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JULY 29, 2011 4:43PM

The Tao of Relativity

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My Tao does not bother itself


Asking the question

What is real?

Is the woman who dreams

She is a butterfly

Really a butterfly

Or is she

Really a butterfly

Dreaming she is

A woman?

Is blue the real color of the sky

Or only the result of distance

Without end?

Does the morning glory

Not know the glory

Of the night?

Does a pond frog understand

The might of the ocean?

Can a mosquito ever know

The power of ice?

The wise master

Knows there is no limit to dimension

She does not grieve the past

Nor fear the future

What she knows

Is that the mystery

Reveals itself


And its magnificence

Is without


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What a solid woman she is..
She does not grieve the past

Nor fear the future

How perfect would that be??
I wonder if the frog thinks he's a big frog in a little pond, or a small frog in a big pond?
MYSTERY indeed. The world is weaved from it.
Reason is fine, and explains the Newtonian
cosmos, sans relativistic effects.
Relativity is the only reality
for the very very fast.

also for everyone,

but they=so slow they not see it.
"My Tao does not bother itself."
That says it all, right there.

Still, I loved all the other things you gave us to think about, also.
This is so lovely. The reality is that miracles are miracling around us all the time. On the surface of a drop of dew, the whole world is reflected. A bird is an everyday right-before-our-eyes explanation of aerodynamics. Your poem reminded me of something from the Torah: a flower is a mystery no flower can explain. Wisdom here, beautifully rendered.
I apologize for not commenting more often, but your centered writing never fails to play with the senses and expand the mind. Beautiful, really, this poem.
This is all so beautiful.
Lovely. I'm having many more moments of this kind of presence, and it alleviates all anxiety.
So well said and a refreshing idea, especially now. So even though the rating matters not, I did.
WOW I loved this. I posted it to my Facebook- this was great- "What is real?

Is the woman who dreams

She is a butterfly

Really a butterfly

Or is she

Really a butterfly

Dreaming she is

A woman?"

I know this wasn't a rhetorical question, but I think she's really a butterfly
I loved this RP.
"the mystery
Reveals itself

I'm going to have to remember this.
I have a different take on the everyday grind. Like Auden says:

In headaches and in worry
Vaguely life leaks away,
And Time will have his fancy
To-morrow or today.

But then, this too is relative. And since it's almost midnight, we're safe, until tomorrow.
Beautiful. Just beautiful.

This is worth an ' mmmmmmmm ' murmured with closed eyes.
I love how you make me think and smile. Your words are always beautiful..
Life is a specialy occasion, each moment marked by new revelations!
Very nice thoughts.
Always well written.
Very nicely expressed, particularly the point of view things about frogs and mosquitos.
I like that the wise master is a She. Wonderful colors in that poem. Thank you!
Dianne Lindsey would love this.
However, she will never read it.
She has been kicked off SALON for complaining about the constant live feeds from these sports ads.

No one is going to fight Salon on this, I assure you.
Yes, the mystery reveals itself daily...
Sound advice. Perception is reality.
Matt's right. And this is very pretty. r.
Once again, you move with beautiful words.
Very interesting. Mosquitos and ice? Like I need another mystery, RP! ;)
This is why I always keep a copy of the Tao Te Ching near. Beautiful piece--said so well.
wish the sweet RP would respond to commentators,
if only in one of those 'thanx/every1/fer/cummin /by"
things. maybe make a mosaic of the quotes?
first words!

what/i/mystery/i /
'thanx/every1/fer/cummin /by"
what/i/mystery/i /
Your wish is my command
Watch what you ask a Goddess
You just might get it
Good, about time Goddess started taking suggestions from a man,
to spark her up in all the best chakras,
to revive her

poor Ophelia, floating down the river.
she has had bad experiences with men after Hamlet went mad.
first guy=a drunk
2nd=a layabout
3rd= an untalented Poet of the Now.
hated os, he.

ophelia! mouth to mouth for ya!
breathe!spit out all that water.
I read a Tao verse each day. In the morning. I like your Tao, which doesn't need "coaching." A woman who knows who she is...and how magnificent, too...well...that's the Tao unchained!