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FEBRUARY 27, 2012 6:22PM

End of Black History Month Tribute to Coulter's "Our Blacks"

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One of things that continues to irk me since Obama was elected has been the Conservative rush to declare “Mission Accomplished” and  that we’ve reached the "nirvana nervosa" of "colorblindness" and "postracialism." In other words, that race no longer matters. If that’s so, why did Ann Coulter infamously refer to Conservative African Americans as "Our Blacks?”

And why do Conservatives dangle “their Blacks” over the rest of us and glorify them as "independent thinkers" so long as they wrap themselves in the Conservative Confederate Flag, minimize the impacts of slavery, segregation, and discrimination, and worse? One of the fringe benefits of that “honor” bestowed to such Blacks is that they get to cry “racism” and receive Conservatives' support – as long the alleged perpetrators are Liberals.

As in so many areas of American life, Blacks have to be “twice as good “ to be considered the “equal” of a comparably situated White person. That’s why Conservative Blacks are compelled to constantly prove that when it comes to spreading “white supremacy,” they’re “superior” to even White Conservative racists.

In this regard, the first "Our Black" I pay tribute to is Herman Cain - the Koch brothers' Black "Brother From Another Mother." He outdid even the most cruel Conservatives with his "BLAME YOURSELF - IT'S YOUR FAULT" gestalt, "Blacks are brainwashed," electrify "illegals," and hateful anti-Muslim rants. And then in his best victim voice Cain reclaimed Clarence Thomas' "high tech lynching” refrain, and reprised Conservatives' vicious "high tech rape" of Anita Hill by doing the same against women who came out against his own “family values hypocrisy” and alleged sexual misconduct.

And let’s pay tribute to Republican Alan West from Florida, who seems primed to help make Republican Majority leader, Eric Cantor, the "Jewish Jefferson Davis" of the New Conservative Confederacy" and himself its VP. This would prove that Conservatives are NOT racist, despite the fact that the original Conservative Confederacy was formed to maintain slavery and continued it in its prison peonage form until 1942. As the excellent 2012 PBS Documentary, "Slavery By Another Name" exposed, White Southern Conservatives exploited the “prisons exception” in the 13th Amendment to accumulate enormous wealth after the Civil War at the expense of Blacks.

If the Confederacy plans are delayed or need to be revised, perhaps West and Cain can form the “Three Fifths Party,” reprising the Constitution’s infamous “Thee Fifths Clause.” Recall, Blacks in Slave States were counted as three fifths of a human for purposes of determining the population and hence the number of Congressional Representatives White people could have. The “Three Fifths Party” would be made up of Blacks who had met the rigorous requirements necessary to be officially honored with Conservatives’ “Our Blacks” designation.

The “Three Fitties,” as they would be lovingly called by Conservatives, would aggressively attack the key legacy effect of slavery - the fact that the median net worth of the average White family is 20 TIMES MORE that of the average Black family – by offering “the Blacks” the following substantive solution, i.e., slogan: “IT’S YOUR FAULT. BLAME YOURSELF.”

At their founding convention, Michelle Bachmann would no doubt be invited to give the keynote speech, which would entitled: “Why the Blacks Owe America Reparations For Slavery.” The “Three Fitties” would promise to support Bachmann’s proposed legislation repealing the 13th Amendment (which outlawed slavery except in prisons). Alan West would be her co-sponsor and a President Cain would promise to sign it without delay.

In a twist of Gingrich doublespeak, they'd call it the "Black Family Reunion Act," since Bachmann and her particular brand of "Conservative Christian" believe that Black families were better off during slavery because they at least were "two parent headed households" back then (Recall how Gingrich called legislation gutting the EPA the "Full Employment Act").

I could go on with this, but since I’ve written many articles on race, which contain a plethora of citations, links, videos, humor, irony, satire, and goddmamnit make a good read, I’ll end here. Below, I provide the titles and hot links to the articles, and humbly ask that you read/re-read them when you can (many of them have been substantively revised since you may have first read them). Thanks Much and a "Happy End of Black History Month" to Ann Coulter’s “Blacks.”

The Hurtful Legacy of Herman Cain's "Suspended," "Brother From Another Mother" Presidential Campaign

Herman "Bigsby" Cain: "Black White Supremacist"

Chris Matthews Slams Huckabee's Racist Rants Against Obama

Why Right-Wing Christians Claim Obama As "The Antichrist."

Murdoch and Fox Portray Black Men as Terrorists on 24

Fear and Envy of Black Masculinity: How Politico's Jonathan Martin Mugged President Obama and Got Away With It

MSNBC's Rev. Joe Watkins Accuses President Obama of Breaking and Entering the Nation's Schools While Pastor Steven Anderson Prays For His Death


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Do you ever read any Tim Wise? His most recent couple of books are in part about how racism has morphed into a new form, what he calls Racism 2.0. If I remember his point in enough detail, it has two aspects:

1. Blame absolutely everything on class, even though if you look properly at the statistics a lot of inequality is really still due to race independent of class. If you blame everything on class, you don't have to do anything about actual racism and can perpetuate it indefinitely with no consequences.

2. Take a page from the Republican playbook and accept Our Blacks, the Blacks who don't behave like Most Blacks, so you can accept someone Black (like electing him for President), proving you're Not Racist, while actually remaining racist about Most Blacks.

He's actually pretty angry at Obama for promoting both. The GOP are, of course, far worse about it. Whether or not Obama cares about race, he at least cares about class, so he actually helps poor people. The GOP cares about neither.
Hey kosh - good to hear from you. Yeah. Know Tim's stuff well. He's got a lot of good analysis. I actually included one of his videos as an embed in my "Herman Bigsby Cain: Black White Supremacist" article (which I linked to above). My article also includes some other links to articles that have a different take than Wise re: Obama that I tend to favor. Check it out when you get a chance. It's been substantially revised with a bunch of extra links etc. than when you first saw it.
Left this comment on another post and it seems to be appropriate to this one as well: "Grew up in Indiana, Florida and Texas... left my family behind and moved to California at eighteen. I've found that, to one degree or another, racism, sexism, prejudice and social mythology is omnipresent. I've experienced it first hand from Indianapolis, to Miami, to Dallas, Houston, Alabama, New Mexico and Los Angeles - even in Europe, Mexico, the Caribbean, Japan and China - and everywhere it is born out of ignorance and fear.

Perhaps it's just more flagrant in it's expression in the southern United States. (Read Republican Party in the South since the implementation of Richard Nixon's Southern Strategy) On the other hand the seemingly more "enlightened progressive societies" of the north, and east and west coasts, are more sophisticated in their choice of words.

It appears that with technology shrinking the world that younger people are becoming more aware of one another and more understanding. With any luck, the fear mongers will grow old and die and their grandchildren will live in a more open and better world.

Well done, thanks for being our conscience.
Herman Cain may be the brother from another mother, but Rick Santorum is the brother from another planet. Even tho Herman has become a footnote to history, I think the despicable offering him by the Kochheads is worthy of a future post, and one day soon, I will be happy to oblige in an attempt to even out that score a bit.
Good rant. My worst impressions from this time include the lie about a post racial society, the co-opting of MLK by racists, and the idea that Jeremiah Wright became public enemy number one, while the worst Whites are welcomed and treated with gushing respect.

I suspect that the worst and most rabid of them are not genuine and that something even more dirty is afoot.
The sooner the world at large accept the fact that we're all descended from the same black mother racism will be a thing of the past.
You know that I have a serious problem with those white people in the South. Yes, I am prejudiced. Having said that, this bushwa Dixie insanity is to me an incredible sign of weakness, because these Great White Fathers are a dying demographic. And the future is on our side.

"That’s why Conservative Blacks are compelled to constantly prove that when it comes to spreading “white supremacy,” they’re “superior” to even White Conservative racists."

This one sentence sums it all up for me. I'm definitely going to dig into the other pieces because this one is so damn good and expresses my own feelings on the subject. Also reading through the comments I would only disagree on one point, the young are not our salvation a quick search of youtube racist rants will tell you that. And my post Hateration in a Haternation will confirm that young people are encouraged to express their racism in public schools. Still awaiting the school boards decision in this case. Not expecting much as it is Louisiana and Jena wasn't that long ago. rated
"Bachmann and her particular brand of "Conservative Christian" believe that Black families were better off during slavery because they at least were "two parent headed households" ..."