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OCTOBER 26, 2012 12:14AM

Romney Reveals That He's Beholden To His Donors

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Mitt Romney is a disciplined and prolific liar, but today in Cincinnati he slipped up and uttered a truth that politicians always vehemently deny.  As Romney was trashing President Obama and the teacher's union he tacitly revealed that he is beholden to the wishes of his largest donors.


“One, why, why is that?  Well, it’s in part because the teachers union doesn’t like the idea of school choice. I like school choice. And so I — and because — and because my campaign contributions don’t come largely from the teacher’s union, I don’t have to do what the teacher’s union tells me to do," Romney said.


“Because my campaign contributions don’t come largely from the teacher’s union, I don’t have to do what the teacher’s union tells me to do.”


With that statement, not said in jest, Romney admitted that he is beholden to his big donors.  Following is a list of Romney’s top five donors. *


Goldman Sachs

Bank of America

Morgan Stanley

JP Morgan Chase & Co.

Credit Suisse Group


The list of Romney’s top twenty donors reads like a Who’s Who of Wall Street juggernauts.  These are the companies that crashed the economy.  These are the companies that desperately want to continue to gamble with our retirement accounts without any interference from those pesky regulators.  These are the companies that want all of the new regulations to be reversed.  These are companies that are facing billions of dollars in fines and possible jail time for their executives.


And they know that Mitt Romney is the man to undo their trouble, and today, in a moment of accidental truthfulness, Romney confirmed what we already knew.


So if in the next several days we hear Mr. Romney state that he will be a president who has the welfare of the middle class at the top of his agenda, we will know, once again, that he's lying. 


We don't have enough money to buy a seat at Romney's table.


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The real question is, why are the teachers unions so toxic to this crowd? It makes no sense. No one is getting rich being a teacher. No one is taking a dime out of the fat cats' collective pockets as a teacher. Why the vitriol for this particular segment of the population? I don't get it.