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When someone says "Republican," what is the first word that pops in your mind. For me, it's "hypocrite," and I suspect that comes high on your list of words to associate with the GOP.

This comes to mind after recently reviewing a document … Read full post »

Bill Upton, of Vulcan Steel Products


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 The president of an Alabama steel company had an extramarital affair with a young woman he and his wife had raised as their daughter, according to court records in Jefferson County.

William D. "Bill"/… Read full post »


U.S. Judge Bill Pryor

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(WARNING: This report includes a link to an explicit photograph at the end of the post. The photograph was captured from a gay porn Web site and features full-frontal male nudity. If you do not wish to view suchRead full post »

Judge Roy Moore


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Alabama judge Roy Moore spouts off so often about the Ten Commandments that a reasonable person might figure Moore actually knows what they say and abides by them. Moore wears his Christian faith on his sleeve to such an extend that… Read full post »



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President Obama feared an assassination attempt if his administration tried to prosecute apparent crimes from the George W. Bush terms, according to a new book by a veteran Washington, D.C., lawyer and journalist.

In fact, the president… Read full post »

Robert Vance Jr.


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 Public documents show that attempted bribery has been present in the Alabama case that led to a $25-million federal lawsuit against Jefferson County Circuit Judge Robert Vance Jr. Records also indicate that William B. CasRead full post »

Luther Strange and

Jessica Medeiros Garrison


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Alabama Attorney General Luther Strange has engaged in a lengthy extramarital affair with his former campaign manager, sources tell Legal Schnauzer. In fact, the affair appears to be ongoing.

Je/… Read full post »

U.S. Judge Henry Wingate


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 Paul Minor, one of the most successful plaintiffs' lawyers in Mississippi history, has been released from prison on his Bush-era conviction for "crimes" that do not exist under actual law. Minor's legal problems,Read full post »

Ted Rollins (right) with Copper Beech

founder Jack McWhirter at

Penn State 


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 You might think that residents of State College, Pennsylvania, would be hyper vigilant about anyone with a history as a child abuser entering their environs. AfteRead full post »

Bull Connor's fire hoses


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 The Alabama lawyer who filed the original complaint in a case that last week overturned a key section of the Voting Rights Act has family ties to the Dixiecrat movement that opposed racial integration in the/… Read full post »


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 At the time of his death in a fiery car crash on June 18, journalist Michael Hastings was working on a story about alleged Anonymous leader Barrett Brown. Currently under federal indictment on charges related to computer hacking, Brown isRead full post »

Shelby County, Alabama


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The legal and political worlds have been abuzz over the past 24 hours about the U.S. Supreme Court's decision yesterday to overturn a key section of the Voting Rights Act in a case styled Shelby County v. HolderRead full post »

Rollins Ranch Cartersville



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Anyone who doubts that one of the South's wealthiest families could manipulate the Rollins v. Rollins divorce case in Shelby County, Alabama, should consider recent transportation n/… Read full post »

The home of Texas prosecutor

Mike McLelland



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Based on the comments of Texas law-enforcement officials over the weekend, the state's justice system officially went into crisis mode on Saturday.


That's when the bullet-riddled bodies of Ka… Read full post »

Sheldon Cooley


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For college basketball fans, conference tournaments begin this week, and that means "March Madness" officially has arrived. Better yet, it means the NCAA men's basketball tournament--the best event in all of sports, IMHO--is just arouRead full post »

Phillip Marshall and his children


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The 9/11 author who was found dead in his California home earlier this month was right-handed, but authorities determined that he shot himself in the left side of the head, a prominent investigative journalist repor… Read full post »

9/11 author Phillip Marshall,

with his children 

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The author of a recent book that questions the official story of 9/11 was found dead earlier this month--along with his teen-age son and daughter and the family dog--at their home in the desert communitRead full post »

Ted Rollins


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We have covered the Rollins v. Rollins divorce case mostly in terms of unlawful court rulings, given that Shelby County Circuit Judge D. Al Crowson issued a final order even though he did not hRead full post »

Paul Minor



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The U.S. Supreme Court announced last week that it would not grant certiorari review in the case of Paul Minor, a former trial lawyer from Mississippi. Citizens who closely followed the Bush v. GoreRead full post »


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Why did Birmingham resident Sherry Carroll Rollins become the victim of a monstrous cheat job in an Alabama divorce case?


Several factors probably were involved, but this appears to be No. 1 on the list: Ms. Rollins refused a last-minu… Read full post »

David Petraeus



Gen. David Petraeus was perhaps the most high-profile U.S. military figure since Colin Powell and Norman Schwarzkopf became household names during the first Gulf War. Petraeus' distinguished career unraveled with reports last week that he had engaged in an extrRead full post »

Bonnie Wyatt 


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 An Alabama woman has been in jail for more than three months from the fallout of a divorce case, but sources tell Legal Schnauzer that her financial woes date to a fire that destroyed her home about six years ago. TRead full post »

Gloria Allred and Maureen Stemberg 


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Mitt Romney might have blown his chance for the presidency by lying under oath in a divorce case some 20 years ago. The ex wife of a former Romney business partner claims that the GOP candidate tesRead full post »

 Rob Riley


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 Prominent Alabama Republicans this week said they did not know that funds used to fight non-Indian gaming in the state came from Indian gambling sources. A check of public records shows the Republicans almost certainlyRead full post »



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The two major candidates for the U.S. presidency proved themselves to be world-class hypocrites in last night's debate on foreign policy.


Time and again, President Barack Obama and Republican challenger Mitt Romney said our countr… Read full post »