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AUGUST 30, 2011 11:14AM

The Tao of Yang

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As a woman I never considered the possibility

That I had a masculine side

I was sure there could be no Yang in me

The Tao forced me to confront

 That I could be grounded in my masculine nature

Yang at my core

The root that holds me hard onto the earth

The gift of nature that promises me

That if I am clear of my intentions

And know without doubt my deepest desires

I will learn the art of remembering

That deep inside my body

I am and always will be





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I've always heard of the Yin and the Yang, yet couldn't quite explain them. I'll always remember this!
I wonder sometimes if we'd all be lost without Eastern philosophy. Magically put, this post.
Your poetry is a dynamic force.
No one does like you..Maybe you are a lost soul from the ancient East??
Love this RP. A quiet stream is nice sometimes, but life would be so much less without the whitewater. Even at risk of the occasional giant waterfall.
I've never thought of myself as a flowing river. I quite like that I can dance and surge.
In these angry and contentious times it is sometimes difficult to keep ones balance. I have been feeling off center for a time and this has helped to re-center a bit. As always thank you for what you write. rated
Thought-provoking, like always.
It flows so well it makes me want to go swimming in the great pool of life!
Goddess yoni worship, God phallus worship.

Since they go together quite well,
i don't see why tao of masculine in any way disturbs
or distresses tao of feminine.

i love river metaphors.
"The current

That pulls us in

Yet pushes us up

Making whitewater possible"

action and rest, action and rest, etc...

a fellow would be a monstrous thing indeed if he didn't
have some gals in his head at all times.

Thank you from the y-chromosome crowd. we aint so bad.
A very good explanation! Loved it! Please take this as a greeting and a beginning of a friendship that hopefully will last forever...**kicks her in the nuts if she had any nuts** In my land(Duluth Minnesota), a greeting cannot start let alone a friendship without a kick to the nuts, even if the peoples has no nuts, just aim for the general area where the nuts should be and hello, my name is _______ and so it begins!!!

Rated and favorited cause I like your style!!!
Men do all those things and more. Great little pair of poems, RomanticPoetess.
It takes a poetic mind to get at principles like Yin and Yang. Thanks for illuminating the subject so beautifully.
It is the hardest thing getting older around younger men. I think this is why so many men, as they age, don't want anything to do with the young. But that is death.
I need to find this balance again...thank you for your beautiful poetry.
It does make whitewater possible. That it does.
argh, dr lee. forgot about him.
shit, gotta read the conclusion to his serial
which by his hopeful shining beautiful mug i will weep about,
This dance of life

The riverbed over which

We flow...good bedrock sometimes.

stones get a bad name.

except rolling stones. mick still carrying on,
and keith, a new autobiography.
he lives in my state, CT...

the constitution state.

dylan lives on the moon and
on the road
gawd calls the silly wandering snarkass jew home.

hear he has dreadlocks now ...


bob. what about him?

in europe screaming: "how does it feeeeel
to be on yr own"
when even he knoweth not.
I got this today, from my daily "Tao" choice--you say these things in fewer words than the ancients...and make them "user friendly," too:

Stop thinking, and end your problems.
What difference between yes and no?
What difference between success and failure?
Must you value what others value,
avoid what others avoid?
How ridiculous!

Other people are excited,
as though they were at a parade.
I alone don't care,
I alone am expressionless,
like an infant before it can smile.

Other people have what they need;
I alone possess nothing.
I alone drift about,
like someone without a home.
I am like an idiot, my mind is so empty.

Other people are bright;
I alone am dark.
Other people are sharper;
I alone am dull.
Other people have a purpose;
I alone don't know.
I drift like a wave on the ocean,
I blow as aimless as the wind.

I am different from ordinary people.
I drink from the Great Mother's breasts.
Always a lesson here. R
pulling and pushing in delicious dynamic tension...sometimes it hurts...the suffering leads to strength...and bliss.

It is so good to know you are out there, RP. It is a great consolation.
And, the trick is to balance them - the story of my life!
I didn't like this one as much as I did some of the other's. It feels clunky, and common. Just my opinion
Beautiful. Profound. As always. Rated. XO
Loved this; loved what James wrote.
The Yang chromosome!
"I didn't like this one as much as I did some of the other's. It feels clunky, and common. Just my opinion"

By clunky I mean to say that the feel of this work has individual words that, although may be in the tone of the feeling you are trying to exhibit, are, to me, out of place, particularly the words “natures” in line three (which could be something like “selves” or “beings” and have a more immediate and personal feel), “Gives us” in line 19 has a sliding and slippery feel, and in my opinion would be better rendered as “is” again more immediate and personal. “Perseverance” of line 23, although fitting in its denotation is, to me, abstract where a more concrete term (in keeping with the “yang” theme of the poem) would be better. “So that we may” of line 26 as a line is fine, but I feel a stronger line is needed here, as the previous lines (single words) tend to build to a peak, but then the peak is not there.

By common I mean to say that in some of the previous “My Tao” pieces I have felt a strong, individual, unique interpretation of the themes you present. That is I see them, and hear them when spoken aloud, as “Your” Tao. This work, to me again just my opinion, seems to simply restate common ideas associated with the yang concept, and I feel nothing of your uniqueness in these words.
Yin and Yang
Yang and Yin
Yin and Yang
Yang and Yin

Look,how beautfully the words are intertwined.
Yin and Yang are a symbol for completeness;one complements the other;as one... yet two entities melting together.
Mary,I am delighted!
I like this one just the way it is. Sometimes some readers "over-think" and "over-read" a person's work because they don't understand and seek to be understood themselves. Some people look at Einstein's formula for General Relativity and just see the mathematical symbols; others see what underlies those symbols and what it means. You have to use the words that seem "right" to you and "mean" something to you. It is up to us to interpret within our own sphere of thinking, being, and experience what your poem means to us. Just keep writing what and how you write; don't change anything, particularly the individual words. Well done RP. R
This sounds good by me.Thanks for posting some incouragement for us .
I absolutely agree with the sentiment of this - and your unique, artistic telling of it is the best I've ever seen!