, to visit and dine at the White House. The President received hate mail stating just such objections, and the use of the term "White" as having a racial value on the President's home. A century later, it appears there are still many who object.
I just cannot fathom how an intelligent person, elected to public office, bearing civic responsibilities, with a reputation to maintain, who is presumably reasonable, could ever join the ranks of these crazy racists openly and in public. And yet, in both Houses, there are people who do just that.

In my mind, that's reason enough to recall their elections and replace them with someone who is honest and has some integrity.

Great post, Roger.
I agree with you. They can't accept the truth because they don't want to accept a black president.
"Hey Birthers, Barack Obama is having sex with a beautiful black woman, in the same bedroom that your hero, Ronald Reagan, slept in. Deal with it."

wow... that does say it all! rAted!
As the wingnuts say, America is the land of freedom and you can believe in anything you want. This includes seeing Elvis' space alien baby on the moon. The only problem comes when the birthers start attending the KKK rallies. But of course, it is also a tribute to the F*x Nuts Network.
I think these birthers are direct relatives of the people sending the email I wrote about today....really abhorrent and offensive.

Alan Keys was on CNN pushing this thing. WTF? Is he that bitter than Obama beat him that he would publicly promote a racist agenda?
Alan Keyes seems to be a self-loathing black man. At the very least he is weird as hell.
I wish I understood why and how this odd rumor persists. What is frightening to me is that the people who believe this aren't easily categorized as ignorant rednecks or something. I went to college with a smart, quiet woman from suburban Boston who married a doctor. Somewhere along the3 line she seems to have jumped the rails as far as her politics are concerned. Among other "new" beliefs she sustains which are too painful to discuss, she too thinks Obama may not be a US citizen or else why, she asks did he take so long to produce his birth certificate? Since I never understood why he needed to, I couldn't think of what to respond.

She's not a racist - or at least I don't believe she is - but she does seem to have a problem with Obama's "exotic" background. I think she believes he is "answering" to some "others" who actually "control" him. Who these people are or where they live isn't something I've been able to learn from her. It's sad but more important, it's damned scary.
I wonder what they'd do if Lou Dobbs REALLY was born in Delecias, Mexico? I so hope that it's true.
That would be funny Zumi
Thank you for this, Roger. Excellent post, and it very much needed to be said.

Anyone want to start a pool on how long it'll take before OS's very own birthers start showing up and screeching at Roger?
Floyd, there are a few of them that come to mind. We'll see. Thanks.
Thanks Roger, I'm not sure all birthers are racist, some are just plug ignorant.

Floyd's comment just above mine is hilarious. We have our share of plug ignorants and racists here too.
Your last line made me laugh out loud. Well done.
Bingo! The "Birthers" and "Tea Baggers" are both manifestations of the same white rage reaching a boil in the nation. It long ago ceased to surprise me how many folks fail to recognize their own sublimated racist attitudes and instincts.

The rage in the voice of the "Birther" woman screaming at Rep. Castle "I want my country back!" is easy to recognize for those of us who have spent our live immersed in such environments.
You give the birthers too much credit when you say double digit IQ.

My favorite OS pigeon/birther/wingnut made this comment on Lauerman's birther post-

"The Certification of Live Birth that he DID show is not valid as it was granted to any baby living in Hawaii at that time REGARDLESS OF WHERE THEY WERE BORN. "

As if people wandered into the hospital, unsure if their baby was live or even born, and had to request confirmation. Well... maybe he's speaking from personal experience.

We won't have to worry about these morons much longer. The Nigerians are going to clean out their bank accounts and they'll starve.
Oh, they're over at scanner's blog, screeching at him. My mistake.
Bummer Floyd. I like it when they attack me.
Y'know, as a high school civics/U.S Government teacher, and wife of a man who holds dual U.S. citizenship, I've had lots of opportunity to teach and learn about citizenship...and boy is it a can of worms.

These "birthers" are hair splitters extraordinaire. For example, usually ONE U.S. citizen birth parent makes one "natural born" regardless of where one is born. However...because Obama's mother was only 18 years old at the time of his birth, and the law at the time stated that if only one parent was a citizen, that parent must have resided in the U.S. for 5 years AFTER the age 16...then the "birthers" claim he is not a citizen.

However, since this clause (residency in U.S. for 5 years, after age of 16) ONLY applies to people born OUTSIDE the U.S...it doesn't apply to Barack Obama anyway...so, they begin to discredit his birth in Hawaii...I swear...it is a bunch of crap. I do wish, that at some point prior to this HOOHA that there would have been an amendment to Article II of the constitution allowing naturalized citizens as President...and the whole Goddamn mess would never have arisen...or maybe not! I think racists and nativists would have found another ugly way to assert their "superiority".

Even if he was born in Kenya, he would still be a U.S. citizen. The 5-year residency clause applies only to people who claims residency or resides outside the U.S. In other words, this would apply to someone who claims his or her income taxes outside the U.S. for instance. Thus, this would not apply to a person who travels outside the U.S. say for a few weeks and gives birth abroad, but still officially lives or resides in the U.S. This kind of clause was probably enacted to prevent people who became a naturalized U.S. citizen to move back home soon after and claim that his or her child is a U.S. citizen (born abroad).

When you apply for U.S. citizenship, you need to write down when and for how long you traveled outside the U.S. on your application (you may already know that). To qualify for becoming a U.S. citizen, you need to reside in the U.S. for 5 years as a permanent resident. For trips outside the U.S. below 6 months, it does not count towards the 5-year residency criterion (since it is assumed that you still reside in the U.S.).
Some minds are never going to be open and reasonable. I love your post...you know how to make great points with wit and humor.
excellent post!!! these birther people have been scaring the shit out of me. i love how you put things all together and show how ludicrous racist and ignorant people can be. and frightening too. love love love and gratitude!!! i really do feel better now.
All I can say is, 'Thank you, thank you, thank you.' Somebody had to just say it and I DEEPLY appreciate your writing this article. When I saw that loon of a woman waving her birth certificate and screaming, "...I want my country back!" at that Republican town hall meeting, I just worried that too many people are heaping their plates with a second helping of CRAZY and chowing down.
I guess the birthers are carrying the torch for the "Dixiecrats" . How foolish can American be , By allowing it's hateful twin the "Confederacy" to rise again !