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This skit by Jimmy Fallon imitating Trump taking credit for Bin Laden's death is Priceless. LOL


This morning I was provided the gift of a "mortifying disclosure."

It came by way of one "Marilyn Lee" and h/her disclosure on my OS blog, specifically in the form of a comment on my article: "Obama to Trump: 'MAHALO CHUMP. YOU JUST GOT THUMPED!'" full post »

A couple of days after producing his own Birth Certificate, President Obama produced the Death Certificate of Osama Bin Laden - you know, the guy the Republicans helped create in the 1980s, and that Bush could only fantasize getting "dead or alive."

 According to all reports, OUR… Read full post »

Thought y'all would get a kick out my satire on a likely Faux News Headline. Now THAT would be a mortifying disclosure.

BUT not too far off. I just heard NBC's Brian Williams interview with Bush's Chief of Staff, Andy Card, and Card had the nerve to give

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This ought to put a smile on your face, and God knows we need some smiles. If we're to overcome the onslaught of narcissistic sociopathy, exemplified by the ebony and ivory of Donald Trump and Tea Party favorites, Allen West and Herman Cain, and the rest of… Read full post »

I know that many progressives have  misgivings about Obama,  considering him to be  too centrist for their tastes. But he delivered an "in your face Paul Ryan/Ayn Rand/Eric Cantor" speech today that strongly challenged the Right's sociopathic vision for the country in a way I've not se… Read full post »

Dear Mr. President,
We need a New Emancipation Proclamation to free us from debt slavery and the sociopathy of the "Right!"
After you met with them this morning, and before you delivered  your "in your face Paul Ryan" speech an hour later, 
the Republicans said
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I watched Republican Mike Pence stoke a Tea Party mob who chanted "cut it or shut it" regarding shutting down the Government.

I also watched the President ask a simple question - why wasn't a budget deal worked out three months ago, or even one month ago? He also cited theRead full post »

 Sometimes I allow myself to get drawn into political debates when I know I should probably just shut up. Well, a couple of great OS articles appeared recently by old new lefty and Rick Lucke that I commented on and rated, and damn it if those comments didn't become so long… Read full post »

Another variation on the theme of Nuts - "Dangerous Nuts."

Today, Chris Matthews of MSNBC gave the best and most concise analysis I have yet heard of right-wing Christian "NUT,"  Mike Huckabee's recent racist rants against the President. It's also perhaps the best commentary I've ever heard Chri… Read full post »

As a Jesuit-trained Catholic, I can tell you in no uncertain terms: President Obama is not the Antichrist, although that's what about 25 percent of Republicans believe. 

For those who like to make false comparisons, you might recall that there were some secular liberals wh… Read full post »

Dear OS friends,

I'm still learning the ropes around here even though I've posted a number of articles. But I'm not sure what the appropriate protocol is for this situation:

I revisited my previous post on civility and honesty and made edits substantive enough that I felt warranted calling… Read full post »

As a kid growing up Catholic in Jersey, I never understood the parable, "The Kingdom of Heaven is Within You." I always thought it was somewhere else, like in outer space or something. Even after Jesuit school, I still had the sense that Heaven was a place you went when you… Read full post »

Dear Open Salon Friends, I'm kinda burned out from too much political writing. So'm I'm taking a break and will be immersing myself in my music and my scientific research. In the meantime, here are my performances of Bach and Beethoven. Perhaps they might provide a respite for you as… Read full post »

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Let's be honest. Despite… Read full post »

Dear Friends,

I've deleted what I previously posted here as well as related comments on my "Right-wing...political mental health" article.  

I’ve had time to process most of the emotions and feelings I’ve experienced since I originally submitted the January 19th post. I’m… Read full post »

Obama and King -

In honoring the Great Dr. King, we do him justice by creating a more perfect, sane, and civil Union in which we STRIVE to THRIVE TOGETHER.

"I Have a Dream" "That Change Is Gonna Come."

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If we are to Thrive Together in the wake of the Arizona shootings, it is absolutely essential to combine the focus on mental illness with the focus on creating healthy norms of political discourse and behavior. That means recognizing that there can't be civility

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If we are to Thrive Together in the wake of the Arizona shootings, it is absolutely essential to combine the focus on mental illness with the focus on creating healthy norms of political discourse and behavior. Our democracy deserves no less.

And in honoring 9 year old Christina Green, whoRead full post »

I wrote this article for the Huffington Post in April 2010: Heaven To Earth: Obama Is Not The Antichrist. It sadly proved particularly prescient in light of the shootings of Congresswoman Giffords and 17 others today, which seems to have been politically motivated and spurred on by the extr… Read full post »
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