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NOVEMBER 25, 2011 12:55PM


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I find myself in the family of giant sponges

I am here because of a congenital defect

Girl to sponge

Sponge to girl

An uncontrollable urge to absorb


Awakened by the cleaning wrasses

Here clear up my smell and slime

So that I can open up my pores and osculum

And the currents at the bottom

Can pull in all the plankton I need

To nourish my ever expanding

Lumpish curvy body


I want to wander this wet salty land

Seeking out my cousins

A fan, a cup, a cone, a barrel, an amorphous crust

But I am anchored by my tendrils to the sandy bottom


I procreate – perfect clones of myself

I do not need sperm and an egg

I can bump into a jagged rock

As a strong current passes over me

A piece of me now a new entity

But that is not fast enough for me


I use fishing boats and their deadly nets

Killing dolphins who just want to play

Killing food fish for my land locked family

Spreading bits of me across the miles

I smile as I stare at the sun streaking above

Streaking past the sand below

I am free – many more of me

Death is not my concern


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wild ride . . . off to go look up "wrasses."

Quite the mood setter, aren't you RP? I will not look at my kitchen sponge the same all day long....
The uncontrollable urge to absorb....Oh I know it so well.
Careful, careful, dear sponge w/wanderlust.
keep those tendrils anchored for the time being,
tummy or equivalent/to/tummy
fulla plankton, stay vigilant, wait for that one small boat
with a fisherman w/apprentice, young beautiful boy
doomed to a life of fishing ,
then up and teach him
to absorb, and he will
show you the seven
seas and u will
absorb them all
and u will
settle here & there
but not for long.

wait. for. that. boat.
An adventure for the senses and the emotions...R
never thought about looking at the ocean from the bottom up, nice perspective!
I'll never look at a sponge the same way!
A warm, salty sea is a fine thing every day. Grand writing.
Is's must 1st` apologize to my Nice Neighbor.
I was asked``no blog under the circumstance.
The Ocean` sounds are sensed in oaken trees.
Launching` out to sea IS to launch to dangers.
I am not ` confident as TO what to communicate.
Many Woman sailed the sea with male companions.
Some worked in the woods on horseback. O, shippers!
Navigation on Land or Sea is not always easy. O, calm!
I'm just trying to catch-up ref' sad-Impereial sad-history.
The Life of Farmer/Sailor was not always so very easy.
But, that is why -?-\Males adored thee rural woman.
I's am popping-off/off \and no do ever declare; `O>?
O, we face squalls,
no botanical-health,
gardens, autocrats,
and I just go offs`
to conks, snores`
and smile in bed.
and off to bed.
Sometimes we need to suck it up in and the spit it out.
Exactly like a sponge! Ready to absorb anything that comes their way!!
Oh, bravo, Poetess! What a lively imagination you have; I felt awash in that wave and streak of light, the world above me. Nice job, R!
This could be read as a voiceover for my son's underwater videos from his skin diving trips. I won't look up "wrasses" because I know Con will be using soon himself and I can figure it out contextually.
I thought it was going to be a poem based on the "spongeworthy" episode of Seinfeld. And I will leave it at that.
Beautiful and so visual
I miss the sea…
Oh, this makes me think of floating on my back in a warm sea, gentle rocking of the water. Sigh, it would be lovely...
Yum Plankton...what an interesting view.
Hmmm, interesting. A new point of view to soak up.
Love the perspective!
And if I were to see it as metaphor, all the more interesting!
This is a good way to describe absorbing any thing that might come your way. Very nice
The urge to absorb. I like it.
Your so good it is deeply thrilling. Unlike Elaine on Seinfeld who deemed too many unspongeworthy.
I am with Oryoki Bowl on the kitchen sponge.

Made me feel all Oregon coast. Thanks.
How luscious. Would love to join you at sea.
[r] SENSATIONal!!!! bravo!!!! libby