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OCTOBER 27, 2009 7:29PM

Health Care Reform Video Competition

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I just received an e-mail from Organizing for America which reads in part as follows:
"We just finished going through the submissions to OFA's Health Reform Video Challenge, and they're great. There are personal stories that grab your heart, brilliant summaries of what reform would really mean, and plenty of biting satire that calls out the insurance lobbyists.

Out of nearly a thousand excellent videos submitted, we're down to the top 20. Now it's your turn to watch the finalists and vote for your favorites -- and then we'll air the winner on national television."
Here's a sample of the videos in the running for final selection:
This is strong stuff and well done for the most part.  If you wish to see all of the videos in contention go to: 

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Excellent! I will check these out tonight.
These are good. What a great way to develop material and get people involved as well.
The competition concept is a great idea....
These are excellent. I think I'll post one or two on Facebook....after I just responded to a Republican friend concerning the "public option" idea.
I can't find "Angela's Story" on youtube to post on Facebook. Can you help me out?
@pk, html sent by PM...Facebook posting is a good idea....
wow--these are barack obama people? Where are these commercials going to air, I wonder?