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MAY 10, 2009 11:10PM

President Obama At The White House Correspondent's Dinner

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oh, wow, you are a man among men. that you soooo much for this!!! i love this man. even if he wasn't doing what he's doing, it's so wonderful to have some dignity and humor in the white house again. to have a real functioning loving family. his oratory skills are so outstanding. i love how funny he was and is and how he laughs at his own jokes (well, the ones written for him) and he knows exactly when to be funny and when to get serious and when to stop talking. Bill Clinton was brilliant but often he just couldn't shut up.

okay, you ge tthe idea. i'm so so so grateful for you posting this. i especially enjoyed the joe biden jokes, well, i enjoyed all of it. love love love
hey thanks for posting this, my h and I really loved watching it. I'm so glad to look up to the President again.
Great that we have a President with a sense of humor. What a man! Thanks for posting them!
It was the greatest night EVER! I laughed until I cried at Obama and Wanda Sykes. Wow, Wanda showed GREAT restraint. She's a blue humorist and she dialed it down big time. Obama pulled out the can of Repugnant whoop ass.
I showed this to my wife and she damn near exploded with a combination of laughter and pride at the fact that there's an intelligent and funny man in the White House.
An EP, WOW!!! Who would have thunk it........I know that a picture is worth a thousand words. Now I know how many words three moving pictures are worth. Just two: Editor's Pick
Special thanks to Just Pamela and Kind of Blue who taught me everything I know about posting video material.........
Well deserved EP. I'm glad you beat everyone to it Ron.
This is a keeper! I watched it Saturday and I've watched it since.
Rated (earlier)
This post is an 'Editor's Pick' because I learned the mechanics of how to post video material from Just Pamela and Kind of Blue. However, the inspiration and motivation to do so came from a message I received from Emma Peel re my post regarding Joan Walsh on TV :
"If you post the video or at least the URL, I guarantee that you will get a lot more hits....." Special, special thanks Emma.......Funny thing is, I couldn't get that video to post on my blog....but, as you can see, I didn't give up on her suggestion.......
Way to go with the EP!!! You picked the perfect subject! Good for you!
Congrats on the EP!! And congrats to Obama for showing us a Prez can have a sense of humor!! :)
Very funny writing and delivery!
I saw this and loved it....although there were a couple of remarks that surprised me. He's such a "real" human being.
It's great to see and hear the entire speech, not just the one punchline they keep playing on TV. It's so much better in context. Thanks for posting it! And congratulations on the EP!