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OCTOBER 31, 2011 8:42PM

Ex Nihilo - Omnia Revertutur...

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Ex Nihilo - Omnia Revertutur (by Ron Robinson)

Out of nothing,

Returns everything

To its silent canvas

Upon which are painted

The masterpieces of

The art of listening...

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I just saw that on Rachel Maddow. There is nothing else to conclude but that Perry was drunk as a skunk! Please let him stick around to lose the election.
"Deep Down" they're all good people. Right Ron ;)
The fact that this bunch of fools is even being considered for the job says more about America than I want to know. And that included Willard "Flopping Fish, I Have No Spine and I'll Say Anything I Think They Want To Hear, My Strapping Sons Are Too Valuable To Send Off T0 War" Romney.
@ Z,C,T,S, - Thanks so much y'all!
I am missing something here,
but I like these words at face value...
...even if they don't make much sense really. They evoke something.
I hate to ask, looking at the comments, did I just say I like something Perry said?