JUNE 30, 2010 8:49PM

World Cup Soccer, SpongeBob, Crush Glenn Beck's Ratings.

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Glenn Beck mocks, ridicules, and despises World Cup Soccer...  and makes a complete idiot of himself in the process.

(Please listen to the audio below... thankfully it only lasts for 0:31)

So if everything that the unhinged TV host said is true, his own FOX News program must absolutely crush the World Cup TV ratings, right?

Not so fast.
Viewership of the recent USA vs Ghana World Cup match drew 19.4 million viewers while the average number of Beck's viewers is slightly over 2 million.
Oh... so I was wrong?
How is it possible that Glenn Beck would ridicule the viability, marketability, and popularity of World Cup Soccer in the United States while ignoring the fact that the last match drew ten times the viewers that his show does?
Oh wait, don't tell me, I know. 
He's Glenn Beck and Glenn Beck never lets pesky little things like facts get in the way of his bullshit narrative.

*    *    *    *

There is absolutely no doubt that FOX News dominates the world of cable news.  The top ten political infomercial/programs on cable TV are all aired on FOX. MSNBC's top rated show, Countdown With Keith Olbermann, comes in at number eleven, and only draws one half of Beck's audience and one third of FOX News leader Bill O'Reilly.

Glenn Beck's audience of 2 million viewers, especially during the 5:00pm Eastern time slot, is actually quite remarkable... that is until you compare his numbers to those of another cable TV icon, SpongeBob Squarepants (D-Bikini Bottom).


"Hooray for me.  I whooped Glenn Beck's ass!"

Mr. Squarepants' show, at 3.8 million viewers, draws almost twice the audience that Beck does and about 25 percent higher than "The O'Reilly Factor."

In addition to SpongeBob Squarepants, The Glenn Beck Show also loses handily to WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment), iCarly, Penguins of Madagascar, True Jackson VP, and South Park. 

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, which has been the target of past Beck ratings taunts, only has a 10 percent smaller audience.

*    *    *    *

Glenn Beck should be proud, not of what he does, but of how well he does it.  He's living, breathing proof that if you work hard, have talent, and have no interest in doing anything other than spewing lies and making a shitload of money, you can live the high life.

But whenever Mr. Beck is bursting with narcissistic pride he should be mindful of one thing:  For every person that is listening to his latest rant on how Woodrow Wilson was worse than Adolph Hitler, or how Cass Sunstein is the most dangerous man in America, twice that many people are watching SpongeBob Squarepants blow bubbles with Patrick Starfish, and ten times that many are riveted to a sport that, according to Mr. Beck, nobody cares about.

(Pssst Glenn, I heard that William Ayers and Van Jones love soccer... they even call it "football."  Nail those Marxist bastards).





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Love the way you framed this Roger. The worthless blather of that blowhard is endless, repeditive and generally inaccurate.
I meant that in reference to Beck, not Sp B!
It's easy pickings but hell, how could you resist? I'm sure that beck hates soccer because it doesn't afford any "We're Number 1" opportunities.
I love this post and I have new found admiration for Sponge Bob.
I have been trying to think of something stupid I can do, so I can make lots of money like Glenn Beck. I thought about claiming I'd had an affair with Obama, then I thought about Michelle and decided it was a bad idea cause she can probably beat me up. Maybe I'll claim I had an affair with Glenn Beck. That oughta be good for something. Or better still, with Sarah Palin! It's no more stupid and inaccurate than the things they say and they get paid. :)
Thanks Gary and Abrawang.

Faye, if you want help getting the Palin affair story out there let me know.
I try not to speak ill of anyone. But Beck is a moron.
He is a f**king idiot and so are the two million that watch him. Excellent post. R
The rate won't stick. I hope it works this time.
Thanks Roger. I love stuff like this. Yes, I'd rather watch SpongeBob than Glenn Beck. I think I'd rather watch city council meetings on cable access... or perhaps cooking shows in Uzbek... or maybe I'll take an hour of Paint Drying This Week.
Ah, Glenn Beck... he's still a dribblingly stupid narcissist with delusions of relevance...
Isn't it interesting that the ratings of his show have been steadily diminishing over the past year as people start to realise that he's full of fecal matter?
Here's a challenge, Roger.
Wow, so the ONE world cup match that even I, a soccer hater, would be interested in watching, was our own country's game against Ghana. Let's see what the ratings are now that we're out of it.

And Sponge Bob Square Pants -- what a glorious victory!

And this isn't the first time I've heard someone flat out call him a liar, or that he spews lies and hate.

I tell you what, Roger. Here's a challenge.

Let's pick One hour of Glenn Beck at random ... some random date in the future.

Let's BOTH watch it. YOU tell me the lies he says.

Whaddaya say!? Up for it?
I'm totally up for it John. You pick an episode, any episode (not today or tomorrow).

By the way, the US/Slovenia match drew almost 3 times Beck's audience.
Roger ... great.

Going according to my schedule, which will be adjusted depending upon yours, I'll be able to tape and monitor his television show either the 6th, 7th or 8th of July. Last minute things might change that, so lemme know if those dates are good for you, and which one.

Then we have to figure a way for you to list the lies and back it up. Perhaps a dedicated thread.

Have a happy fourth.

It's still the U.S.

Anyway, World Cup is a once every four year event, so it beating ANYBODY isn't that significant -- this spoken from my thirty years experience as a writer/producer in the hellholes of television. We were always on the lookout for such events when trying to schedule our shows and tried to avoid them.
Still chuckling about "SpongeBob Squarepants (D-Bikini Bottom)."
So, when my naysayers pull the "but Glenn's rating are higher, he's more righter" defense.

I'll just start running around flailing my arms and yelling "Sponge Bob Saquarepants! Spongebob Squarepants!"

This sounds like an improvement in civil discourse and debate...might as well have two people running around screaming nonsense. We should garner twice the ratings!
Dear John,

First, I implore you, please quit dropping your 30 years of TV experience as gravitas. It looks a little silly when people on TV are being lampooned for being news clowns and puppets of the corporate elite.

You could save some time and use youtube, where clips (visual/verbal facts) of Glenn's absurdity are numerous.

If you're a hard-line republican, that's fine, you seem to pop-up to defend the far right like Under Dog.

I propose to you, that this is not right against left. It's class warfare.

Did you make a butt load of money in your 30 years of TV?

It would make things more clear for me if you'd tell us if you're in the class we need to go to war with.

If your butt isn't full of money, you're just one the people (not like Glenn claims he is, when he makes 30 million a year).

If you are one of the majority the defense of Glenn Beck and keeping the masses divided becomes bizarrely confusing (unless you are part of the Machine that divides us).

It's very hard to take people seriously when they're trying to drown us in cake. (paraphrased Marie Antoinette)

I know attorneys who practiced and made a good living for 50+ years and sucked every one of those 50 years.

I know these CEO's on Wall Street who are, at best, incompetent and, more than likely, criminals.

I know this guy Tony at British Petroleum... he's a douche, but I bet he puts his years of employment as CEO down with pride when applying for his next job as grim reaper...

Send me a PM as to which episode to DVR. I just saw a small lie, but a lie nonetheless, when Beck blamed the 17th amendment on Woodrow Wilson, even though it was adopted before Wilson's elections. In fact there are entire articles on the 17th amendment that don't even mention Wilson's name. Is this liberals scrubbing the history books or is Beck lying about Woodrow Wilson, whom he hates?
I tried to watch glen beck today while I was working out the gym, and I seriously felt like I was going to die. this man is so incredibly ignorant racist and stupid. So much hatred can not be taken in an hour. its just to much
Sorry Roger... I didn't mean to invade your comments.

It's all yours.
Dear Jay ...


If you want to turn this into a class struggle -- yes, I DID make a shitload of money. I still have it. I have a great house. A great car. I go to Europe when I want. I have season tickets to Giants' games.

And I'm a way better writer than you'll ever hope to be in your wildest dreams.

Thank you
Roger: for starters, the 17th Amendment was ratified while Wilson was in office.

From the following link: http://www.allacademic.com/meta/p_mla_apa_research_citation/3/6/3/0/1/p363017_index.html

"President Woodrow Wilson and the Senate's conflict over the ratification of the 1919 Versailles Treaty has been a prolonged issue among scholars. Yet existing studies owe such debt to historians or judicial scholars rather than political scientists. On the other hand, this paper lays on the interest of mandate politics. It brings the conflict, later led to the national public tour, to enlighten the Senate's new feature of claiming the directly mandated power after changing its electoral system through the Seventeenth Amendment in 1913. By tracing how the direct election had influenced both Wilson and the Senate's recognition of their power, it offers a new linkage of explanation regarding institutions of the treaty fight. The paper draws to conclusion that: first, Wilson’s choice of appealing to the American people was in fact based on his original perception of popular presidential mandate. Second, the Seventeenth Amendment which brought the direct election of the senators had enabled senators’ claim of the directly mandated power and their anti-league speech tour following the President’s. Third, Senators’ direct claim of power had also influenced the President’s perception of the Senate thus influencing Wilson’s public tour strategy. By tracing how this change of election process had influenced mandate perceptions and understandings of popular support, it argues that the Amendment had increased conflict potentials between two branches regarding the League of Nations covenant."
Wow, that is good stuff John,

I didn't know you read all my work. Thank you for doing so.

I also didn't know you were the final word on a subjective form of work.

I did, however, know you were a jackass and a pretty mediocre writer.

If you want to discuss writing, read my work. If you want to discuss reality, try living in it.

If you want to be considered a world class ass, kepp on doing what you're doing.

I've read a lot of your work and have found it to be wanting...

Oh, and fuck you.
Crud, I miss typed and forgot to add...

In my "wildest dreams" you, and your ilk John, don't exist.
It may have been ratified when Wilson was in office but it was passed in the Senate before Wilson's presidency... and had been brewing in the Senate for years.

Invade all you want! No problem. RF
I am sorry Roger, John and I are headed for a dust-up or flame war.

Whatever you want to call it, he has been an ass (I refuse to generalize, John may be the nicest guy in the world, but I have only read these little comments where he's a needy jackass).

He bursts onto the scene posting arrogant comments and backs them up with his money and credits (facts be damned!).

John is the real deal, he has tons of credits and has made a good living.

But he confuses popularity with art. He confuses credits with talent. He confuses me.

"And I'm a way better writer than you'll ever hope to be in your wildest dreams. " How the fuck would you know that Johnny? Furthermore, why would John need to be so petty (when John is the bestest writer ever?)

John, absolute statements about non-absolutes from a writer of 30 years makes you look desperate...

...for acclaim you did not receive (I'll give you a badge and a hug).

The "hahahahaha..." thing only solidified my dislike for you John (but I'm willing to debate this).

You are representative of humanity's disappointment. You're apathy is complicit in crimes against humanity.

"Fuck you peasants", seems to be you mantra.

You're arrogance is repulsive. You are claiming greatness on TV work that is pretty damn light (being polite).

Yes, it's odd to do research and deal with research...those god darned facts get in the way.

Your credits are many, kudos to you John.

Let's try to deal with this as a debate. Facts, I may quote you... you are the best writer ever.

I am out of my league, I hope I survive.

Facing the greatest writer of all time. I can't win, but I want to play.

Thank you John for pushing me to be better.

Great Post! I keep hoping, but not believing, that half of Beck's audience is like me--tuning infor a couple of minutes (can't stand more than a couple of minutes at a time) to see what the "lunatic fringe" is thinking and saying
OK. You're good. And I confess that I've loved Sponge Bob since the first episode. Beck is a minor leaguer compared to the world according to SpongeBob--- Bikini Bottom, Crabbie patties and Squidword. It brings a tear to the eye.
"He's living, breathing proof that if you work hard, have talent, and have no interest in doing anything other than spewing lies and making a shitload of money, you can live the high life."

Only in America...
Hush! You'll make little Glenn cry!