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JULY 12, 2012 1:06AM

Romney Pledges Massive Wealth Redistribution at NAACP Speech

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Human weather vane Mitt Romney had a well-planned and wildly successful reverse "Sister Souljah" moment today at the NAACP Convention in Houston.  His promise to repeal "Obamacare" drew the desired amount of ire from the mostly African American crowd but Romney loved the hostile reaction because his goal was not to win over the NAACP crowd, but to assure the Tea Party wing of the GOP that lazy Negros wouldn't get free health care under his watch. 

The reaction to Romney's "Obamacare" comments so dominated the cable news world today that little or no attention was paid to what Mr. Romney said immediately after the crowd quited.

Straying slightly from his prepared remarks Romney promised a massive redistribution of wealth from the rich to the poor.

Romney's speechwriters wrote the following:  

I will work to reform and save Medicare and Social Security, in part by means-testing their benefits.


Romney went off script and actually said:


... in part by means-testing their benefits meaning higher benefits for lower income people and lower benefits for higher income folks."




The same mouth-breathing, knuckle-dragging morons that would prefer a President Charles Manson over Barack Obama, because the president is a socialist, Marxist, Kenyan anti-colonialist who is hell-bent on redistributing the wealth from the rich to the poor are going to nominate Mitt Romney?

Romney just announced that he will take the $730 billion annual Social Security payments, take a big chunk of it from the rich and give it to the poor, and the people that despise demon-seed Barack Obama for wanting to redistribute the wealth don't give a shit?

So why is Obama's proposed redistrtibution heinous but Romney's is acceptable?  Why is "Obamacare" the beginning of armegeddon but "Romneycare" was a good state solution?

Maybe some of these folks are still pissed off that Barack Obama forgot the rule:  "A black man can work in the Oval Office as long as he's the butler." 



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I did not know about that second part, Roger. But I doubt seriously that Romney will do anything of the sort.

About that first part...the expected reaction of the crowd: He did seem to love and relish it...and I can understand why. The reaction, very well deserved in my opinion, played beautifully to his base.

Such is the way of the right. They have to live with it--and if it succeeds, as I suspect it may, so will we all.

I console myself with the thought that often things have to get much, much worse before they can get better. America, right now, is a place that has to get better.

Good comments, Roger--as usual.
If anybody believes a word that comes out of Romney's mouth, there will be not help for this world. He is the best documented wind sack in history.

Vote for anybody that has no big money backing.
Hey they think he is God, and Obama is the Devil. That's the Repubs for you!
You thought the "Arab Spring" was something, just wait for the American Spring!
Love your Weathervane Romney crack, but prefer my son's characterization of Romney the Windsock because he not only follows the change in the wind, he's full of hot air.

Frank is absolutely right -- you can't take anything Romney says even with a grain of salt, because tomorrow in front of a different audience, he will say the exact opposite with all the fierce burning intensity of a marshmallow on a stick at a weenie roast.
If you're not having me on with this Romney quote -- not that you'd do such a thing, Roger -- the odds of him even proposing such a thing as President -- let alone getting it thru a Republican Congress -- are less than zero. If the Republicans were to do anything so economically sound but politically foolish, their Party would suffer as badly as the Democratic Party has since the passage of Civil Rights legislation in the 60's.
It turns out that the blacks that cheered Romney at the NAACP meeting were flown in by Romney himself. So the polite applause that we heard from time to time was done by plants. After the speech, the only blacks that he spoke with were the ones that he flew in himself.
I can't wait to hear the right find the right lenses to look at the means-testing in a positive manner. It's going to take some mental gymnastics for them to wrap their brains around that one.