Emily Rapp

Emily Rapp
Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA
July 12
Emily Rapp is the author of Poster Child: A Memoir, and The Still Point of the Turning World, which is forthcoming from Penguin Press in March 2013. She is also the author of many essays and stories in the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, Bellevue Literary Review, The Sun, Body + Soul, StoryQuarterly, The Texas Observer, and other publications. She is currently Professor of Creative Writing at the Santa Fe University of Art and Design in Santa Fe, New Mexico and a faculty member with the University of California-Riverside Palm Desert MFA Program.


NOVEMBER 16, 2011 7:06PM

Talk of the Nation

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Dear Readers,

Tomorrow I’ll be on NPR’s Talk of the Nation program discussing the lessons that can be learned from parenting a terminally ill child. The program will air at 2 pm EST on your local NPR station, and I’ll also post a podcast when I can! Thanks!

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I will look forward to it, Emily. I listen to NPR faithfully. I'm sure you have much wisdom and insight to share.
That is awesome. Congratulations. Please post the podcast; I won't be able to listen to it when it airs.