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FEBRUARY 14, 2010 6:47AM

Glorious Valentine Morn

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My Valentine is a purring orange Tabby Boy, who sits patiently, shoulder wedged against my arm, as I type. He wanted to be on my chest, but had he made it up there, I could not have both read posts AND eaten my Snyder's of Hanover Cheeddar Cheese Pretzel Pieces.

Oh, the wonder of eating junk food alone sitting up in bed in the early morn with my laptop, reading Open Salon Pieces with only one eye open, thinking as usual that, although there is no way I can write anything as beautiful, stirring and true as what I read on here, it is worth being up so early and careening from one piece to another, giving my mind the chance to be wooed by words.

Another Valentine is coming in the door...my long-haired white kitty treads the bed softly, as she comes to remind me just how regal a kitty-cat can be. She looks at my typing fingers as though she can learn to type from gazing there, then places one soft paddy-paw on my arm. It is tempting to believe that she does so because she loves me and not because she smells the aroma of the Snyder's Cheddar Pieces.

 Still with just one eye open,  I hear the  sighing breath of my dog, nestled on my foot. The ticking clock in the bathroom reminds me that time is passing, even at this moment, my life is passing and do I sit here waiting for something/someone that might never come, or do I make a life?

One last Valentine waits in the kitchen, meowing for breakfast. Four souls in my house, none of whom speak a word, but all of whom offer me unquestioning love. Soon, I will rise from this bed and give them sustenance. How I spend the rest of this day is solely up to me. There's a workshop on "This Crazy Little Thing Called Love" this afternoon, led by a close friend of a woman I deeply admire. It's $20 for a single person. I can go and learn how to participate in a healthy relationship for $20! 

The Good News is, every day gives us another chance to be better at living this "one wild and precious life", to quote Mary Oliver. We're not promised another day, as we all know all too well. I am going to take as my next Valentine this day, to live as fully as I know how, reaching out with a gentle loving spirit to all living creatures that cross my path.

Happy V-day.  


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Nice valentines, for sure :)
Happy Valentine's Day! xox
This is beautiful! Keep writing. Clean, succinct, sweet and gentle, provocative.

(And $20 is too much for a "crazy little thing called love"! I'll give you some free advice!)
I just caught this in the feed a few minutes ago and feel remorseful in not finding it a few months back.

This piece just sings (there's music here) and ends sweetly on a hopeful note.

Thanks for this.
What a sentiment for Valentine's Day. I hope it was very, very special.