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APRIL 6, 2011 10:56PM

Breaking News: Glenn Beck to Create GBTV (Glenn Beck TV)

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Glenn Beck has not yet announced this but he will soon roll out his latest venture, to be called GBTV (Glenn Beck TV).

Details of the upcoming media platform are not known but Beck's childhood friend and trusted employee, Robert Shelton, is criss-crossing the country, possibly to secure advertising contracts for the nascent company.

Shelton is on a whirlwind trip that will take him to Los Angeles, Greensboro, Richmond, Cleveland, Chicago, Kansas City, and New York.

In the past Shelton has worked with Beck in the advertising and promotional departments.

What will GBTV consist of?  Will it be a cable or internet channel?  Will GBTV give Beck the freedom to ratchet up his world theories, without the moderate constraints put on him by FOX News?

Don't know yet.  Stay tuned.

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Gawd I HOPE not... All the world needs is a few more Paranoid twits running around drooling and spitting.
The guys has followers, what can I say? R
I want a job in radio. I have the figure for it and, can rant and can lie if no one is looking at me.
You sure you didn't mean to post this April 1st? But hey, anything is now officially possible -- Donald "I never technically filed bankruptcy, I just went down the tubes three or four times, and this time I wanna take America with me" Trump is running for President. Surely, The Donald will pop up on GBTV if his Fux gig falls thru -- like Beck, there's no low to which The Donald will not go.

Even before this network launches, I predict there will a parody on YouTube or the Onion of Goof-Ball TV.
Finding advertisers will be tough. There's only so many enema kits and herbal impotence cures sold each year. Goldline isn't doing so well. Rush has all the other investment scams locked.

My prediction -- Glenn will have to resort to televangelist fund raising techniques. Day 1 -- Seed Faith. Day 2 -- Ketchup stigmata. Day 3 -- Lots of mascara and tears...and so on, and so on, etc, ad nauseam..
I'm with Tom. You sure this isn't a joke? Or is that a redundant question?
Back in February I wrote a piece on Beck's slow decline and I said that he was essentially done. Anyone could see this parting of the ways with Fox coming. I think that no matter how the spin unfolds, this guy has lost his mojo and the chances of him being in any way successful as an indy broadcaster (or narrowcaster, as it were) on cable channels are slim and none.

He's basically media poison and insiders know this. His following consists of "end of days" and "one world government" screwballs who, even if there were large enough numbers to make a sales pitch to advertisers, are not the demographic that advertisers want to talk to.

Mass Media to Beck: Buh-bye!
If he builds it, will they come? I think not. Sarah Palin's Alaska was far from a smash.
Anytime MaryT's with me I'm happy
As long as Dish Network puts it in the 200's channels with all the rest of the religious crap. I just dont want them adding to the mid-100s where all the cartoons are.
Beck is neither right or left. Why can't someone just be crazy? As for his coming apocalypse theme why is that right wing? The theme is a big seller and no different from Hollywood with its endless dome movies like 2012, The Day After, all the Road Warrior, Book of Eli, and dozens more. Maybe Hollywood is right wing as well.

Maybe Beck is just a nut job who created the right pseudo sounding religious speak, mixed with American Imperialism and a little racist fear to boot.
Too bad the legendary music club CBGB is gone. Beck could have broadcast live from there and called it CBGBGBTV.
Like he predicted, by next year all of you will be begging him to restart his 5 PM TV show.

Like him or not, he has figured out how to turn lead into gold(line).
This is juvenile of me, but all I can think of when I see GBTV is Gay and Bisexual TV....