NOVEMBER 5, 2010 7:49PM

John Boehner: That Earmarky Thing Wasn't Workin' Out For Me

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Well it didn't take long for the slavishly devoted tea partiers to find out what it feels like to get fucked over lied to by the likely new Speaker of the House, John Boehner (D-OH).

From Raw Story - Steven C Weber

Rep. John Boehner, presumptively the next Speaker of the House and a longtime rhetorical foe of earmark spending in its present form, told a Fox News host on Thursday that the proposed ban on congressional earmarks he'd been talking up was officially off the table.

Boehner, who has personally upheld the no-earmark principle, had before the elections advocated a year-long ban on financial appropriations for individual districts. Now he says there will be a "moratorium," but has not said for how long and refuses to hold fellow Republicans to his own standard of never bringing tax dollars back to constituents.

So, why a reversal on the earmark ban? "Only because some things that people call earmarks here, uh, wouldn't classify as an earmark to the American people," he explained to Fox News host Bret Baier.

As SNL's Church Lady used to say, "Well isn't that special."

The banning of earmarks was one of the cornerstones of the midterm GOP campaigns.

What else was the GOP "just kidding" about?  Balanced budgets?  Cuts in spending?  Repeal of "Obamacare?"  Ending the bailouts?

It hasn't even been a week.



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"C'mon baby, I promise this time thing will be better".
I used to get a kick out of an old Supertramp album cover from the early 70's. A guy sunning himself in a lawn chair while the world in the background is in utter desolation. The name of the album:

"Crisis? What Crisis?" It's not cute any more.
No Rodger, you missed his point. Earmarks are what the filthy Democrats use to siphon off the tax payers hard earned money. He thinks they suck and hare horrible. They MUST be stopped!

On the other hand, if Republicans come up with worthwhile, godly, beneficial, PATRIOTIC projects that is simply a good use of the money!

See the difference? I like to call it the Texas History Book Principle...
John has more than a slight drinking problem--it should be fun. Loved his drunk crying deal on the telly--I love you, man....
Awesome. Finally something might come back on these guys. Wonder how they'll like it...
John Boehner is a reptilian shape shifter who I suspect is going to make Newt Gingrich look like Robert Taft.
I cannot even deal with their shit, Roger. I am out of patience with MSNBC because it is always the same same SAME story.

The Republicans want to ensure that Obama is a one-term president, they want the tax cuts to continue, and they want to repeal the Health Care bill. This is the story, the story, the story. (And yet, have you noticed that Senator Boner's face is less orange? What sort of victory can we claim from this? Has no one yet spotted his hair piece?? And is that what we are reduced to?)

I left the states when Bush was re-elected, and am pissed that my husband is a political junkie and watches these shows......and it is nothing but an endless h0rror show for me. How do poor folks vote Republican?

How is Obama not clever enough to shout to the world about the accomplishments that he has achieved??? (How was he so fucked up---so "conciliatory"----to ditch the public option????)

Is it really possible, HONESTLY possible, that he will concede the tax cuts?????

My brain is exploding.........must apply tequila.

(love you, as always)
(Picture me wailing with tears in my eyes and my voice trembling crying) " Leave John Boner alone"!
(Oh and I'm really skinny, effete, and am about 14.)
I think you meant effeminate, I would worry about anyone who considered that narcissistic nutjob 'effete'.

You should throw on a blond wig and make that video. If you do let me know I could probably help with the script/direction.
I wonder something. I read somewhere that the Blue states pay more in taxes to the federal government then the Red states. And yet the Red states get more in return from the government. Any idea why the democrats wont use that to blow the whole earmark blame game out of the water? Because if you look at it, the blue states are getting robbed by the federal government to subsidize the red welfare states.
I think Patty Murray was the only one proudly to promote all the money she brought in from the federal goverment into Washington state. Earmark or vote buying, but she served the interests of her state by trying to return as much of the federal money back into her state.
Ofcourse Boehner cant be against earmarks, if you compare how much that evil liberal anti business California pays to the federal government vs Kentucky. Its his way to get his hands on all that hippy money for his state.
I wish someone would make an advertisement illustrating that :)
Well, here we go, huh? I just happened to notice when he was crying up a storm the other night, "my God, I think he's got a wee bit of an alcohol problem." Nobody does that kind of thing sober. We're in for it.
Um, shouldn't that read " lied to by the likely new Speaker of the House, John Boehner (R-OH)"? Or did I not have enough coffee this AM and missed a good joke?
I was trying to be polite.
My mistake Fred. According to Websters effete and effeminate are synonyms. I thought effete meant 'affected' or 'snobby', a false sense of superiority. Apologies.