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MARCH 1, 2012 6:15PM

Was Andrew Breitbart the Anders Breivik of Right Wing Media?

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"Kennedy was a special kind of human excrement"
-Andrew Breitbart on Twitter, hours after Ted Kennedy's death.

By now you know that Andrew Breitbart died today. 

To get more information on the details of his legacy you can check out this Huffington Post piece. What many people don't realize is that Breibart was very involved with the Huffington Post initially when he first helped Arianna Huffington get it off the ground. But because of his political differences with Arianna he soon left. But some years later he came back and his elevation to front page status on HuffPost earned the ire of many, including the organization Color of Change (, which led a campaign to have him removed. Here is what that campaign had to say in part about Breitbart:

"Notorious liar and race-baiter Andrew Breitbart poses as a journalist and then uses his position to gin up race-based fears, protect racists, and demonize Black political leaders and institutions. And the Huffington Post has given him a prime space on its platform to do so."

As many are aware, Breibart was notorious for spreading doctored videos on his website to stir racial resentment and portray in a false and negative light "enemies" of the Conservative movment. One of his most significant efforts involved Michelle Obama during the 2008 Presidential campaign and the doctored video of one of her talks that he put up on his website.

Here is the doctored video of Michelle Obama's speech side by side with the real one. The doctored video cut the word, "really," from Michelle's talk where she said that she was "really proud" of her country. This was done to help create the false narrative she had NEVER been proud previously. Breitbart then used his website to both spread this doctored video, and more importantly, promote the false idea that Michelle was "unpatriotic" and "hated America." These hateful slanders continue to be used by rightwing trolls across the internet and rightwing media and operatives in general. 

And of course, who can forget how Brietbart salaciously spread the doctored  video of Shriley Sherrod, the African American official from the U.S. Agriculture Department, which falsely and maliciously portrayed HER as a racist for comments she made at her NAACP speech. Breitbart called SHERROD a "racist" even though it was SHE who was portraying racism as wrong in her talk!

Breitbart, the right wing media and Republicans spread the doctored video, and their trolls the false narative about Sherrod's alleged "racism" so successfully that she was fired and suffered tremendously because of it.  When given the opportunity to show remorse and apoligize for what he did, Breitbart refused, and  legions of right-wing trolls gleefully danced in the streets. Like Briebart himself, they too portrayed HIM as the "victim," even though HE was the perpetrator, AND as a hero for standing up to "the Blacks" and what Breitbart called the "liberal media conspiracy."

But who can forget his most deceitful and damaging effort - the one for which Conservatives shall forever hail him as a HERO and "true patriot" - What Salon identified as the fraud he perpetrated on the grassroots African American organization, ACORN, whom the Republicans spent so much time attempting to destroy and eventually succeeded because of Brietbart's efforts, in tandem with their own trumped-up charges , which were eventually proven false. Rachel Maddow irrefutably debunked Breitbart's fruadulent myth about ACORN and exposed HE "pimped" both that organization and America with his fraudulently doctored video.

Of note, there's a significant irony to Brietbart's refusal to disavow or apologize for the racist, sociopathic, and salicious strategies he deployed to help the Conservative cause, but rather ramp them up over time. It involves Lee Atwater, who was 40 years old when he died from a brain tumor. Recall, he was the famed Republican strategist, guru, and Karl Rove mentor who perfected the "art of race-baiting" and stoking "white racial resentment against Blacks" for political gain.

But, while on his deathbed, ATWATER confessed that he was wrong to have deliberately promoted White racial resentment against African Americans as a political strategy to grow the Conservative movement and achieve Republicans' electoral success. Also, that it was wrong to pursue the Republicans' racist "Southern Strategy, even though it had been and continues to be successful.

LEE ATWATER also apologized, was remorseful, and asked that those Conservatives coming after him NOT follow the destructive race-baiting and White racial resentment strategies he had used, even though it made him a Conservative/Republican icon and was helpful to their cause.

BREITBART ignored those pleas. Rather, he followed in Atwater's footsteps BEFORE Lee's deathbed conversion, and NEVER looked back.

I can only say that for his sake, that of his family, and for the country as a whole, I wished that he had looked back and heeded Atwater's pleas before he died. Were the Conservative Movement to seize this moment and heed those pleas in his memory, the healing the Country would collectively experience would be both palpable and transcendent and Breitbarts redemption assured.

(c) Ron Robinson

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Now, if Rush Limbaugh would join him. I don't know how he keeps his license when others have been thrown off the air. Maybe we need an evil Black monster out there to counter everything Limbaugh says. Then we will see how fast the government clamps down on one but not the other.
I endorse your every word... just posted my rant about RuSSSHHHH!
If you look at Breitbart's face it's pretty fat and middle-aged- looking for only a 42-year old man. No wonder he croaked. You should read my post 'Cultural Suicide...Negro Chic'...wink
I never met the man myself, but based on media exposure to him in various forms and forums, I had some superficial notion of who he was. Certainly he was a damaging political rival in my view. But the man had an enormous personality, and a very large self-image. He certainly knew what kind of over-sized megaphone he felt entitled to. When I saw him appear on Bill Maher, I think he might have said one thing, among his many comments, that did not have me howling with rage at my poor innocent television set.

I think, absent any personal knowledge of the man, these are among the nicest things I can say about him. Certainly this very visible political presence will no longer be visible. And I can't help myself from wondering, or perhaps vainly hoping, whether this might not be the beginning of a great implosion, or perhaps a gradual crumbling and falling away of the present extreme incarnation of the conservative movement. In this sense, his passing leaves me with a feeling of hope, no matter how petty and foolish it may be.

I'm sure there are many that will miss him terribly. Terrible is certainly among the words that come to mind when I hear the name "Andrew Breitbart". But now the intensity of that feeling will slowly fade away, along with the gradual diminution of his blaringly formidable media presence.
I heard the news, and my mood improved immediately. Brietbart was scum of the lowest variety. And the SSantorums of the world are in mourning due to the loss of their grupenfuhrer.
I feel sorry for his wife, and his young children. Presumably, they saw the best that was in him. 43 is young to shuffle off the mortal coil.

I do not feel remotely sorry for ME, though. It will be one less strident right-wing voice to have to listen to defending the Tea Party this election year. If I could have one wish, Rush Limbaugh would be struck permanently mute. Preferably in the middle of a radio broadcast.

My major regret about Breitbart's early passing, is that he won't be here to witness Obama's election victory for four more years. I'm sure that would have affected him profoundly were he here to witness it.
I'll just repeat the comment I made elsewhere:

I've never wished anyone dead because I disagreed with their political views -- tho Dick Cheney comes mighty close. My problem wasn't with Breitbart's politics -- tho I vehemently disagree with them -- it was his methods and his outright lying. And yes, a half-truth such as he perpetrated on Shirley Sherrod is lying.

Breitbart practiced the same vile politics as James O'Keefe, and I will breath a sigh of relief when he passes, too, or at least is in prison where he belongs. You can add Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck to that list of congenital liars I won't mourn, as well.

I'm not so naive as to think politics can ever be anything but a blood-sport, but I think we can all agree there ought to be some lines that don't get crossed, such as what Karl Rove and Tucker Eskew pulled on John McCain and his family in the 2000 SC primary.

Breitbart crossed the line repreatedly, following in the long, sorry, slimy tradition of Donald Segretti, Tucker Eskew, Lee Atwater and Karl Rove, ratfuckers all. It may be impolite to cheer the death of anyone, but those of us utterly disgusted by the sins these men visited on the opposition -- and in the process, upon this country -- will not mourn the passing of any of them.
zumalicious there in lies the rub imagine if Farrakhan had a daily 3 hour show I don't consider him a monster but I guarantee that would cause the FCC to rethink how much free speech they could tolerate.
Well, most of the commentators here certainly disprove the idea that it is the right that is nasty and mean. Zumalicious may be in the lead, but Old New reaches down pretty low too.

You guys really have no class.
"BE GRATEFUL, NOT HATEFUL....and for God's sake, don't be a sociopath like the 'disloyal opposition.'" writes the silly person who penned this blog.

Irony is not something the left is very good at I fear.

gives the full Sherrod story. Not that any of you haters give a F**k.
I believe the autopsy will show that he choked on his own hate.
This post and most of the comments are...Sad, and pathetic. I'm sure many folks wrote the same sort of tripe upon Upton Sinclair's passing, a rabble-rousing upsetter of the apple cart. A danger to the staus-quo. A fraud. A liar.

Bob Calhoun did a post on Breitbart and gave a link to Taibbi of Rolling Stone, who did a piece called Death of a Douchebag. There were a number of outraged commenters, of course, but another commenter made an apt observation -

I love the hate mail. The irony of so many commenters using hateful language to defend someone so incredibly hateful, and who danced on so many graves before they died, is positively delicious.

Every call you guys make for Taibbi's head proves his point. Breitbart sent his entire life peeing long, dark bile into the well of American discourse. He'd have gleefully done the same if the places were reversed.
BJ- imagine it: saying an hater and a cockroach had anything whatsoever to do with class!

Desnee- You people amaze me with your ignorance. Farrakhan had a 3 hour TV show when he was alive. One day I watched it, heard nothing offensive and much truth to power, and quickly realized why people like you were so scared of him. Black Power!

Ron, the world is a better place today. Salons are now filled with credulous copycat To'R'y Party haters with zero facts and literally tons of fear and emotion, cowardice and hate of color.

A scared, ignorant, hateful, credulous and imbecilic fool, who has a high probability but no certainty of being white, simply can't and won't accept that ACORN was very important to helping inner city folks and others, and was not in any way an "evil" organization. But, they smeared it as that's what they do. The little video act jr. jimmy taped simply reeks of racist hate inandofitself if one were to actually be self aware enough to step back and see the use of stereotypes.

Breitbart, in my view, and I know LA, was simply bitter about his inability as an Angeleno to make it on the D List like his father-in-law, so, he used his "storytelling" in an entirely different and horrid fashion, knowing full well the level of acting in politics wouldn't be too much of a stretch even for a second rate loser like him.

The world is a better place today.
Breitbart was one more self-righteous, right-wing sociopath. He never showed any evidence of a conscience. He made a career out of falsification, lying, fraud, spreading hatred and fear, yet never once displayed any hint of guilt, shame, regret, or remorse. Perhaps he will finally serve a pro-social purpose if he lives on in psychology textbooks as a case history of severe character disorder.
Unfortunately, there are others out there to promulgate the lies and distortions of the truth. if we stand on the sidelines and to not fight back (by we I mean Americans with a conscience, not African-Americans, in particular), we are simply allowing the evil to fester.
Jejune is right he appeared far older than he was.

oahusurfer, First Farrakhan is alive and well, he has never had a syndicated show on TV, and please read what I said. Funny that you are calling me ignorant for saying "I don't consider him a monster." Then you wrote "I watched it, heard nothing offensive and much truth to power, and quickly realized why people like you were so scared of him. Black Power!" Now I know they like to sniff a little paint in Oahu I've seen it on a public bus, so I suggest you get your head out the bag before you make your next false attack. I'm sure you won't be adult enough to offer an apology for completely taking what I said out of context.
One of theirs die you laugh one of yours die they laugh. How long before they kill one of yours you kill one of theirs?
Des- BS, the show was on for years, and I continued to watch it. If it ran in Hawaii and was recorded back east, well then, just what is your definition of syndication? Read your own comment and tell me again just what you were trying to prove!
oahusurfer please provide links to the show I would like to see it for myself. Also you stated he is dead (he isn't) you keep calling me out your prove one thing you've said please.
Also oahusurfer if you can't comprehend what you're reading it is always a good rule of thumb not to say anything. Just sayin.
If this is what you are talking about this is held by Tavis Smiley every year and not Farrakhan he is simply a member of the panel. This is not syndicated it is covered by CSPAN, but as I said neither Nation of Islam nor Minister Farrakhan are the host nor do they produce The State of Black America.
Des- please excuse my grave mistake, I hadn't followed the good Minister since he suffered from Cancer, but am glad he survived- I stupidly assumed at his age he didn't make it.

As to the links, do your own homework girl! If you can't find the hundreds of hours of his show which ran for years all over the country then you need to sign up for a data mining class not bitch to me about it.

ps- you'll know by the apparel right away when you find the right vids. Awesome red, green and gold hats and so on, and the Minister's bad-ass suits. I challenge anyone to provide any example of him sounding racist or doing anything other than trying to lift up our black sisters and brothers.
I just assumed he got struck down by a bolt of lightning.

He isn't Anders Breivik, because nobody but Anders Breivik takes his manifesto seriously. Plus, he was prevented from further broadcasting his message of hate.

Andrew Breitbart is/was the Andrew Breitbart of right wing media, as Limbaugh is the Limbaugh, and Santorum is the Santorum. All of them accountable for their own hate speech and actions.
I don't know much about this guy. I think the comment I agree with most may be Jack Heart's. Demonization is dangerous, and the fact that the Other Side does it doesn't make it right if I do it. I was terribly afraid that what Jack is alluding to had come to pass when Rep. Jeffords was shot. What would have happened if she'd either died or had been sufficiently incapacitated to where she had to resign and she'd been replaced, electorally, by a Republican? That would have meant that assassination changed the party of a seat in Congress when the balance was contested and close. From there, the political calculation becomes too obvious: Changing the course of the country becomes more important to many people than preserving any given life, most especially the life of someone whose views you hate, and encouraging assassination without being legally liable for encouraging it would have turned into an art form. The day an assassination changes the numerical balance of partisan power in Washington is the day that everyone holding national office here will become uninsurable because their lives will all be at risk.

We've seen the consequences of this sort of thinking both here and overseas. This is essentially what happened to Yitzchak Rabin in Israel, the result of which is there's no end in sight to the Israeli/Palestinian conflict.

Personally, I don't need my opponents to be miserable, nor do I need them dead. When it comes to the behavior in question, I need them to stop and, if appropriate, to make restitution, but their death doesn't buy me anything per se. I don't celebrate death, even when I view it as necessary.
Gives me a happy glow when a motherfucker dies.
Gives me a happy glow when a motherfucker dies.
Serenita Lake, your comments are disgusting.
"We've seen the consequences of this sort of thinking both here and overseas. This is essentially what happened to Yitzchak Rabin in Israel, the result of which is there's no end in sight to the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. "

Not to mention Anwar Sadat, killed for making peace with Israel, and a whole line of Egyptian politicos before him.
babs still deep in Freudian projection. bj IS disgusting, second only to fRANK, a bosom buddy.
With so many right wing media warriors following in his footsteps, it's almost way too easy to forget the legacy of Atwater as well as his denunciation of that legacy. Thanks for putting Breitbart in this historical context. Rated.
Very concise overview of who Breitbart was and what he represented. The conservative movement will continue to demonize minorities with impunity. They have no expectation of any significant non-white support, and therefore can and will use race baiting and voter suppression as there primary strategy. It's a strategy (maybe the only strategy they have left) that they have successfully used to garner the rural white vote which they very much depend on. Without the race baiting and victimhood justifications, there economic policies are disasterous comic book versions of how an economy works.

Progressives cannot respond in kind since they are dependent on a loose coalition of woman, so-called minorities, and white voters. There's no purity card to play. That doesn't leave much for them to sound-bite demonize (outside of Comedy Central who thankfully are masters at it). It's been pointed out that very few people read past the headline and photo. That's why a Breitbart or a Drudge can be so successful. Their BS sticks immediately and is hard to wash off. Anyone trying to defend themselves sounds like they're whining.

I wouldn't wish any of this on his family, but in the world of social and political discourse, I think Breitbart's Kennedy epithat applies pretty well to Breitbart.
I’ve never wished a man dead, but I have read some obituaries with great pleasure ~Clarence Darrow

Breitbart leaves behind a legacy of hate and race-baiting and that's the undisputable truth. Honest disagreement based on an analysis of the issues is one thing. Fraudulent doctoring of video and audio tapes to falsely accuse one's detractors is NOT.
The rest of the racist, misogynistic sadists and narcissists and socially maladjusted miscreants that ought to be arrested for possession of brains with intent to use could also use a dirt nap right alongside Breitbart. And I would also include Rush Limbaugh and Bill O'Reilly in that bunch as well. O'Reilly's deliberate use of stochastic terrorism (which America's most privileged race and gender dismisses as mere "entertainment") incites "lone wolves" such as Scott Roeder who gunned down Dr. George Tiller.

My grandmother fled the horrors of the Nazi-occupied East Bloc 75 years ago with nothing but the clothes on her back to get away from monsters like that.

I want to live in a society where women are viewed as full persons and human beings deserving of the same basic human rights to our own bodies that white men have always enjoyed, a society where I don't have to worry about my best friend or potential lover being targeted for police brutality for Driving While Black/Brown, and a society where poor people are given a helping hand up instead of a back-hand that bitch-slaps them into the for-profit prison-industrial complex.