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JULY 27, 2010 10:21AM

Dawning of Love - Haiku Monday a Day Late

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My red is passion,

Bamboo grows near, by the reeds,

Hollow filled by you.


If I am Phoenix,

Lotus Flower blooms each day,

You are my Dragon


Your tender touches

Underneath Orion's shield

Dreams of loving you


Remember the night

Clouds part for July’s Full Moon

We bathe in her light




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poetry, haiku, phoenix, dragon, passion, moon, love

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Very, very good. Red for passion and clouds parting for the moon. Rated for Red
You just reminded me it was a full moon. I am never out at night because I am under the dragon's spell.
Rated with hugs
Today someone told me there are two moons. Mars is bright. I want to be a phoenix too.
Love them all, but the last is my favorite ! ~R~
I'm not much for writing poetry but I love the haiku form. Funny, I was a limerick man growing up. Great stuff.
"Hollow filled by you." What magnificent imagery!!!! msp
I really liked this one. You are my Dragon is a great line.
Little dipper full
of flickering guiding lights
Lures to adventure
hollow moon
underneath night clouds
bathes red blooms

… sounds like quite a night …
Very Japanese. Very tender.
I love your haiku--beautiful images, the connection between nature and love--very, very nice...