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JANUARY 28, 2009 1:50PM

What is your true name,

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the name you had before you had a face?

I think that's a zen koan. At any rate, it's one of those wonderful thoughts that stops the "rational mind" in its tracks.

At the age of 70, my mom began seeing a psychotherapist who was also a Zen Master--lineage holder of a school of Korean Buddhism. He would give her such lines to ponder: "The oxen are slow, but the earth is patient" and "Sometimes the safest place is also the most dangerous".  Mom would come home from sessions going "What the HELL is he talking about?" But she loved and trusted Dr. Bob, so she let her mind simply hold these thoughts. And slowly, she found paths out of deeply established patterns of suffering. She rose up out of a blue lazy-boy chair she'd been ensconced in for years, watching t.v. sightlessly and without feeling, and she began painting again.

Reading two posts today on OS which took me far afield from my rational mind (the mind I'm supposed to be utilizing here at work to complete over-due paperwork),  I'm practicing looking around my office without naming anything, just noting colors and textures, the way light is falling on everything, shapes, angles, sounds. It's helping me breathe more fully, and feel less like a member of what I call the "Beige Army" of worker bees. Thank you,  Greg Correll and tyson koskos, for giving me these moments of freedom.

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really nice post. I enjoyed this.
very cool; had no idea there were those kinds of therapists.